New form of greifing - Flipping vehicles with Harasser

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goden, May 5, 2013.

  1. Goden

    I don't even think anything needs to said here. Harasser + Turbo into the side of a vehicle can flip it, especially the Magrider because it hovers.

    First time playing since Harasser patch and I've already lost two vehicles to flippers.
  2. Paisty

    Add that to the fact the Harasser is an indoor tank and a large chunk of the game died this week.
  3. Disparu

    From a vanu perspective this is nothing new. I've been flipped several times by team members in a mag, but having said that its rare and when it happens I blow them up in revenge far more often.

    This isnt a big deal, you must be the most unlucky person on your server to have it twice in a few days.
  4. Izriul

    I've had sooo many harassers charge into me since the very first moment of release. Turboing me from behind, turning directly into me when they were directed to go around me, ramming under my mag etc etc. None of them have flipped me yet (However, I don't doubt it, there's many a ***** that tries to flip mags) and TBH, magriders shouldn't have this trait and be weighted down.

    When they do though I jump right into the gunners seat and blow them up. If they want to try to flip me, blow me or whatever, then they can get the consequences regardless that they failed.
  5. Meeka

    ..... Hmm, I never thought of this. Harasser Turbo suicide runs to flip over enemy mag rider zergs! Great idea! Thanks!
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  6. Izriul

    Not very cost effective. For a start Harassers cost almost as much, with a long timer, which any magrider pilot should have almost maxed out by now, with a very good chance you'll fail. It's only annoying when friendlies do it because you don't expect it, so they can position themselves and aren't already being shot at. Like I said, everyone who's tried it with me have failed, but it shouldn't be allowed full stop (friendlies doing it anyway)
  7. Springheel Jack

    You can't put a cost on lols.
  8. Liquid23

    make sure to throw lots of C4 in the rumble seat so if they don't flip you can blow it up

    I dunno, I have been having a blast watching harrasers run over tank mines. Come flying through a tower trying to run people over and boom.