New ESF Weapons and Cert Lines - 01/10/2014

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  1. Tar

    you need to get over yourself. Proactively.
  2. Vanon

    Look, i get what your trying to do. Your attempting to use Symantec's, rather poorly i might add, to justify a view that is not your own and you don't seem to grasp, considering your own best argument is "its boring". That alone is completely subjective is not backed up by any proof other then your own misguided assumptions. You fail to address any point i have made, and simply state over and over again "im not saying it's overpowered, or underpowered, it's boring" or "it's not challenging and should be removed".

    Because you think something is boring is not ample reason to remove it from the game, nor because you feel something is not challenging. If challenging where that important of a criteria then why have tanks and planes at all? It's far easier to kill an infantry unit with a tank! Why don't we all just have sniper rifles that force us to input a 5 button sequence before firing. Thats extremely challenging, but its not fun.

    Please stop attempting to pass off your feelings as if they represent everyone else, unless you actually have messurable proof. Otherwise it is very hard to take what you say seriously. You just look like another person who wants the game tailered to what they personally want, reguardless of the community.
  3. Vanon

    Strange, i just said that about your post...
  4. Tar

    a feature being boring is the principal reason why it should be removed from a game. this is common sense 1.0.1

    like in most internet forums, I present my opinion up for discussion. If all you can come up with is "but but but Symantec's! and reguardless! And and you have no proof!!!11" then this is all pointless.
    Of course being an internet discussion, it's pointless by default. Good day to you.
  5. Vanon

    Yea, A2A missiles are not boring. Anubis thinks so as well. We win!
  6. Eagle6

    It made perfect sense, RACER Chasis 3 is a piece of **** and should have more of a bonus. The least they could do is add that speed bonus to the fuel pod cert line. Aircraft go too damn slow in this game and there needs to be some way to cert into that NOTICEABLY
  7. Tar

    you can't go much faster because then stuff doesnt render