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  1. MultiRaptor

    Pretty good gun, I like the mechanics of it and I would like to see the attachments and sounds of this. But in my point of view it would use a little bit bigger damage. Except that I'm pretty fine with it, looks good, handles good, yep I like that one (just the bigger dmg plz...)

    Same as the TR one with one exception... Again looks good, works pretty good, would like to see the attachments and sounds as well, but... I think the bullet drop of this gun a little bit bigger than it should be and again I thing it has a lower dmg than it should have (comparing to other thing like other ES MBT and harasser weapons, halberd, etc.).

    No bloody idea, it's not on the PTS...

    Overall I'm pretty satisfied, except that dmg thingy... I think damage of those guns should be bigger so we can compare them with the other ones and they won't be underperforming.
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  2. WetPatch

    I don't think the TR needs more damage, it's very very spammy. It has less drop than a lockdown ap prowler. It's not pin point accurate like a saron or enforcer but it's got a ton of dakka dakka.

    The NC, it's a strange one, the model needs to be fixed, good rof, no full auto on harasser, but works will with controlled bursts. People need to remember it's a short range weapon.
  3. Pikachu

    TR animation is hopefully WIP. Barrels don't look synced with shooting and they rotate faster after stopped firing. I sure hope they will get their own sound.
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  4. SunRunner

    I think it should shoot faster and do less damage per bullet, basicly same DPS with those shifted stats and more ammo capacity.
    Since it has 4 barrels I think that would suit the weapon´s look and the TR spirit

    Really? Yet another damn shotgun, please, why not the railgun? I know we already hava a long range Weapon, but why ANOTHER shotgun, goddammit, I am so dissapointed. I was so exited when I heard about a new weapon and saw the model, but no, yet again, we get a ******* shotgun. I am main NC, and I am fed up with shotguns. We have an Air shotgun, Tank shotgun, Heavy shotgun, but only ONE Railgun. Is this right? No...
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  5. Korfax124

    I'm sure we will get some more Railguns later...
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  6. MultiRaptor

    The TR ones should be working like fractures and they are... And with the railgun: Because if you would read what the devs have written about it you would know that NC should get a short range weapon, something like a marauder, and it's not a shotgun, it's a grenade launcher.
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  7. MultiRaptor

    I am explaining the weapon here:
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  8. Aloysyus

    This is a first impression, not a complete review. I am a tanker with around 20 days in a Vanguard and like 8 in a Magrider, around 5 in a Prowler i think.

    NC: The look is a bit unfinished IMO, not elegant, although it fits the NC design profile. I would make it a bit... flatter. Mechanic: It feels pretty strong, can 1-clip any MBT from the front with extended mag. I didn't really stop the time but even though it might be bad at ranges i think it feels a bit TOO strong at close ranges. Combined with shield and stealth mit might be every TR/VS tanker's nightmare. I'd suggest trying a slight nerf at CQC and a slight buff at range. But i am not too sure about it.

    TR: Wow, that thing looks awesome, really good job at designing. When it comes to the actual mechanic i actually have the impression it might outperform the Enforcer, especially combined with Prowler lockdown. The damage profile is pretty fair considering the range it has. Nothing really wrong with it but i really think the main focus should be balancing it with the Enforcer 8which feels broken anyways, at least the bullet drop).
  9. KXOPH

    Yes add, of course, will add three years have passed since the output NC PS2 players for a long time asked the developers to give NC a normal rail guns, shotguns instead of meaningless and NC still receive junk in the gift box called "GAUS shotgun." You even pistol and the shotgun, though with proper approach it might be "Desert eagle 50 AE", but you get the next piece of a shotgun
  10. Deffington

    I like the TR weapon. There is still some work to be done though.

