New HUD, do not go live with this please

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  1. Takoita

    Was there an actual explanation why the previous HUD scheme needed to be changed? I've heard that it used game resources in a non-effective manner, but I'm not entirely sure how that translates into 'it has to be turned into goddamn unreadable mess'. It's a HP meter, for pete's sake! Make it like in the friggen SNES Megaman games if you have to, but it needs to be much less flashy and much more informative.

    Also, why that ammo counter font change we had a while back? The new font is much uglier and looks out of place.
  2. DeadliestMoon

    Well I assume people who want to know will either ask someone else in game or here on the forums.
  3. raumfahrer

    I know this super duper fancy crazy good bestest ever HUD.

    Don't need no over the top stylized will be censored why even HUD.

    PS: Give in-game like checkbox for profanity filter.
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  4. Burninating

    Player Studio HUDs!
    I would LOVE if Planetside 2 made and editor like this available.
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  5. Burninating

    Thank you, so here you are, ideas for a centralized version.

    Shields and Health would only be visible if damage taken, just like the current centralized HUD:


    I know some people (myself included) prefer straight numbers to bars, so I made this version for fun:

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  6. Nocturnal7x

    I left for a short break mid july, came back late sept and this was the first thing I noticed. Honestly I think it comes down to employees needing to show that they still do stuff "look boss I changed a few fonts this week to make stuff more readable"

    The thing that annoys me the most about the new bars is the jaggedness. This is simple but still informative.
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  7. NinjaTurtle

    I like the new HUD

    Someone will always moan either way so.......
  8. Hyred

    Dude, how can you even discuss this? This is on the same scale as discussing if speed limits should be in percent ...
  9. Sandpants

    He's flipping out because you try to justify something measured in units to be represented by something that has no units. % are not units - its a ratio. A ratio represents 2 values relative to each other.

    But there is nothing to relate your current distance to. Which is why it's a dumb idea.

    I cannot understand how this got into the game, never mind the "discussion" for it going on for more than 2 replies. Seriously how is it a good idea to have to go look for the max render distance on the internet when it is shown clearly in game NOW. Yet for some reason that has to change...

    And yeah - how would you like to have speed limit show in %ages to you? This would be exactly the same thing.
  10. SpaceKing

    It's pretty. You all whine too much.
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  11. Kugelfisch

    It's in one of the OMFG videos. As far as I understand it, the current bars use one little sprite for every block in it and the new one is pretty much one or two sprites per bar.

    That is what I also don't quite get. In normal HUD the health and shield bars are good but the energy and ammo bar in centralized mode look like they were made by a different person in Photoshop during coffee break.
    Simpler would be way better and a lot less obstructive.
  12. Redzy

    I love this. I hope the devs REALLY consider it.
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