New Explosion Sounds.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jeslis, May 20, 2014.

  1. Jeslis

    Do not like.
    Do not want.

    Please revert.
  2. Pikachu

    Can I do the same for some TR guns?
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  3. z1967

    I didn't really understand how annoying it was at first, and then I locked down my dual pounder MAX and I had to take off my headphones. Its a nice sound but please change it.
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  4. squarebug

    i haven't played today yet but after the tr guns sound change i hated it- the carv sounds like a popcorn maker

    i can just imagine how bad the explosions sound today

    and no it won't be reverted

    just like them breaking revives with the 30 second timer
  5. lothbrook

    This is SOE, they do things half *****, and they stay half *****. Its like everything they do anymore is their attempt to actively get people to stop playing.
  6. Jeslis

    I can't identify explosion types/units any more from distance.. its all this bland crappy explosive sound.. Unless this is part of some super optimization that gets me +10fps or something.. REALLY dislike it.
  7. Tommyp2006

    It's extremely annoying, and I'm pretty sure it replaced every single explosive sound in the game. This is the worst sound change they've made by far. I reached an all time level of mad today when I got stuck listening to multiple PPAs magdumping with that sound for an entire fight.
  8. BetaGuru

    I am posting in this thread to say that yes, the new explosion sounds are terrible. I'm hoping they're bugged, because if they're intentional then you're all crazy.
  9. ronjahn

    I actually felt less FPS drop in some bigger spam feats today, so I hope you're on to something here.

    I do dislike that I can no longer recognize what is hitting me and this needs to be corrected. Almost game breaking to me.
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  10. Camycamera

  11. Codex561

    Kills it for lolpods even though I dont use them...
    Yes I am a br 80+ without rocket pods!
  12. Genetic

    Ah ha was looking for a post about the crappy new sounds and found one eventually buried under a 100 un needed implant threads ,

    The new explosion sounds are terrible , you cant distinguish what is causing the noise whether it be a nade , c3 , tank , lib etc etc pretty much anything that goes bang just sounds the same , which in turn just causes a constant noise ingame , it was bad enough when you had a mag spamming a PPA but atleast you got a break for a reload , now its just constant bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang ..............

    Hope it gets put closer to the top of the things to fix list than implants
  13. eldarfalcongravtank

    seriously, what speaks against custom gun sound packs (like allowed in other mod-friendly games) that people can purchase for SC just like voice packs?

    let people allow to choose gun/explosion sounds like:
    oldschool (sounds that the game was released with)
    basic (basic gun sounds, no reverb)
    realism (extra echo/reverb but rather weak gun sounds)
    warfare (like realism, but more oomph)
    bass (more beefy gun sounds & explosions)
    over-the-top (for the extra hollywood gun sound lovers)
    action-packed (gun sounds arena-shooter style)
    fun (rather strange and ordinary sounds)
    clown (very unorthodox gun sounds)
    delirium (warning! extremely trippy sounds)
  14. Acceleratio

    Seems i am the only one who likes the new sounds. They sound alot more beefy. New TR weapon sounds are ALOT better. Finaly their guns sound like actually weapons and not like plastic toys.

    Only sounds I still hate ar NC weapon sounds + that awfull clonk vehilces do + Flak. Oh god I hate flak sound SO much