new faction specific shotguns

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  1. TheZetifate1745

    4 magazine. .7 second to reload each bullet. .5 chamber time. shoots 2x pulse wave that can travel 20m it widens as it goes. (.05 delay between each pulse) each 1 does 600 damage up to 5m and drops to 400 at 15m. pulses can only be seen through infrared. pulse has 200 velocity. hipfire crosshair shows the area the pulses will encompass. ads does not do anything. unless you have slugs. pulses push back people who dont have heavyweight 1m takes them out of ads.
    slugs. changes pulses into pulses that done expand just larger invisible bullets that travel at 225velocity and have drop of weapon with 350 velocity. they can travel 50m and do 500 damage up to that range.

    shoots full auto. 5 times a second. 8 pellets that do 50 damage (up to 7m. 9 ammo. 3.5 short reload 4.25 long. slightly less spread than base shotgun. damage decrease to 30 at 15m. 250 velocity.
    attachment heat round: pellets do 10 damage if they get .33m close to a target. reduces base damage by 8.

    5 mag 1 second reload per pellet. .8 chamber time. shoots 12 pellets each do 100 damage(up to 10m. 33% better accuracy hip than base shotgun and 25% better ads accuracy. (damage drops to 70 at 20m.) 225 velocity.
    electromagnetic rounds.: reduces damage by 10 at all ranges. pellets seek enemies .8m from them if they have shield.
  2. Demigan

    VS: 1200 damage in 0.1 seconds with body shots no aim required within 5m range and invisible to anyone except when you use any infrared sights but you'll likely be dead the moment you see it, automatic two-burst kill within 15m.

    TR: straight downgrade of the automatic shotgun already in existance. one more ammo, less DPS, longer reload, more RNG due to pellet count, less velocity.

    NC: Also straight downgrade. Less damage per shot than pump-actions, it's got better accuracy but with that damage falloff that's not going to help much. Compared to VS no-skill mega-melta-gun, why bother?

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