New faction specific battle rifles

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  1. TheZetifate1745

    (think of attachments) 10 degree hipfire for nc and tr no bloom.
    beam does damage 15 times a second. 125 damage all ranges. has sway unless your crouch ads. 1 degree of sway except stand moving then 2.25 degrees of sway. 700 velocity. thick easy to see purple beam. .25 degree of recoil every damage tick. 45 bullets before over heat. 10 degrees of sway hipfire. 3 seconds to cooldown. 20 splash damage within .5m

    shoot firey bullet. 10 times a second. 160 damage all ranges 35 splash damage within 1.5m. 32 bullet mag. 4 sec reload. 500 velocity little bullet drop. easy to see fire. ads accuracy .005 maximum and when shooting full auto drop to .08

    shoot electric bullet. that has 10% of giving emp effect. 8 bullets a second. 200 damage all ranges. 50 splash within 1 m. 28 bullet mag. 3.5 second reload. .003 maximum accuracy and full auto .09
  2. Demigan

    VS: 15 times a second=900RPM with 125 damage model (145 with the splash!), which makes it a high-ROF SMG with extreme accuracy+velocity. Since you call it a Battle Rifle we can expect extreme accuracy. Except that .25 degree recoil (I assume you mean COF) means it's got 5x the recoil of current SMG's per shot. This weapon makes or breaks on it's range and how big the projectiles are. Large projectiles? The 145 damage model could eat through anyone in CQC. Small projectiles? You can paint a room and not hit a thing even if you constantly aim perfectly for someone's torso.

    TR: 25% more damage per shot but 33% less RPM than the VS makes them worse off, with a lower magazine than VS it gets even worse and it's got lower velocity. Full auto accuracy of 0.08 is still laser-accurate as even SMG's before the first shot have a starting COF of 0.3. This last bit would probably mean it obilterates most weapons in the game. Ease-of-use and accuracy are some of the most important things in this game.

    NC: 480 RPM but with 250 damage per shot, compare that to the 500RPM 200 damage Gauss SAW. maximum accuracy of 0.09 while full-auto means it can hit just about anyone and obliterate them.

    Do you even consider your weapons before you post them? Try comparing them, use for example the Planetside Wiki:

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