[Suggestion] New Implant Ideas

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  1. Joexer

    With the new implant update I was thinking about some new additions to the lineup. Feel free to comment and list your own Ideas and limit off-topic conversations.

    Conditioning: +10%movement speed(stacks with adrenaline pump?) that only works when health is full(not shields) 1.25 energy/second tier 4

    Audio Encoder: Reduces hearing range of spotting or other voice macros.
    tier 4 .75energy per second (effects enemy and ally and reduces spot time)

    Cerebral Persistance: 1/4 Headshot protection on First headshot until resupplied, drains 1.25energy per second and makes concussion and shake 10% worse

    Advanced shield control: Rate of regen on shield boosted by 20% but delay increased by .8 sec

    Focus: increases ADS speed (linear) and reduces sway/flinch when adsing but blurs area outside of scope and muffles sound. not compsti

    will post more later...
  2. KiakoLalene

    Headshot one is too OP, I think, but the other ones may be good. Doubtful they'll be added, though, since the moderators on this forum don't actually bring information to the Devs.
  3. Joexer

    Yeah headshot one was questionable but it would negate the whining of some. I have faith in the devs and mods.
  4. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    Hey buddy, always interesting to see other people's ideas. Here's my feedback from your suggestions.

    1. Conditioning - Hell yes! I find running is too slow in this game, even with adrenaline pump. I'd really like to see upgrades available for adrenaline pump but having an implant is maybe easier for SOE? If so I think running speed is definitely something worth an implant. With multiple tiers of this implant and maybe even multiple tiers of adrenaline pump, we've got a whole new dimension to the game.

    2. Audio Encoder - I don't quite understand this one. I don't think I'd want my hearing to be worse, I'd want it improved. Wouldn't mind you explaining the benefit. Also, I believe in the settings you can adjust the volume of voice call outs so that's something else to consider.

    3. Cerebral Persistence - 1/4 head-shot protection sounds OK, there's enough snipers around to warrant this. Remove the concussion thing though. Implants are designed to only improve a person, no compensations are needed.

    4. Advanced Shield Control - Yes I like having the shield regen faster, it would be sick when combined with the Advanced Shield Capacitor.

    5. Focus - Increasing the ADS movement, hmm not sure if this is required. I guess there may be a niche of players where it would be useful, e.g. short range snipers.

    Here are a few things I'll add while my mind's on the topic.

    6. Caffeine - Reduces the time it takes to draw a different weapon. I find switching from say pistol to an LMG to be so bad I die from it, a lot.

    7. Rumble - Gifts the wearer the ability to detect vehicle rumbles and will auto spot nearby vehicles so others can see them on the mini map.

    8. Cats Eyes - Tier 3 only, allows night vision through the eyes without requiring a vehicle or weapon scope.

    9. Dark Eyes - Soldier can see stalker clocks with their eyes, so will not require darklight flashlights on their weapons

    10. Hyperthreading - Allows your medics to revive you much faster than normal, and you get up a bit quicker too

    11. Electrify - If enemy tries punching or knifing you they will get electrocuted and die
  5. Joexer

    A few of the last ones are a bit radical but the audio encoder would be kind of like silent spotting. For a niche group. Maybe enemies cant hear it at all. Not as much ads movement as accuracy and reduced shake only ads.
  6. PurpleOtter

    I want a LNR implant. The Limited Nanite Recoder allows the soldier to change their camo settings while in the field, without visiting a terminal. The implant allows you to access the cammo tab in the loadout screen and change the cammo settings any time, without having to hit the "resupply" button while accessing a terminal.
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  7. Joexer

    That is sick. I really really like that Idea.
  8. Onetoo

    I like the idea of an implant that increases ADS speed. Reload speed would be nice one too..
  9. Kubin

    It's sad it's not a feature yes. And I mean separate feature because it's not harmful in any way and it would be shame to have to give up implant slot just for this. I like the idea nonetheless.
  10. Mauzeraut

    Would love to see more utility and QoL options. It's weird that the most popular implant is Battle Hardened...

