New explosion noise when JJ with light assault!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by SharpeShooter, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Hagestol

    Flanking - attacked from the sides, with the target unaware or occupied by other fighting. Otherwise we're just (as you said) assaulting and we don't have the weapons or utility to do that. Not with the main brunt of the enemy forces being HA, meaning they will win every time because they can hear us. That is assaulting from different angles, not flanking. And we were designed as a stealthy flanking class, thats just the way they made us. Next.

    Ninja part - yes. Thats the way we were designed. Next.

    You can't really claim that they haven't addressed it before now but intended to. Nothing supports that argument, it is simply a wishful thinking way of justifing a nerf.

    Please tell us then how you, in open terrain with limited cover fight using cover and not long range weapons when enemies can hear you from outside your weapon range and see you.
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  2. Wolfwood82

    This is a statement made by an amateur.

    For one, if the target is facing the attacker because he heard said attacker, your entire argument falls apart. This nerf increases the possibility that the target is made aware of the attacker before the attacker has a chance to make his move, this nerf therefore decreases the possibility of a successful flanking maneuver.

    For two, no target is going to willingly open up his own flanks to an attacker he knows is there. This nerf increases the chance that the target knows the attacker is there, and thus allowing the target to be better prepared for an attack from a specific direction that is no longer the side, and thus no longer flanked.

    For three, stealth is a requirement of all flanking operations. The time and amount of stealth needed varies depending on the situation, however flanking an enemy is an extremely powerful tactic and everyone from grunt to commander is fully prepared to counter such a devastating attack. Stealth is therefore needed in order to pull the attack off successfully.

    For four, I'm running out of different ways to spell out the exact same thing. If people can't figure it out on there own then what are they doing playing a tactical FPS game in the first place? Barney's Hide and go Seek adventure sounds more up their alley.
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  3. Cyborginator

    What happened here? My thread / post turned into a reply for sharpshooter? What the F? My title was Light Assault jetpack is too loud, what just happened here?
  4. Goretzu

    1. The idea the LA should be equal to HA in ever way is ridculous, anymore than the Medic, Engi, Infiltrator or MAX should be.

    2. The idea that being able to come from a direction that no other class can come from isn't an advantage is again plain ridiculous.

    3. The Jetpack sound change has left the LA functionally the same (it has just removed a bit of cheese), the only people that disagree with this are the 6 people disagreeing with it in this thread. :D
  5. Antich

    Can you explain how the hell you don´t have the weapons to take a fight head on?
    You have the same health as all others(except inf that have 100health less), you have the same weapons(except for the LMG which aren´t the best weapons for CQC to begin with and sniper rifles that wouldn´t really help you much if you are in range for the guy to hear you). Shoot better then the other guy and you win, is as simple as that.
    Ninja part, where did you pull that one out? They would have given you a katana if you were intended as ninja, however they gave you the same weapons that engineer got.
    Not to say that anytime, when on offensive you have the latency+ human reaction time at your advantage. That wins fights, shooting well you can do more dmg in that time then the heavy shield.
  6. Hagestol

    Okay, let me show this to you:

    Weapons: If people can hear us from long ranges, we should have long range weaponry to counter that. Not unfair, considering we can't flank effectively anymore. We have the same weapons? What? We don't have LMGs, ARs, BRs, Scout Rifles or Sniper rifles. Dude.

    HA: Overshield, launchers and LMGs and below
    Infiltrators: Snipers, ranged class, stealth

    LA, when caught... ? Nothing. Jetpacks won't give you utility outside of the initial attack, considering how slow they are.

    Ninja part was a quote from the other part, he meant it as the ability to sneak over roofs, which we had since alpha and you know as well as I do what I meant.
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  7. WookLordz

    Oh, you must mean that we're ignorant of the PS2 launch trailer? or the spiffy website description? Because you surely can't mean ignorance of HOW THE CLASS HAS PLAYED SINCE THE GAME HAS EXISTED.
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  8. Wolfwood82

    They merged threads because you started a thread that was essentially the same as another thread.
  9. Wolfwood82

    1. All classes should be equal with strengths and weaknesses. The two assault classes share the same strength (AI, arguably AV), LA are just (or should be) better at it then HA since HA are better at AV then LA are.
    2. He never said it was not an advantage. Learn to read Goretzu. He said it's not unexpected, which it really isn't for anyone who's played the game more then a month. It's not hard to compensate for or react against.
    3. Statements like this bring to question where the cheese is Goretzu. Seriously you say I insult you, but you insult yourself more then anyone else ever could. I could turn around and say the only people that agree to this nerf are the 4 in this thread arguing for it. Oh and the JJ is not functionally the same, that's what everyone and their mom is trying to tell you and everyone else who is too thick headed to think about it on their own because they are too caught up arguing about it.
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  10. Goretzu

    1. Classes having strengths and weaknesses isn't the same thing, which is compounded in a game like PS2 where you don't specialise (unlike PS1 where you might run 2 or 3 toons for each faction specalisting in different roles), but rather just re-equip for whatever the situations is. A LA is always going to struggle in pitched open battle, for example, because it doesn't play to their strengths.

    2. It is an advantage even if they can hear you (which isn't certain still), surprise is more about cunning than noise in this context. He is implying that it is somehow impossible to be unexpected, when that isn't remotely the case for a non-LA without all the extra options never mind a LA with all those extra options.

