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    These will be able to do 40% damage before resistances to heavy armor and 80%damage before resistances to light armor. Each has unique tracking for bullets. No bloom as well. you can choose normal or shotgun hipfire crosshai.

    It will shoot 3 bullets at a time 15 times a second. The velocity will be 325 and hip accuracy 25% smaller cof than orion. Aim accuracy will be .1 with. recoil of .25 degrees per time fired. Magazine capacity of 200. damage 30 up to 100m dropping to 20 at 150m. Splash damage 25 up to 1m and 10 at 2m. the damage before 8m will be 10 so not super good cqc. the bullets would be shorter aphelion bullets and would be purple. its tracking would be 45 degrees cone in front of bullet and it would check for targets 1m in front of it every 3m it goes up 20m infront of it. so an example it travels 30m so it checks 10m in front of it in a 45 degree cone. but at 100m it would look for targets 20m infront of it it chooses target closest to the center. reload speed 3.5 short 4.25 long.
    laser sight increase hipfire by 33%.(150) certs
    heavy ammo (can be any name): bullet velocity reduced to 250 but it gets 1m of tracking every 2m and it can go up to 30m and the cone of search is 60degrees. (200) certs

    shoots 18 bullets a second. velocity 300. hip accuracy 33% smaller than orion cof. aim accuracy .2. recoil .22 degrees per shot. Magazine capacity 120. Damage 112 up to 100m and 80 before 8m. after 100m drops to 94 at 150m. red bullets. Tracking hold crosshair over target there would be 5 degree area coming from barrel that counts as locking area. hold area over target for .2 seconds and bullets you shoot while locked will track that target. they would smart track. turning up to 20 degrees every 1m traveled cant turn more than 100 degrees every 10m traveled.
    reload speed 4 short 5 long.
    laser sight 25% hipfire increase (150 certs)
    quick track ammo: .1 lock time withing 10 degree cone in front of gun. but 10 degree turn per 1m and no more than 70 degrees every 10m

    shoots 14 bullets a second. velocity 275. hip accuracy same as TR. aim accuracy .2 applies if you ads shoot and not ads anymore. bullets guided by sight when your ads. bullets turn 120 degrees per second. recoil .28 per shot. magazine capacity of 100. damage 150 up to 100m. 100 before 8m. drops to 110 at 150m. blue bullets. it has invisible beam that can be seen coming out of end of gun with infrared. the beam does slight damage of 10 ten times a second to infantry only. reload 3.75 short 4.6 long.
    laser 30% hipfire increase (150certs)
    shatter ammo: total damage down 25 at all ranges gains 35 splash damage up to 1.5m

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