    Quickness - Decreases the time needed to switch to and use deployables, and reduces the amount of time it takes to pull out a pistol (main applications: C4, nade tossing, etc)

    Electric Field Awareness - Can see certain mechanical objects through walls a short distance (<5m), mostly deployables such as beacons, sensors and sensor darts, shield dongs, turrets, vehicles, mines, but more notably, MAX suits.

    Possessive - Informed when an object you've deployed has been destroyed (mines, turrets, dongs, etc). Also informs you when an enemy is benefiting from your ammo pack. Should be a built in feature but I'd take an implant too.

    Overdrive - MAX suit gains significantly more armor based on implant level, but you cannot be revived or repaired, and cannot use infantry terminals.

    Edit: Realized overdrive would be exploitable through switching out the implant for spawn room warriors. Woops.
  11. _itg

    "Cerebral Persistence" is broken, because it makes snipers irrelevant. Whether you like them or not, you can't just give everyone a hard counter to one class of weaponry.

    The others seem pretty well balanced. Conditioning seems like a lot of fun; hopefully it wouldn't be broken when combined with adrenaline pump and shotguns, but I think it'd be fine. I'd go farther with the "Audio encoder" and eliminate the callouts altogether, without reducing spot time. Maybe call it "subvocal microphone."

    I like caffeine. Rumble is probably fine as long as it doesn't bypass vehicle stealth. Cat's Eyes, hmm... I think it's probably okay (never liked the current form of night vision, anyway), but it might be tricky to make it work with weapon optics. Dark eyes is blatantly broken--implants are not supposed to be hard counters to other classes. Hyperthreading *might* be okay, but reviving is so fast, anyway, that I worry that any meaningful speed boost would make the revive effectively instantaneous. Electrify is blatantly broken, and honestly, if you get knifed, the other guy earned that kill.
  12. Mauzeraut

    Cherry picking the ones I found interesting...

    Seems fairly harmless, and scalable through implant tiers. Would be great for ambush and stealth classes, but I don't think this one should be MAX equipable.

    I like this one a lot, but it should relay the information silently if it's going to be worth using. Would also be nice if it would prevent your toon from shouting out this bulls--t to the world: "Hey everyone, I'm RELOADING! That's right, not able to fire, I'm REEEELOOOOAAADIIIINNNNG. Totally vulnerable here. RELOADING, love it!". I'd do the same for the grenade yell, but I friendly fire enough as it is.

    I don't like them either, but you're punishing what amounts to a skill issue, not to mention nerfing a large aspect of the infiltrator class. It also hurts skilled play in CQC. That's bad.

    Not as big a deal as a lot of people make out. Why not.

    I'm pensive about speeding up the switch to LMG from Pistol, but not the other way around. It should take a second to bust out the Rambo gun. This could be particularly bad when used in relation to a rocket launcher / LMG tactic, you would see rocket primaries used like a pistol.

    I'd rather they just allow you to toggle off the night vision on IR scopes so you could use them normally. This implant seems okay, but it'd make you excessively vulnerable to infiltrators and blind you on Esamir, and assuming it worked on scoped weapons would grant a ridiculous advantage to snipers specifically.

    Hard counter to a playstyle that already has a hard counter (flashlights). Detrimental.

    Death is already a bit trivial in this game, and a medic ball is difficult to counter. Honestly I wish we could shoot corpses like in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory to prevent it, not make it worse with instant resurrections and faster MAX recoveries.

    Again, this punishes someone for doing something that takes significant skill and/or luck with a high amount of risk. Don't like it.

  13. Joexer

    Let me restate. The Focus one does not make everything .75 ads speed. It reduces flinch when doing so. Like a Battle hardened but better and reduces situational awareness. Accuracy increased as well. Maybe hipfire accuracy in all stances including flying but bigger bloom. (Light assault)
  14. Joexer

    Furthermore the Headshot protection one will only protect against low tier SRs at med ranges. Not 100% headshot protection. I actually dont mind snipers keep in mind this offers almost no protection against fast firing semi auto or auto/burst weapons, cqc weapons and Long range BASRs. Just enough reduction to say; survive two vandal headshots at 45m or a commie headshot as infil or even a short range basr at long range(unintended use)