    3. Being able to Jetpack to a window and OSK with a PA without being heard was cheesey (for example), it is much harder to do that now (although not impossible). Yet outside of those cheesey things that are now much harder to do the LA is functionally the same as it was before the sound increase (it simply isn't that loud even now).
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  11. ColdCheezePizza

    HA have overshield, medics have heal which is just like an overshield, Infils have cloak to retreat and heal, engi's ride in armor or hide behind tanks and they can carry the recently buffed battle rifle, LA's are out in the open behind enemy lines practically butt naked. Our only defense ability is the jet pack which basically turns us into human clay skeets. We can't become invisible, so being silent was the only defense we had to stay alive while in the belly of the beast.
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  12. WookLordz

    I don't think Goretzu has ever played a game with true cheese builds. If LA with the original sounds was cheese, there would be entire platoons of LAs dominating the map.
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  13. Goretzu

    Are you reallying trying to suggest being able to silently Jetpack up or down behind someone or next to window and OSK someone wasn't cheesey?

    And remember that it is still quite possible to do that, only now the victim has a genuine chance to react before death.

    I do think it is perfectly fair how the change effected that cheesey senario.

    As for the rest the LA is functionally the same dispite the louder sound (which isn't that loud).
  14. Antich

    Really now.
    So engineers are better cause they use tanks.... here is an ideea, ride in armor or hide behind tanks also.
    Noise or not you still wouldn´t get the drop in the middle of a tank column + a lot of tanks make a lot of noise, can´t really hear anything else anyway. If you shoot at them from distance jetpack noise doesn´t really matter.
    Medics healing acting like an overshield? Oh yeah, they can heal when they get into hp. And they heal very very slowly. 500health is 0.5 of a second TTK for most of LA weapons(the ones that aren´t 1hk actually)
    Infiltrators take the same dmg cloaked or not(except you find the one using the cloak that nobody else does). If you kill an infiltrator because he cloaked you deserve to die. Infiltrators are like the most obvious thing even cloaked if not at 50m+. Then the sound of your pack doesn´t matter anyway.
    HA overshield, i already stated that before, it only can acount for latency+human reaction in CQC. If you die after getting the drop you die cause you shot worse then him(way worse considering LMG are kinda bad CQC weapons).
    In the end, you just expect an IWIN button..... smth called light shouldn´t kill smth called heavy on equal footing. Classes have different roles
  15. ColdCheezePizza

    if classes have different roles than why in the hell do you suggest LA"s to hide behind tanks on the front line lol no one said engis were better because they ride in tanks, if you read the context clues its apparent I was referring to how they have an extra layer of defense around them or in front of them if your an engi actually playing your role. If an LA is playing their role they arent surrounded by medics or friendlies, they are always outnumbered and behind enemy lines if they are playing their role. And what was this IWIN button the LA's had, because if your talking about OHK pumps, other classes with shields can also use them if you really wanna know what IWIN buttons are.

    And LMG's are kinda bad cqc weapons? oh yeah the anchor, msw-r and especially the orion suck so bad in close quarters lol and HA's cant use shotguns either I guess. You just lost all credibility with me with that ridiculous statement you made. Keep clinging to straws

    Infils can turn invisible, so they make noise. LA's cant turn invisible and still make noise, how is that fair?
  16. Village

  17. Hosp

    My 2 Cents:

    I don't mind the fact it has an audible sound. I even like the sound while in flight.

    HOWEVER, my gripe with it is the fact it goes *PEW* when it fires. Jets packs aren't supposed to go *Pew Pew Pew*. Please change this. (I guess VS can keep their *Pew* if they really want, but then change the TR/NC sound).
  18. blzbug

    This is the real heart of the matter. LA jetpack sounds were the same in alpha. Nobody complained. Same sounds in beta. No complaints. Same sounds in GU01-06. No complaints. Chump-action shotguns get released, here come the cries. Stealth + PAS are the real problem. SOE charges you real money for PAS. That monkey is out of the bag and SOE won't be putting it back in. So they took the cheap way out and nerfed the jetpack sounds.

    After playing with the new sounds over the weekend, the biggest problem for me was the annoying noise in my own ears. I use carbine and rarely shotgun. Except for quiet, 1 on 1 fights, I don't think the new sounds hurt my performance. They did hurt my head...
  19. ColdCheezePizza

    Pretty spot on, man do I miss the pre shotgun days, cqc was soooo much funner and fairer :(

    I know one thing, eventually you will run into an encounter where the jetpack sound is going to hurt you, it sure as hell isn't helping anyone but unaware players. Regardless of SOE's many blunders, if the noise is here to stay wether we like it or not, they should give us the option to mute it so that its only audible to everyone but the player. Maybe make a small visible sound bar that you can see it, so that we can get our peace of mind back.
  20. Antich

    Cause you don´t get the drop on them anyway when they are in the middle of a armor column, the jetpack noise has no effect there. Yes they have an extra layer of defence in the middle. Guess what, if an LA is on a roof and doesn´t use his jetpack he has the extra layer of defence as he did before the jetpack noise. And even IF he uses his pack he is still in a place where only a LA can reach him.
    And really, LMGs are good CQC weapons? While those LMGs are the CQC LMGs that doesn´t make them better then the CQC carbines or assault rifles. The only thing they are better then is CQC scout/snipers.
    And the answer to the last question is CAUSE THEY CAN FLY ..... how can you miss that??
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