New HUD, do not go live with this please

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Nocturnal7x, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. TheBloodEagle

    Things like the HUD are important because you stare at it about 95% of the time, it's not a trivial thing.
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  2. Nobalification

    This HUD can be centerized btw :D this HUD improvement is better than the old.
  3. Redzy

    Woah, this is really nice!!

    I would love to see a centralized version of that and even more so, I'd love the devs to take notes.
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  4. Nocturnal7x

    Id have to try it in game, but visually less yucky and I think would be good at a glance.

    reminds me of crysis, so I think it would be fine.

  5. Consumer

    Well, if you really were wondering or you're just humoring us with an elaborate scheme, the reason is that it's incredibly arbitrary. Percentage doesn't mean anything if you don't have a clear idea of what 0% or 100% or any other value indicates except that 100% is probably what you want if your computer is capable and you want to set all settings to the maximum or 0% if you want to maximize performance. Seeing the actual distance (as the slider is eponymously labeled) is helpful considering players can see actual distances in-game, unless you also wouldn't mind if the distance shown on waypoints was also an arbitrary percentage from something meters to another something meters. If it was causing confusion, adding an "m" unit label following the number would suffice for most.

    That's not to say arbitrary sliders haven't been done before, but unless you're afraid of 4-digit numbers, being able to see discrete numbers and understand what they do is a huge boon in modifying graphics settings. This would be like setting vFOV or AF or AA to a percentage scale--yeah, you can change the value and compare before and after, but it doesn't make much sense for anybody who wants to set it to a or glean from it the actual value. This isn't the same thing, which I was certain you would bring up, as typical Low-Medium-High-Ultra graphics settings considering the actual technical stuff that can be summed up succinctly as "shadow quality" or "effects quality" rather than listing out resolutions of shadow maps or the various shaders used that reveal an unnecessary amount of implementation.

    But I'm just starting to believe you're just trolling people. I've only ever met a few people so stubborn in not trying to understand others in spite of disagreement.
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  6. DeadliestMoon

    I actually was legitimately asking, but I don't care for your internet label one bit.
  7. MajiinBuu

    I haven't played on the PTS in a while, but the last time I was on I disapproved of the new centralized HUD.
  8. Sandpants


    That looks a ton better.

    Perhaps if the font on the health and shields was bigger, and the hexagonal ability icon is not compulsory. So in general, even simpler. Less Angly-bits.
    But as far as the sharpness, opacity, colour and shape it looks a ton better.

    I get the impression that DeadliestMoon is a troll as well.
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  9. ohmikkie

    Don't think I was trivialising it's importance. I'm just pointing out that changes to the default HUD due to performance improvements I find far more important since I find that the centralised HUD provides optimal situation feedback anyway.
  10. DeadliestMoon

    No, I actually like the what SOE's new HUD. I get the impression that Sandpants is an *sshole as well.
  11. Werefox

    I use the centralised version of the HUD and I think that part of it is more usable that the current centralised version and look forward to it going live. On the other hand, I think the one to the side (based on the screenshots shown) shouldn't have the bumps in it as its could be very misleading from quick glances (which is what people whom are playing in that configuration will be doing).
  12. Runegrace

    The new HUD is generally pretty good. I DO think the info could be easier to read, though. The middle of the shield/health indicators are basically lines rather than bars, and the ability gauge is pretty thin as well. If they could just thicken them a bit the rest of the look works pretty well.

    I also still have some issues with the text such as on player names. White text surrounded by white glow tends to blur out what you're reading. It's passable as is, but I'm sure if this was pushed to Live we'd see a LOT of shock on the forums over the new look.
  13. RobotNinja

    Whoever is in charge of the Game UI and Art Department needs to be spanked thoroughly. We already have NC Infs with baby blue assless chaps and bras. We don't need a terrible UI too.
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  14. Chubrokoli

    How about a option to decide like which hud you want, btw i'm using centralized hud and that glowing is terrible especially when its dark.
    Maybe 3 hud options:
    the old one
    the new one
    the one that Burnitating suggested(its so simple that it actually looks good ;))
  15. sagolsun

    I hope this is just a mockup. Usability-wise it's terrible.

    - slanted on both sides
    - volume does not correspond to actual shield status
    - hard to quickly check status
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  16. Kugelfisch

    I highly dislike those bars in centralized HUD. They are enormously ugly and way too large. Why can't those bars be smaller without that light effect and filled out properly? It looks like glow in the dark text marker on my screen.

    Are you joking? Currently it's displayed in the menu and you're already not quite sure if it was 6000 meters. In a month nobody will know anymore, especially when it's not there to look up and it's only %. New players will never have any clue as to what those "100%" will actually be in meters and thus can't do the math.
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  17. DeadliestMoon

    Are you serious? You're going to try and flip out on me for not knowing something off the top of my head? How childish.
  18. Gammit

    This. I like this.
  19. Kugelfisch

    The point was that your "Percentage is fine since calculating 10% of 6000 meters is easy" post is absolutely irrelevant when nobody will know that 100% are 6000 meters once it's only displayed in %. You already don't know for sure anymore, future players will be utterly clueless.

    So, no, I am not mad at you because you don't know that of the top of you're head. You don't need to as we can look it up in the menu, currently. If it's not there anymore, then we will have a problem because barely anyone will remember after a while, having to deal with % without reference.
  20. WinchesterLock

    Honestly, I like that better. Larger bars and easier to read.