New ESF 3rd person view

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Pella, May 29, 2013.

  1. TeknoBug

    Yes I know it's on PTS, it's why I mentioned a few weapons because the VS Corvus AR also has that weird view bug.
  2. DeimosRising

    I use 1st person exclusively while flying so this wont affect my playstyle. I must say that the new 3rd person view looks really cool.
  3. IronfistNC

    I REALLLY hope that this is a bug and not a change that SOE is actually considering.

    Of all the things they could spend there development time on....
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  4. pica

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  5. MFP_TK_01

    It looks like you stuck a GoPro to your vertical stabilizer.
  6. NC_agent00kevin

    I dont use 3rd person for the same reason I never used it in racing games: I like the immersion in the role. Sure, it puts me at a disadvantage, but Im good with that.
  7. Total_Overkill

    For the average joe A2A ESF? Yes... but i see myself being able to abuse this new camera in A2G much more. Being able to see up, over, and around objects im hiding behind, with a much greater field of view then before, lining up shots on targets that cant even see me...

    ... has to be a bug! >.>

    ... i already do? Maybe scrubs need to learn? ^_^ 3rd person is a crutch for weak mewling infants!
  8. Phazaar

    Abhorrant change. There's just no one calling for this (that isn't calling for the removal of third person altogether).

    What they SHOULD be doing is allowing me to use third person view without gimping myself into having no HUD, lock on warnings, shield status, even warning sounds. Why it picks up internal vehicle audio from 2 metres further back due to the external view absolutely blows my mind - it makes no sense and should be addressed.

    I love that air combat in PS2 is so different; one of the things that makes it so different is the need to use three different views (cockpit, cockpit look, and third person) constantly whether surveying an area or in the midst of a dogfight. There's simply no reason to dumb this down too.
  9. TheArchetype

    This is the opposite of what they should be doing. NERFING AA!
  10. ThundaHawkPS

    better be a bug
  11. Sten

    Scythes usually rely on seeing their contrails disappear to know when hover mode is engaged for the reverse thrust. This view would be particularly harsh for them.
  12. Kubor

    Not a fan.

    That looks downright weird.

    What would be the design purpose of this change (assuming it's not a bug)?
  13. GSZenith

    pella need some seasick pills? i sure do now, the fudge did they do lol.
  14. AnuErebus

    While the new viewpoint doesn't make me sick it sure as hell throws off my perception of where my ESF is. Whole idea behind third person view is yoo that you get an idea as to how your craft lines up with the surrounding world, this view doesn't allow for that. It's actually in a way a more limited cockpit view without the ability to look side to side.
  15. IamDH

  16. Metallic123

    You guys who can't read that this was a bug should be fired.
  17. Selerox

    It's a bug. Stop squealing.
  18. Bibibla

    This is a bug.

    Basically, the game believe your ESF is a ground vehicle.

    I had trigered it on live server too, and fill up a bug report, but it sank deept in the bug subforum...

    How to trigger it : take a ground based vehicle. Exchange it whith someone's else ESF. Result : bad camera placement, and unusable nose gun....
  19. RomulusX

    I like it :oops: but then again..I don't dogfight cuz I'm awful...BUT STILL!
  20. Pella