{ New In Game} Which the most EU crowded server ? & other question !

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  1. GearsOfWaR

    Hey guys , i am downloading the game and was wondering .
    Which EU server has the most players ? , as far as i know the more players in game the more fun i get .
    and which empire should i choose , i don't like playing with op empire or underpowered one , i want a balanced empire.
    sorry for my bad english , and much thanks whoever going to answer me <3 :)
  2. maxkeiser

    Woodman is pretty good. Fairly balanced now as well.
  3. GearsOfWaR

    okey , and advises about which balanced empire should i choose ?
  4. GearsOfWaR

    i am open mind if anyone has any advises
  5. phreec

    Miller #1 EU server.

    We have a TR overpopulation problem though so both VS and the NC welcome you.
  6. Xasapis

    In terms of population, all EU servers seem to have about the same amount of players logging and playing every day.

    The most popular empire worldwide right now is the Terran Republic (the red guys). The Vanu Sovereignty (the purple guys) seem to be stable, but with the lowest amount of players worldwide. The New Conglomerate (the blue guys) used to be the most popular, but their popularity is dropping and are now in second place. Keep in mind though that individual servers may have different balance between empires than the worldwide population.

    You can make a character on all three empires on the same server, if you so wish. Then you can visit the VR room (virtual reality), accessible by the terminal that looks like a globe. You can there equip all classes, all weapons and test all vehicles of that particular empire.

    If we want to give them some rough descriptions then:
    • TR (the red guys) are about fast firing weapons and fast vehicle with loads of ammo to spend.
    • NC (the blue guys) are about loads of damage and vehicles that can sustain more damage than the other empires
    • VS (the purple guys) are about energy weapons, agility and mobility.
  7. WyrdHarper

    Both NC and VS are good choices; if you're planning on playing a heavy assault you'll find the EM6 to probably be much friendlier. If you haven't made your account yet, if you click on the link in my signature to make it you'll start with a welcome kit which gives you an additional heavy assault weapon for each faction--for the NC it's the EM6, which is pretty nice.

    NC are a bit more underpowered than VS, but they also have some very awesome strengths, so it depends on your playstyle. You might want to make your account, and make a new character on both factions, and then go to the VR (which you can teleport to by the same terminal as continent changing--it's the one with a globe on it) and play around with the weapons and vehicles of both factions.
  8. Ultramarine

    It's also worth noting ease of use. TR are generally easier to be ok at, while still taking skill to be great at because of the high RoF making up for errors in aim, VS somewhere in the middle and players with good technical gameplay will excel here, but NC tends to be underwhelming for players new to the FPS genera, as the high damage low RoF weapons seriously punish full auto spray or poor aim, and there's a very hard minimum skill requirement for NC to be worth using sometimes.
    IE: the gauss SAW, while worthless when used as a standard LMG, is beautiful at putting heavy damage down at mid-long ranges.
    So, TR if you're relatively new to FPS games entirely, VS if you're a quick moving technical kind of player, and NC if you've got good aim, at least by my opinions.
  9. GearsOfWaR

    thx all for replying really appreciate it .
    thx Wyrdharber for the ( free welcome kit) game still downloading tho
    i read all replies twice at less , anyone has something to say feel free <3
  10. GearsOfWaR

    btw i used to play call of duty mw3 and battlefield 3 so i have the background of fast reflexes and trigger
    and played arma 2 so i have the patience before i hit the first bullet and expose my self .
  11. Xasapis

    Just be prepared to die a lot. Getting shot at in 32x32 matches (highest in BF3 right?) is nothing compared to getting shot at regular 100vs100 or even more and sometimes three way fights, depending on location.

    at some point 650vs650 were not irregular when people were fighting for that last point before controlling the continent. Nowadays, it's a lot easier to control continents, so huge fights like these are rare. You'll still get involved in multi-platoon fights frequently though (platoon = 48 people)
  12. GearsOfWaR

    wooow 650vs650 or even 100vs100 , the guy who was talking in the video i saw about the game he ment literally army vs army O_O