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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gemcore, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Gemcore

    OK so I came up with an idea to help stop people from killing you purposely in Planetside 2, you can implement a friendly fire meter which starts out at 100% meaning you gain certs at 100% efficiency and if you were to shoot a friendly then it drops by 5%, if you kill a friendly it drops by 25%. Slowly it will regenerate at 1% every 5 minutes.

    Let me know what you think!
  2. InoxGecko


    I can't help it if some dumb *** runs in front of me while I'm unloading a full tmg clip into a poor infiltrator of the opposing faction.
  3. SerasVic

    Take harasser and drive in a 96+

    Tell me what you think about TK after that
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  4. DrPapaPenguin

    I have a great idea of a friendly fire system - use your head, watch your surroundings, watch the lines of fire. It works miracles.
  5. Swooped

    Everyone would quit the game b/c they would be getting 0% certs
  6. MotionBlured

    Why would this stop intentional TK'ing? They obviously don't care about certs. All this does is punish unintentional tk's.
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  7. Xasapis

    Doubt it. TKs happen but are usually rare, unless people just don't care where they throw their grenades or whether they'll kill a friendly if they fire at that enemy in close proximity. Some vehicle drives also are complete derpers. I can understand backing away in panic, but rolling over people while leaving a secure base is a totally unacceptable behaviour.
  8. Swooped

    He did not say kill a friendly. He said lose 5% when you SHOOT a friendly. That means when i shoot an infiltrator with my jackhammer and a pellet hits the guy he was knifing i just lost lost 5% of my exp gain and it only returns at 1% every 5 min.

    Apply this to a huge chaotic battle and you will be at 0% in no time.
  9. FateJH

    The game taking away your ability to shoot is it saying "there's been this many friendly fire incidents in the past few minutes and the common denominator is you." At the same time, you're not going to dissuade someone whose goal is to intentionally wreck their own allies; the best you can hope for is to detect it earlier rather than later and put a freeze on that person's efforts.

    Surprisingly, Wednesday I placed a Claymore that killed about six allies for the one enemy who rushed through a door and my grief warning did not show up.
  10. Shaengar

    I say no to this change. The whole NC faction would be lagging behind in certs after one week.
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  11. radrussian2

    drop the amount of damage you do to friendlies by 50% is what i would do.
  12. Brenold

    I think the cert throttling is not really a good idea... it sort of gives people leeway to teamkill and may end up making teamkilling something more casual (ill run over two guys, i can afford it today...)

    what I do like is the meter. I think the game should keep a running count of your teamkilling, and instead of cert throttling it basically affects how fast you get weapons locked and for how long. So if you create an alt just to harass the other faction then eventually your character gets weapons locked almost immediately if you damage an ally and stays locked for longer and longer periods of time.

    and how about a "banishment" mechanic as well... if the game determines that you have teamkilled an excessive amount in a certain period of time it banishes you from the continent for a certain period of time. that way if you just got hotheaded with some guy running his mouth on platoon chat the game tells you to play somewhere else for a while until you learn to behave.
  13. Kriegson

    On the same token, people need to not play in traffic when a zerg is rolling out of a base -_-
  14. Foxirus

    It could transfer with your characters, the fall off for the cert gain could also not fall off while you're offline.. This would deter alot of intentional killings, But who knows how many alternate email accounts people could make.
  15. patrykK1028

    Take Magrider and drive in a 1+

    Tell me what you think about TK after that
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  16. Gemcore

    Well the idea was leaning more towards the people who TK you on purpose, honestly I don't kill many friendlies at all unless I take a risk so personally I wouldn't suffer much if at all. You have to realize that your not the only person playing the game and it's not all about you.

    But please let me know of a better system if you have one in mind because it really sucks when a friendly ESF blows you out of the sky because he wants the kills to himself.