New explosion noise when JJ with light assault!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by SharpeShooter, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. SharpeShooter

    SOE.... this is simply way too much, not that it will give away every light assaults position in about a 100m range, but every time you jump you get this noise! its completely ridiculous it's going to deafen me and annoy the hell out of me.... turn my volume down I hear you say? ok.. now I can't hear anything. Why change the original sound? Just make the original sound louder! you're wasting your time on stupid things like this when you should be fixing bugs! Like the med pack bug on inda, or the VR stripping vehicle loadout! This explosion noise is STUPID!
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  2. Nyscha

    And its to much having light assaults flying around the map stealthily yet the REAL stealth class aka infiltrators CANNOT?

    It's a much needed nerf to light assaults, they aren't meant to be better than infiltrators.
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  3. SharpeShooter

    I'm not saying the sound didn't need increasing but its a MASSIVE explosion every time you jump, like I said its not eh fact it gives my position away its the fact that the sound is crazy distracting and really annoying!
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  4. SinerAthin


    When an Infiltrator cloaks, everyone and their dog knows that in a 100 feet, but when a Light Assault makes a jump, Superman himself has to focus just to hear it.(exaggeration, I know, but my point still :p)

    Do you have an Audio Sample you could share with us for the new JJs?
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  5. Nyscha

    Well its a jet pack, it would cause a sound to ignite the fuel to gain the thrust.
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  6. Sen7ryGun84

    Yeah... because a f*cking jet pack than can blast 100+kg of soldier and hear into the air should be silent and a rechargeable optical cloaking device should make a sound that can be heard at 100m and people with sh*the computers (nearly everyone) can see through it like it's going not even there.

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  7. Niller

    So because infiltrator is bad LA needs to be it too? Why should the class made for FLANKING not be able to do that, without the entire enemy population hearing the LA? Nerfing LA is the worst thing i ever heard on these forums, the HA is way easier to use and way more usefull, why don't they nerf HA? the most used class in the game.

    Nerfing the other classes just make the HA spam even worse, i don't say HA is OP, they are just FAR more usefull, in most situations.
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  8. Niller

    Why don't you just ask for a buff to infiltrator, instead of nerfing random classes?
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  9. CHC999

    Louder, I say. LOUDER!

    The cost of fighting and winning against gravity. Announce your victory over the weak force to friends and foes! Make them tremble with fear and be in awe of your superior jetpack!

    Up, up and away! Ba-Ba-Bang! Pizzzzzzuuuuuu!

    Honestly, needed to be done LAs. Sorry men were not meant to fly without making a lot of noise and swearing. You are fighting a whole planet of force after all.
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  10. Goretzu

    1. it adds a counter to Jetpacking that is needed and everything else already has - audiable sound.

    2. it allows SoE to buff LA in other ways now there is some counter to Jetpacking - audiable sound.

    It is really win:win for the game as a whole.
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  11. SharpeShooter

    its on the test server go have a go your self!
  12. Nyscha

    This is the OP.

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  13. skoorviel

  14. Mythicrose12

    Actually there was a slight nerf for the HA this update. Flack armor and resist shield no longer stack. It won't change HA infantry battles, but it's not longer a big FU to skillpodders or tanks.
  15. Sebyos

    This was really necessary although I feel like they could lower the sound for the user.
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  16. Aegie

    Apparently it is also going live once they restart the servers after GU7.

    I have to say, if this is half as annoying as OP makes it out to be then I think there goes my subscription- I was already getting a little tired of the game and I am really over the community so this just may be the straw that broke the camel's back. I was against them making the sound louder but I figured if it really made the community that much happier than, well, so be it- but changing the sound completely and adding some kind of explosion? Just seems like there is no trust left for me to give- this would be another in a laundry list of bad moves.

    I suppose I should wait to hear it for myself once the patch is finished but honestly it seems like almost every week there is another drama on the forums leading to another poorly thought out change to appease complaints. Anyone could play LA anytime for free- no resources, no cooldown timer, any faction. LA are just as visible as any other class and do not even have a tool but hey lets nerf them because the cloak makes a noise too?
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  17. Nyscha

    The sound is exactly like this.


    Dont understand why everyones QQ'ing.
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  18. Llaf

    I think its a good change, why? Because it sounds cool. I don't care if people perceive it as a nerf, it's really not going to be that bad, hell I might even play LA more now just because it sounds cool.
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  19. WookLordz

    But they didn't buff LA in other ways.... We've talked about this before.... ;)
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  20. WookLordz

    Any longtime LA player considers it a nerf....
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