New Faction specific snipers

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  1. TheZetifate1745

    hipfire irrelavent for all (cant think of attachments)

    900 velocity. heat takes 2 seconds to cooldown. 2 modes
    1. hold crosshair on head for .5 seconds and bullet will shoot does 500 damage at all ranges. 75% heat .5 second before you can shoot again. 500 damage at all ranges.
    2. charge up for 1.5 seconds shoot bullet does 1000 damage all ranges. 99% heat up.
    downsides very obvious tracer very bright flash from gun. reload after 100% heat 4 seconds. does less damage to vehicles even flashes

    650 velocity. 6 bullets in mag. shoots 2 (.06 second delay between bullets) 500 damage (up to 200m) bullets (damage drop to 400 at 350m) reload 4 seconds. 1.8 second bolt. same downsides as VS

    NC 750 velocity
    2 bullets (at same time) 500 damage up to 250m drops to 300 at 400m. 5 bullet mag. 2.1 second bolt. decent damage against light vehicles.

    these are bit op plz tell me other downsides without change main stats.
  2. Demigan

    VS: 0.5 seconds on the head for 500 damage? and what if you don't hold it on the head? Does it automatically fire at the head whenever you manage to hold it for 0.5 seconds at an enemy head?
    charge-up for an auto-kill on Infiltrators? And won't the HEAT buildup screw you anyway unless the cooldown is extremely quickly? "does less damage to vehicles even Flashes"? Most snipers deal zero damage to vehicles.

    TR: 0.06 second delay between bullets? You might as well just make it 1 1000 damage bullet unless the recoil is immense and instant. The damage drop is also very low. Sounds like a nasty weapon up-close, depending on the recoil it would be either terrible as it's spray&pray or wonderful. You'd probably be better off firing the second bullet later after recoil so you can use it a bit like the Daimo.

    NC: Basically the same as the TR but trades 0.3 seconds bolt-action for 50m extra max damage range. With one less bullet in the magazine the 3rd shot will only be one bullet. Your idea's are weird.

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