    The NC one feels uncomfortable to fire, but also strong. It works better against infantry than Vulcan and shooting spawner Sundys should be a bit easier with NC gun.
  11. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    The Tr Launcher just looks silly with that firerate on four barrels. Why do they rotate at all?
    It functions pretty nice though; A long ranged sustained weapon as opposed to the more burst oriented options for TR and NC.
    The NC one I'm not sure about.
    It's really powerful, no auto mode sucks, and it looks like a crossover of a fury and a shotgun:p.
    Interested to see what the VS version will be, but unless it's like 10 meters max range, it might step on the toes of the Saron.
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  12. Shaggath

    Tr es is bad when you take an enforcer you can deal at long range with pin point accuracy.
    You can two shoot ia and you can make that 4 time in a row.
    Saron same job two shoot on ia pin point if you don't hold fire and vulcan damage at close range by holding fire.
    6 shoot by clip.

    Something with alpha where you need two shoot but you can miss an retry.

    New tr es weapon a lot of little damage ammo you always miss nothing to control cof you need to face target to exploit her dps...
    You need 7 shoot to kill someone with miss you use the entire clip and you need 5/6 s to do that ......

    No reason to take that, you loose to much versality for same long range efficiency then other not better.
    Dakka dakka is a fail rocket who make less damage then a bullet is a fail too.
    If you want to make a firecracker launcher, be funny and face reality remove turret put a hole and a guy who lauch ton of firecracker with a smile
    You take fracture the problem is not the range is really the damage, a weapon where you need to stay expose to put dps ...vs a weapon where you shoot/hide and at the end make same damage
    Take the time to think why use this when you can take an halberd keep same long range efficiency (better ttk at long range if you don't miss vs you miss in all case) and you can defend vs ia.

    If they don't up damage to make something where you only need two rocket to kill a guy the trade is always bad.
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  13. WTSherman

    My impression of the new TR and NC weapons so far is... they're basically Enforcers.

    The TR one is an Enforcer that does 20% less DPS, but reloads crazy fast.

    The NC one is an Enforcer that does 20% more DPS, has the Vulcan's cone of fire, and has a long reload.
  14. Pikachu

    But NC gun is 4-shot burst fire unlike all other AV weapons. :) That makes it different.
  15. xSalt

    If the NC's new weapon can 1 clip any mbt, and has a crazy fast reload. I feel that is indeed a bit to strong. Unless it does little to no damage past 50 meters. Though if it's a grenade launcher I feel there would be no damage drop off at range as long as the projectile hit. Though I haven't personally tested it, and am basing all this on what I've read in this post. Even the Vulcan, which everyone loves to cry nerf on can't do that. I guess I'll have to download the PTS and go check me out when I get home.
  16. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    It fires a 4 round burst and has like 40 rounds a mag.
    One-clipping something isn't really an achievement anymore at that point.
    Still, I'm confident they'll balance these a bit more before launch.
    Guess the TR version could fire slightly faster; but it's clearly not meant to stop Infantry.
  17. DarkTexas Volunteer Quality Assurance Assistant

    it is.
  18. xSalt

    finally downloaded the test server, here are my thoughts on the new weapons.

    NC: first, is it a mini rocket launcher or grenade launcher, because they have almost no arch whatsoever, on a target 100 meters away, they dropped maybe 1-2 feet. which for a grenade launcher seems a bit rocket like. it has about the same drop as a fracture (which is a rocket and should fly quite straight imo)

    NC AV Weapon: 4 rounds per shot, 40 round clip.
    TTK on max at 10m range : 4.21 secs (4 bursts/shots)
    TTK on Vanguard, Rear armor, 10m range: 6.76 seconds (28 rounds, 7 bursts/shots)
    TTK Harasser, Rear armor, 10m range: 4.56 seconds (12 rounds, 4 bursts/shots)
    TTK on Infantry, 10m range: 1.78 seconds vs unshielded heavy (8 rounds, 2 shots/bursts)

    TR: First, get rid of the Vulcan sounds, its a rocket launcher, and it sounds like a vulcan, damn annoying imo, and silly. give it fracture sounds if anything, not vulcan.

