New explosion noise when JJ with light assault!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by SharpeShooter, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. ColdCheezePizza

    I don't know about you but from a non LA perspective a flying LA is a dead LA, the jetpack is really really slow, you hang in the air forever and the jet pack sound is a blaring siren alerting everyone to look up. If you hear an infil cloak your looking desperately for a shadow and only a small percentage of people play on low, everyone regardless of settings can see a floating LA. If you hear an infil cloak sound, then you are usually dead a second later if the infil is usuing an smg and is half decent. LA's don't have IWIN AI mines and we can't sneak up on people because they hear the jetpack sound before we even have a chance to get in an advantageous position, we cant just magically appear behind clueless players anymore and head dome like infils still can with their cloak sound.

    No one will ever convince me that an Orion with or without an overshield is not vastly superior to any carbine in the game, the ads strafe speed, damage, clip size and rof make it arguably the best cqc machine gun in the game. LA's would be insanely OP if we could use any of those LMG's. Rooftops are good cover, but we dont have any long range weapons to fully take advantage of them and soon as we shoot we have other LA, snipers, air on our behinds faster than a fat chick on cake.
  2. blzbug

    I'm quite sure that it did hurt me over the weekend. Mostly in those small 1 on 1 fights where you're trying to cap an outpost and 1 defender is trying to stop you. But in an overall k/d kind of measurement, it didn't have a huge impact. OTOH, you could certainly argue that nerfing my ability to flip an outpost is a much bigger penalty than even a direct nerf like dropping weapon damage.
  3. WookLordz

    So, by that logic- that you need to be able to react to someone before you die: You are calling bolt-action snipers cheese? Should there be some type of HUD warning before you get sniped through a window? What about if someone runs into a room and kills you from behind with a shotgun headshot? Should footsteps be louder? What if some one C4s you and had the actual nerve to throw the C4 behind you where you couldn't see it? Are AP mines cheese, or were you just not paying enough attention?

    Maybe someone shouldn't stand next to a window? That's kind of fundamental to keeping yourself alive. Also, maybe people should have someone watching their back?

    Maybe we should all politely challenge each other to duels every time we contact the enemy.
  4. NeonNoodle

    I encourage all LAs to spam throttle their JJ at warp gate and we'll see how ridiculous they really sound now.
  5. Wolfwood82

    I think what he is trying to suggest is that a true cheese build was something you might find back in SWG where you could have a rifleman who was virtually unhittable, or a commando with a flamethrower that could end a major battle by himself by burning everything and causing massive wounds thereby removing people from the fight long term.

    There are game breaking possibilities out there. Compared to those, LA were harmless flies. Hell even compared to the old Reavers in PS1, or JackHammers....

    He's actually got a very good point, you don't argue like someone who's had experience with true cheese. You talk about the LA's ability as if it were special in this game when it really wasn't. Kind of pathetic really. What was the first MMO you played Goretzu? My money's on WoW.
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  6. Goretzu

    PA Shotguns made it worse certainly (and may well have been the final straw), they weren't and aren't the only weapons possible of a very small TTK in those sort of situations though.

    Snipers are quite a bit different because you can pretty easily find cover, in the situations meantioned you are behind cover, just LAs jetpacked up or down to avoid that cover.

    Perhaps he was (it would certainly explain his misunderstanding), but then I wasn't talking about that so it has absolutely no relevance at all to what I said.

    Also I don't accept the strawman argument that because LAs weren't battlefield Gods therefore nothing about them could be changed - balance simply doesn't work like that, and that is for the good of all. :)
  7. ColdCheezePizza

    The thing is LA's were never balanced when compared to the player stats and strengths of other classes, knocking them another notch down the balance ladder, to an even lower rung on the food chain isn't balance. It's a crutch for bad unaware players and a feel good band aid fix on the pinky toe for a horribly imbalanced weapon that should have never been introduced, while they keep indefinitely postponing the LA revamp patch.
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  8. Hagestol

    Oh, Goretzu is still trolling these threads? Never mind his poor interpretation of statistics, calling blatant lower played, scored and killed for "not battlefield gods" and extending our factually based arguments to strawmen. Ignore function is excellent on these forums :)

    Personally I'm hoping pumps disappear from the class, while it might be fun I personally doubt that fun is worth sweeping nerfs to the class as a whole.

    Vanguard capping outposts on the side and generators as a part of a forward unit was the real strength of the LA. As much as I'd like to say that it is a nerf to K/D, it is really a nerf to the fun and real effect of the class in the map "meta"game.
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