[Guide] New in PS2? Don't know where to go or what to cert?

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    First of all you have to solve your troubles with navigation. 6 years ago i came up with simple rule for myself:
    "Find big letter [A], or [C] on your screen and run there, most probably you find enemies and at the same time you start to learn enviroment."
    Every time I found myself thinking that I didn't know where to go, I told to myself - here is [point], protect the [point], even the idiot like you will cope. It turned out that it works.
    Guns guns guns, there is a lot of them:

    For some reason a lot of vets suggest to spend your certs in to suit slots/tools and not on guns, because "default weapons is very good" or something. This isn't 100% true. Assault rifles, Carabines, LMGs - yes. But shotguns, rocket launchers, pistols and sniper rifles (except NC) - No. Also you don't have SMG unlocked by default.
    So here is quick list of "MUST BUYs":

    [Shotties]: Autoshotgun (nighthawk, piston, pandora) literally an EASY mode, it should be nerfed from 125dmg per pellet to 100dmg AEONS ago, but it's not. Pump action (take any, i prefer one with 5 round mag). Default shotty is trash.
    [Pistols]: "Underboss" or "Commisioner" are the best finishers/panic weapons in the game, i would recommend underboss. "Blackhand" is mandatory for those who like stalker cloaking device.
    [Rocket Launcher]: "Decimator", you won't regret it i promise you. I personally regret what noone tells me to buy it ASAP.
    [Sniper rifles]: Any bolt action for TR and VS (NC have that by default).
    [SMG]: Hard to recommend specific one, they are pretty different. But you can try Platinum variant of "Tengu" for free (from bonus code). Mostly they used by CQC infils.
    p.s. stop aiming through iron sights, you have 1x reflex sights already unlocked on all of your guns, just put them on, even if not, they very cheap.
    Bonus codes:

    NSOPS2019 - NSX Tengu Platinum (SMG)
    PS2WelcomeBack - NSX Tanto Platinum (Carabine)
    6YEARSPS2 - NSX Naginata Platinum (LMG)
    Learn more about weapons:

    What suit slots shoud you upgrade:

    MEDKITS - once certed they shared across all classes, buy them first (3/4, you don't need 4th medkit untill you get better at this game)

    [Infiltrator]: Consider to keep using default "Chameleon module" on your infil, it's OP as ****. EMP granade is very good. Max "Hunter cloaking device" it's cheap to cert and last a lot longer or "stalker cloak" if you like this playstyle. 3rd cloak type for CQC badassery. Use your default "Target Focus" implant with bolt action sniper rifles for holding breath longer (hold shift by default)
    [Light assault]: "Nanoweave armor" never be a mistake. Try "Ambusher Jumpjets" as soon as you get "safe fall" implant. This is my favorite type of jets, i use it on 7 of my 8 LA loadouts
    [Medic]: "Granade bandolier" + "revive granade" for medic is a good choice. Max revive tool and regen device. Shield regen device is also good
    [Engineer]: "Mine pouch" + "AT mines" very usefull for engineer. Max repair tool.
    [Heavy]: DO NOT max default overshield. Instead get adrenaline shield, it's just better. Resist shield is very specific I wouldn't recommend you to cert it until you figure out by yourself the reason why you should. If you really like this class consider to dump some certs in to the abyss to get and max "Assimilate" implant. Medkits Medkits Medkits.
    [MAX]: easy way is just buying the same anti infantry weapon for 2nd hand, but it's not always the best scenario. Unfortinately this guide is already too big. So i won't tell you more anymore, lol.

    Save your certs here buddy, this is end game content, but you should learn what they do anyway, knowledge is power. https://planetside.fandom.com/wiki/Implants
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