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  1. Seaker Drone

    Hey everyone, let me introduce myself.

    I have been flying in PS2 since beta and have hosted many flightschools (Hosting one as we speak).
    I heard people were complaining about the controls and saying they feel, "Clunky" "Slow" "Awful."
    I do not feel any of this flying with either my gamepad or my mouse and keyboard.

    The only change I made was I increased my sensitivity slightly. Low and behold my flying was back to normal.

    I can 8 and 16 point snap roll with 2degree off accuracy average eyes close (muscle memory) in testing the "roll nerf."

    During the tournament style pass and engage I, after increasing my sensitivity, was out turning my opponent who then also increased and we were even.

    I have always taught adaption to any changes. I use science as my backup for this as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perceptual_adaptation

    After 2-3 hours of flying I PROMISE you will hardly notice any change. You don't believe me? Set your controls to inverted for ground play and you will experience the same result. You brain is a powerful tool.

    Now as far as game pad support go, I have argued for game pad support since day one and now we finally have it, it is no where as good as my method here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zNjQfkhObgk6QG6cw5OzLHVXwUdffdsz4MXoNgBwprc/edit

    Any questions or if you want to attend my flightschools please pm me in game, SeekyTheFox
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  2. repinSniper

    First, an easy win for everyone opposed, subjective opinion: Explain why they controls for aircraft feel so sluggish, why they aren't the same as before, why they do not feel right, why they are fine or not fine how they are or how they were.

    Now it gets harder (but definitely not limited to these individual issues; I cannot stress that part ENOUGH, that this is only a small sample size of the issues currently perceived) :

    Explain the fight the pitch up button, mouse down conundrum while rolling. (or the pitch down button, mouse up conundrum; hell even the pitch up + down keys held while moving mouse pitch conundrum) Now explain how they functioned before...

    Explain how now pitching up with the mouse has almost no acceleration to max angular velocity, and that using a key bind now has a slow ramp up time to maximum angular velocity. Explain how this is correct to the previous model or better then the previous model of pitch.

    Explain how now yaw is analog instead of digital. (While you are at it explain why we cannot or do not have the ability to rebind yaw to mouse; I was and still am a massive opponent to this "feature" being implemented due to A2G and A2A balance issues, but now that it is currently analog there is no reason why not '(cuz F*ck if anyone cares that every player can now pinpoint YOUR fleshy infantry body out with an Airhammer/Banshee/LPPA/Pods (even non-AI stock weapons) without nearly any regard to limitations imposed by the system that prevent it from being too easy)' to do so with this iteration of the game. NONE, no reason why with this patch we do not also have yaw to mouse functionality included; and you are hearing this from someone who absolutely was and still is against that idea, but the whole argument against yaw to mouse is now invalid with this change. DBG should immediately include this new feature if current yaw mechanics remain. /rantend (as you can see, something that I feel strongly about)

    Explain how Liberator yaw rates now are pinpoint accurate, again using analog instead of digital inputs.

    Explain how precision aiming of Liberator noseguns is now a new feature, an why their precision is greatly limiting their ability to engage moving targets as well as before, as well as making all movement sluggish and greatly unresponsive to fast movements.

    Explain how Liberators can now nearly pylon circle-round a fixed point/'target on the ground, keeping noseguns relatively on target.

    Explain how I can now fire off 12 rounds of solo Zephyr, all while remaining in the gunner seat while reloading, losing ~200-300 altitude in the process, repetitively, without complications, while landing a majority of those shots on squishy ground targets. ( or how one can fire off 6 rounds start the reload, and lose almost no altitude, rinse and repeat, no need for gunners anymore)

    Explain how a Liberator pilot can put 70 rounds of shredder into a ground target at low altitude and reload without losing much altitude or stability.

    Explain how one can place ~4-5 Dalton shells at low altitude, without swapping out of the seat to restabilize or regain altitude, onto a piece/pieces of armor in one seat change while solo Liberating. No need for a crew member now, 2-3 solo liberators and you are golden for area armor denial / instant deployed sundy demolition if you can aim semi-decently.

    Explain how Galaxy pilots can swap into a Bulldog (or a AA walker/ AV drake) for ~8 seconds at a time without losing much altitude or stability, repetitively.

    Explain how the gravity affecting air vehicles has suddenly been reduced, turning previously physics based machines into feathers.

    Explain how Valkyries can land on their belly with large downward momentum from a dead-stop free fall with a pilot swapping back at the last second can take no or little damage.

    Explain the Flight Frames and their new "functionally". Explain why many pilots are suggesting Dogfighting Airframe, when most pilots would never touch that if their life depended on it previously, and recommended newer pilots to stay away from it for their well-being.

    Explain how dumbing down controls while making them more complicated/sluggish improves the long term growth of a game, how it helps to lower the skill ceiling abruptly and raise the skill floor, without ever mentioning buffs/nerfs to the airgame. (new *unintended* features! *apparently*, amiright?)

    Explain how that is not laziness or lack of success and how it also not due to luck or 'it's fine how it is, why fix it now?'. Explain how you can wiggle your way out of making a mistake and pass it off as a benefit to all humanity while downplaying the observers who see otherwise.

    Explain how reloading when swapping vehicle seats while the magazine was empty and in a reload cycle fails on the first try and must be MANUALLY reloaded unless you wait 2-3 seconds for the reload to start automatically, and on the second swap in-and-out there is never an issue even if the reload was not finished when swapping previously.

    Explain how the only *major* mechanic change mentioned was Valkyries being able to hover twice as well with Evasiveness frame?

    Explain the major turret camera angle issues and graphical flares for the first moments of switching seats in an aircraft.

    Explain why the Galaxy model and movable parts cannot seem to keep up with the physics model of the craft, causing stuttering.

