New animated visor?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Oheck, May 29, 2013.

  1. Oheck

    It seems you intend, Devs, to release two versions of these helmets. One which was already released with the visor up...and another, with the visor down..

    I've seen you add animations to guns(VS) and such..but you honestly could not take the time to just make one version of these helmets that has a bindable key to raise the visor? You have to make TWO versions to maximize your dollar intake? I think it's a bit ridiculous, and as you can see if you look at what i've purchased i'm not shy about spending money. But the principle of it bothers the heck out of me.

    Keep putting out cool stuff and we will purchase it. Try to be somewhat fair with us though.
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  2. SpcFarlen

    They will release the closed version in a few weeks, then the toggle version some weeks afterwards.
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  3. Eclipson

    In all honestly, the closed version of that helmet is horrendous. We look like freaking bugs.
  4. Brusilov [TR]

    Looks good IMO.
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  5. siiix

    i think its a technical problem .. not that i would ever pay for that hideous helmet, but an animated feature would be cool

    so in short i dont think SOE is capable to make a helmet like that , not with out huge changes in the code, witch would cost lotsa $'s
  6. illgot

    Think of it this way. Now they can charge you twice for the same helm with less work :)
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  7. LightningWolfTigrBer

    Toggle version will come later, for an extra 500-1000 SC.
  8. Seranov

    I think it looks terrible.

    They screwed the pooch by putting out the Stormtrooper hats already. I have no incentive to ever buy another helmet for any of my non-Max classes.
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  9. Oheck

    Well, the point of my post wasn't regarding opinions on the aesthetics of the objects sold, but the act of selling the same item, just slightly altered.
  10. Macchus

    New helmets ... outrageously ugly ???
  11. CrimsonDaemon

    I would buy this immediately if, when the goggles came down, it would make the ping noise from splinter cell and the eyes flashed red for a brief second.
  12. HLM

    If you look closely, you'll notice that it is coloured slightly different to the already released open version. More grey than red in this version. So I guess that can be their excuse for selling it as a new helmet if they have to..

  13. Sordid

    Yep. Well it is marginally better than those atrociously tacky skull helmets. I don't understand why SOE can't hire someone who can design a good looking helmet. The two or three nice ones that we have are clearly flukes. And don't even get me started on the Stormtrooper helmet. Talk about having no original ideas. I'm surprised Lucas hasn't sued already.
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  14. Macchus

    gotta say the more i see those helmets the uglier they look ... its the goofy hat thing all over again .
  15. Oheck

  16. Littleman

    The open face helmet grew on me. Admittedly, all the open face helmets look much better on female toons, but I just imagine a full glass visor where the face is exposed and I'm convinced that's the only reason people hate it - because it's missing the opaque glass pane:

  17. Ultramarine

    In case you were curious, these are what the closed visors look like
  18. HLM

    "A visor? What is this heresy? How are we supposed to use our goggles when there's a visor in the way?"
    "Just stick the goggles over the top. It'll probably work, probably"