[Suggestion] New load screens: Executions and torture, really? Alternative here.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tanelorn, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Exitus Acta Probat

  2. cobaltlightning

    I heard that job ain't so great: The bosses are cut-throat and the hours are simply murder.
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  3. Panhawran

    It's long thread. I didn't read it all.
    I have a same filings and I wanted also start a thread about it.
    When the graphics appears it was nice to see something new and fresh but after a while I started to see then that way:
    Some noob zerg overpop a hex by 90% taking POW and killing then in not fair fight." or "I great warrior is captured by low level noobe zerg and killed"
    Like TR on Cobalt going with whole platoon on 1-12 enemies and thinking that they are heroes. Spawn camping etc. And The Planetside 2 is not about overpoping because its not fun for any of side to fight (to be) in a battel 90% to 10%
    I know that on war there is no rules but I would like to see some epic battle on load screen like it was earlier - Two soldier are fighting for theirs companion saving him from dead and in background epic big battle going on.
    And now we have "epic" zerg killing lone hero.
    It's not about how war looks like - I know it can be nasty. It's about how you fell about that game. For me - zerging and overpoping base is not fun, fun is when you win in square fight or when you can win underpoped.
    I respect players who can resist a zerg. I respect outfits who can win a fight when underpoped.
  4. Partl

    Now what - everything else than fighing 1 on 1 marks a coward, not letting someone getting up before giving him the next hit... coward. Doesnt mean, i am offended by it, its just, what it is. I love playing the stalker - how much more of a coward u can be in this game?

    Still, having such actions glorified in the loadingScreen, could hurt the, already testosteron-driven community. Just my 2 cents
  5. DestinyPlayer

    Personally, I find these load screens dull. I mean, everybody here is either offended or indifferent. Doesn't that just mean that these load screens are dull and not interesting? Can't they just use the wallpapers in "media" as load screens?
  6. cobaltlightning

    Or maybe they could make the loading screens a client-sided modifiable thing, with only .png or .tiff files or something.

    Then again, most of use would probably use that function for some rather lewd loading screens. I know I would~
  7. Tanelorn

    You mean as the OP suggested? :rolleyes:
  8. Diilicious

    lol 11 pages, im not even sure how the discussion has gone on this long. its a non-issue.
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  9. DQCraze

    We live in a society where everyone is offended by everything, on that note maybe we should have a war game with people sharing flowers with a rainbow in the background and unicorns prancing about. Are people really so sensitive these days that they cant discern between a game and reality and if youre that afraid or offended by the images maybe you need medical help. Get real people it's a friggin game
  10. Haquim

    Yeah the highlighted part is kinda the big problem here.
    Instead of realizing that Charlie Chaplin was right (life is a comedy from afar, but a tragedy up close) they spend so much time complaining about a depiction of a fictious scenario without context that propably has happened like this one time or another in human history.

    I don't know what those people are thinking. Aside from the fact that you learn to live with uncomfortable things by being EXPOSED to them and not AVOIDING them, from what I've seen over the year they spend so much effort in it they could have easily terraformed the goddamn sahara into a lush paradise instead.
    Or they could have complained about REAL problems... like, I dunno, super companies basically not paying taxes at all, while basically each and every state on the planet is in uncoverable debt?
    Hard to find a problem thats as global as SJWs as example...
  11. Windleaf

    I said this once too many times and I'll say it again, Political Correctness will be the end of the Western World...
  12. Devilllike

    weaklings got offended go play with your pony
  13. cobaltlightning

    Yeah, pretty much. Those that wouldn't know how to change the loading screen (or those that simply don't care) would default to the screens we got now. 's a win-win.

    Personally, I execute infiltrators all the time.
  14. then00b

    Oh no, fictional depictions of people killing each other, how worrisome. Never mind a family just killed their 8 month pregnant daughter in Pakistan because they thought she married the wrong person. Woe to us, someone's feelings on the internet are hurt.
    Your priorities are very much askew and you should rethink your life if you're bothered by the splash screen of a game you don't even have to play.
    When I type vanu ackbar and drive a c4'd flash into a sunderer it's funny, when others actually scream allahu ackbar and run into a bus with actual c4, too politically incorrect right?
  15. Moridin6

    i love all the people making it their mission to make people feel bad for disliking some art

    we're allowed to have different opinions than you, kindly get off our nuts.

    no its not a big deal but it sure has been made a big deal, not by those who expressed their dislike of them but by those who were SO OUTRAGED that not everyone liked them, they had to some here and insult everyone that said as much.

    GOOD JOB, you successfully proven youre internet aholes.

    and quite a few of you are Vets tat should know/act better..

    acting like Fn bullys cause someone doesnt like a picture..

    i dont like them very much, step up to them plate. test your tiny egos by trying to make me feel bad about it why dont you..

    or you could just act like a gddamn adult and accept that i feel differently about something than you do and move on.
  16. DRCUNT

    maybe because they poses the brain matter to distinguish between reality and a fictional game world.
  17. Badname707

    Actually, no. What will bring down the US (and the universe) is hyperbole. There is no force more powerful.