    Explain how there are not many more features included that we cannot perceive well or have not found yet due to limited testing.

    Explain why there are many, many, many, many, many more subtle changes to working and beneficial mechanics and interations with and to any type of pilot / infantryman / vechilularist, all which will not be discussed in detail because there are too many to actually get across in one sitting. Because all these seemingly small bits of issues we have are just that. so seemingly small, apparently they should not matter, because when you cannot actually pin down every single little thing that has gone wrong, broke, or seems to be working but isn't nearly the same, it makes it just that much easier to justify it away as a NEW F*CKING FEATURE, pardon my french.

    Seems fine is not what any individual wants to hear at this time, because we all have said it in many ways: We actually can think for ourselves and see many issues; we (as in all players, not just pilots) do not want to be fed horse crap or be patronized when issues are fully apparent to the community. Don't lie to us, and most importantly don't lie to yourself that there are no issues present when they surely are.

    I'm not only asking the OP to EXPLAIN NOW! , I'm more so asking the community to ask these questions themselves, to test what is actually wrong for themselves; so that hopefully, something can be done after we are done explaining SOME of the issues that are absolutely present.

    If I or any other individual seem harsh, obstinate, stubborn, uncompromising, or SKYKNIGHTCOMLEXMUSTHAVETHEIRWAYISH about this change, take a good hard look at what actually is going on before you or anyone else for that matter makes a judgement call on a person's character or lack of character.
    Some will be angry, some will want answers, some will straight up leave and may or may not look back, some will stick through it and "learn" new "features" graciously provided, while others will put up with the bullsh*t and still play their way for whatever reasons.

    Whatever the current predicament, intermediate drama, or final outcome; first start off by explaining the issues.
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  3. Jake the Dog

  4. Goretzu

  5. Taemien

    This needs to be bumped.. players aren't realizing there's an option button ingame and going nuts.
  6. Vamperial

    I'd like the OP to answer some of Repin's concerns. The OP tries to come off as knowledgeable so why not respond?
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  7. weap0nkil

    Anyone that says there is no difference is flying mechanics being jacked up does not fly much or is not used to flying at advanced maneuvers. Our pitch power has been reduced by like 30 percent, this ramp up on pitch is BS.
  8. Schizomatic

    ESF fly smoother, the Lib flies like you'd expect a 100-ton aircraft to fly, there is no noticeable change to the Valk or Gal, yet every Jedi skyknight in existence detects a disturbance in the Air Force, and we all should be concerned about the hardships of the Snipers of the Air.
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  9. Czarinov

    Good luck FULLY adapting to jerky bugged aiming of ESF and "analogue emulation".

    What server are you on? Would like to see your skill in practice. I just wanna see how good one can be to fully adapt to new changes. Focus on fully. I adapted already, but my aim is not "smooth" as it used to be. My crosshair my unwanted jumps from time to time.
  10. MotionBlured

    You don't need luck to adapt to change, skill maybe, but not luck.
  11. Czarinov

    You either missed my point or wanna start another thread on "what luck is and do you need it".
  12. Praiseworthy Tunes

    Same joke goes for flying sololibs where the stuttering tends to show up if one acts too fast for somewhat like a period of about 10-25 seconds in a row, as its often the case for sololibs in a2a situations. There have been sometimes a little bit stuttering on my sololib before after playing for some hours without restarting the game but this new kind of "stuttering" takes it to an goddamn new level by turning my lib into some kinda Fluffy-Shaking-Liberator-Parts-Cloud looking like some badly failed example of modern-arts while my fps counter keeps hitting rock-bottom on it's journey towards the game-clients death.

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  13. Czarinov

    The video is golden. The situation is sad, but I laughed so hard :D...
  14. Praiseworthy Tunes

  15. IcEzEbRa

    I want to thank you for this post, the youtube vid actually had me in stitches.... please watch the above vid, Praise went to a lot of work on that. And even though it's hilarious, it does kinda reflect the "feelings" a lot of dedicated players have, whether those are justified or not. PS2 is an amazing game, and I hope the devs keep in mind that it's only because it is so amazing, that people get so emotionally vested and critical of things at times.

    I flew several times on test server w/esf, and what has gone live is better than original version, and I hope there may be a few more tweaks.... I fly esf's a lot, and with the control changes, I'm having a more difficult time w/Reaver than Scythe than Mossie, I don't think it affects them equally. Galaxy doesn't seem to matter much, think I like what they did to the Valk, and I'm not a very good Lib pilot but seemed easier to aim w/nosegun and still thinking about it.

    I was honest giving feedback on test server, saying that what felt like a reduction in response and ability to be accurate would not be liked by those that love to fly esf, a few people would actually like it, and newer folks would never know the difference. With a few minor tweaks, at least on each esf and each airframe. (not sure if devs can do things like increasing V thrust on a particular esf airframe, or what things are across the board for esf's.
  16. McToast

    I'll just leave this here.

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  17. Fry_Poncho

    i loled at this.
  18. Praiseworthy Tunes

    Sadly I wasn't the genius who created that video. I've just taken it over from reddit where it got spammed around everywhere for a few days already. ;)
  19. Seaker Drone

    I have heard 3 HUGE arguments now and it is making me laugh.
    Its either
    TOO sensitive
    TOO Sluggish
    Or feels the same

    Literally every single person I have told to up the sensitivity or lower it (depending on their "problem" goes... whoa, it feels the same).

    As far as the rest of your post... you are just grasping for straws tbh and problems that have been in game since alpha to.

    You really want to fly come to one of my flight schools, I will run you through everything and get you back up to "par" if you are too lazy to fly and figure it out for your self.
  20. Seaker Drone

    I am on emerald currently but I have a character on every faction every server. I fly on all of them. If you want to come to me find seekythefox on emerald.