    TR AV Weapon ; 1 round per shot, 20 round clip
    TTK on Max at 10m range: 6.6 seconds (17 rounds/shots)
    TTK on Vanguard, Rear Armor, 10m Range: 11.4 seconds (25 rounds/shots)
    TTK on Harasser, Rear Armor, 10m range: 6.5 seconds (17 rounds/shots)
    TTK on Infantry. 10m range 3.3 seconds (7 rounds/shots)

    Now, to post the same TTK stats for the vulcan, because, as far as im aware, these new empire weapons, at least the NC and VS ones, are supposed to be vulcan equivalents, while the TR one is a saron/enforcer equivalent.

    TR Vulcan AV Weapon: 1 round per shot, 90 round magazine, full auto
    TTK on Max, 10m Range: 3.6 seconds ( Approximately 40 rounds/shots)
    TTK on Vanguard, Rear Armor, 10m range: 5.76 seconds (approximately 75 rounds/shots)
    TTK on Harasser, Rear Armor, 10m range: 4.6 seconds ( approximately 50 rounds/shots)
    TTK on Infantry, 10m range: 1.5 seconds (approximately 7 shots, much more at full auto though, roughly 20)


    I cant test the VS version yet, and dont have time to compare the enforcer and saron vs the TR's new weapon, but id say that the NC one is performing reasonably well compared to the vulcan. If the goal was to have an equivalent, i think this is good without making it a copy stats wise. it lets the TR claim to have some edge in close range AV combat, without really giving it to them, in my opinion. The only things I would like to see changed is a new sound for the TR gun, there are already enough dakadaka sound spewing TR guns on the battlefield, and personally, if the NC weapon is supposed to be a grenade launcher, put some arch on it, as it stands the arch is practically non existent and of little consequence.

    Just my opinions on the new weapons now that i finally tested them out.
  19. xSalt

    Adding TTK stats of the Enforcer and Saron vs the the new TR AV weapon.

    VS Saron-H: 6 round clip.
    TTK on Max, 10m range: 4.83 seconds (7 shots)
    TTK on Vanguard, Rear Armor, 10m range: 20.29 seconds (18 shots)
    TTK on Harasser, Rear Armor, 10m range: 5.7 seconds (10 Shots)
    TTK on Infantry, 10m range: 1.15 seconds (3 shots)

    NC Enforcer-H: 8 round Magazine
    TTK on Max, 10m range: 4.2 seconds (4 Shots)
    TTK on Vanguard, Rear Armor, 10m Range: 9.38 seconds (9 shots)
    TTK on Harasser, Rear Armor, 10m range: 5.46 seconds (6 shots)
    TTK on Infantry, 10m range: 1.6 seconds (2 shots)

    TR AV Weapon ; 1 round per shot, 20 round clip
    TTK on Max at 10m range: 6.6 seconds (17 rounds/shots)
    TTK on Vanguard, Rear Armor, 10m Range: 11.4 seconds (25 rounds/shots)
    TTK on Harasser, Rear Armor, 10m range: 6.5 seconds (17 rounds/shots)
    TTK on Infantry. 10m range 3.3 seconds (7 rounds/shots)

    So, the sarons times are hurt by its reload speed, especially against vanguard as that takes the most rounds/reloads. However, with maximum reload speed, the TTK on vanguard is dropped to 9.15 seconds for the saron, making it the fastest TTK against vanguard in this test of the long range AV weaponry.

    In my opinion the new TR weapon really suffers against infantry, needing to land 7 shots into an infantry to get a kill is a tad bit much. it takes twice as long to kill infantry with the new TR weapon, and that is assuming 100% accuracy with all 7 rounds. It also takes a larger number of rounds to kill heavy armor, 25 rounds for a vanguard, vs 18 shots for the VS, and 9 shots for the NC.

    Looking at just TTK info, they seem fairly balanced, when you take into account the number of shots needed to kill targets though, 17 rounds vs maxes and harassers seems a bit much, when it only takes the NC equivalent 4-6, or the VS 7-10.

    Just one persons opinion, but, while i feel the new NC close range AV weapon is fairly well balanced against the Vulcan. I also feel that the new TR long range AV weapon is not sufficiently balanced against the NC and VS options. The TTK's for the TR variant are decent/close enough, its just the number of rounds that seems high. Granted I have not driven or gunned with it in combat, so I cant really be certain of the difficulty in use.
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