New ESF Vulcan Weapon....

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  1. Pikachu

    Vulcan on airplane? Where's the lancer for scythe?
  2. CrashB111

    Then prepare to see nobody ever pull a tank in this game unless its a skyguard.

    These things HAVE to get nerfed otherwise there will be no reason to use armor since you wont stay alive more than a minute.
  3. Ash87

    They have those, Plane mounted lancers, that is basically what the mass driver is.

    I was using the wing vulcans (Because this is what I'm calling it) For straffing runs yesterday on infantry in the VR room. Those things are ridiculously powerful right now. I think if the damage vs. Aircraft was tunned it would be better. Don't necessarily have to reduce the damage by 50% just do to them, what was done to the vulcan. I mean if they work as advertised they'll be as powerful as the nose gun.
  4. CursoryRaptor

    Yeah, I have to agree that the Locust is ridiculous. I killed a Gal with just 100 rounds, and the stock Locust carries over 1,000? No. No no no. No ESF should have the ability to kill a Galaxy so quickly, let alone potentially kill ten of them without even needing to make a stop to rearm.

    Also, the damage per shot is higher at long ranges than that of the mass driver. That doesn't make any sense to me. Isn't the mass driver supposed to be the long range specialist weapon?

    Oh, and if you release the Locust with the splash damage on the live server, I'm sure you'll have widespread forum rioting. I thought the new ESF weapons were meant to be AA weapons, but the Locust is a buffed Banshee. The combination of the large magazine size, wide cone of fire, and 2 meter damage radius (for 50 damage) will make an ESF with the Locust a one man foot zerg killer, and I don't think one player should be able to do -that- much damage.
  5. Entarticus

    That's what I said: "Apart from obviously making the other noseguns obsolete." I didn't know about the splash damage, and that does seem a little strange. But I don't see whats so bad with the low TTK, it just means that pilots need to be careful with their ESFs rather than soaking up shots, though I can see how a TTK that low might not fit with how ESFs fly in Planetside 2.
  6. GamerOS

    Slow down their initial ROF, make the spin up time take longer while increasing maximum ROF, reduce bullet speed and/or add a damage modifier massively reducing damage against aircraft or something.

    If that doesn't make the much less powerful against aircraft I don't know
  7. Granveil

    The low TTK would fit on a gun that is meant to have it; the Rotary Nose Guns. They have the falloff and low magazine sizes to compensate for it. The intent of the Locusts was to be a high TTK "spray and pray" secondary that doesn't require you to be pinpoint like a nose gun. It makes up for high TTK with a veritable wall of bullets that you can't miss with.
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  8. SinerAthin

    What kills armor is mostly infantry based AV.
  9. xpsyclosarinx

    Why does it have to have such a high RoF??

    Why can it not be a slow firing, high damage weapon ergo an autocannon.

    To me, I think the best and only real way to balance an anti armour ESF weapon would be to strip it of it's anti air capability, the only way I think this would work it if it keeps it's slower projectile speed (or slower, see: burster) , a much lower rate of fire (also see: Burster) and lastly, a low max ammo capacity.

    Does anyone think this could work? It would be able to do decent damage to tanks but make it dam hard to hit ESFs, combine that with rockets and you will have basically an air to ground platform that can't really defend itself against air.
  10. CrashB111

    Couple problems with this.

    1. It needs a High RoF, low damage to make it different from the other weapons.
    2. Mass Drivers are already the slow firing, high damage weapon.
    3. ESF are not supposed to be an Air to Ground base vehicle, they are meant for Air Superiority (rocket pods never should have been put in).
    4. The Liberator is the Air to Ground vehicle, slap a Dalton, Tank Buster, and Bulldog on it and you have a far superior bomber than an ESF.
  11. commanderkull2

    Just give me my splash damage back on locusts(and maybe a bit more damage vs ground vehicles) and i will be happy. All i want it for is to shoot ground targets.

    --> A10 thunderbolt gatling gun
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  12. HellasVagabond

    And then "Higby" loves the NC.....Give me a break :p
  13. Torok

    Even the name inspires Sex
  14. Messaiga

    It's called the Mass Drivers, but they do not need to charge up.
  15. Pikachu

    A hard hitting weapon that doesn't charge up is not vanu. :p Mass driver is just a disguise for rail gun so it should be NC.
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  16. Messaiga

    If it is NC it has to be camera guided, duh!
  17. Rothnang

    So basically this is a thread about how ESF pilots want Liberator weapons on their planes. Well, I guess I understand, not like anyone wants to fly a Liberator when it gets owned by ESFs so easily, so let's just put the tankbuster on an ESF and then we can stop pretending that anything other than ESFs is viable as an air vehicle. In fact, why not a wing mounted pair of Daltons as well?
  18. kaolla

    skyguard are still weak ( i always move in one) can kill esf if close enough to not miss shot before they take cover but lib get us down in 3 shot even with e stupide top armor ( cost 200 for 10% reduction i never fell the difference, when same amror cost 100 on vangard and such)