New Empire-Specific Sniper Rifle Ideas

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  1. I play by many names

    The trap is awful and I would hate to bone the TR with yet another awful faction specific sniper rifle. TR doesn't need or want another 'sniper rifle' that fails at sniping. They need an actual sniper rifle, good at long range.
  2. ArcKnight

    a sniper than shoots bullets in a straight trajectory for as long as possible is what the snipers want, the drop will affects its appeal
  3. MisterSlim

    If something does more damage, with an increased amount of drop, then I fail to see how people would turn their noses up at it. Haha, if something is less effective at range, either compensate for it, or get closer. After all, I've seen tons of people running suppressors on their T3 rifles, and those give very few positive benefits compared to negative repercussions.
  4. Gemenai

    I would rather like a 1bullet/mag sniper rifle, too.
    That´s something i wished for a long time.
  5. Dcrd

    Talking about empire specific stuff. I've tried the VS ES Pistol. I've bought it because you can't test it with a silencer and laser sight, aaaand. It's beyond bad. It's worse then beamer, and it's charge up part is useless. Why devs are so afraid of oneshots? This damn pistol should at very least one shot kill people in the head - time it charges up is enough to kill you three times.
  6. SpandexoftheVanu

    I like the concept for the TR one, but I don't think the NC rifle should have a charge mechanic. That is more of a VS trait with the Spiker, Lancer and Phaseshift and I don't think it would fit the Nc very well. I think it should have higher damage but lower accuracy, making headshots more difficult, but body shots more viable. I don't want to nitpick, but I have some issues with the names. While the VS have a history of naming their weapons after Greco-Roman mythological figures, the other empires do not. While the Poseidon is a fitting name, the TR should have something more military sounding, like the M2MS, or M2 Multi-shot. The NC rifle should be named the GD-Rioter.
  7. Joexer

    Here's what I think would be good.
    TR. Gazelle:BASR with a DRUM. Substantial. Say. 10 high caliber rounds.
    FAST Refire time. Straight bolt by default. Mild recoil. Highish "SR modified Bloom" . 4-8x scopes only. Long reload 750DMG 1.5x hsm. Pulley bolt to reduce bolt pull distance

    VS: Quark. Fires an Extremely fast charged projectile with energy to release on contact. Average Basr excepr with mild splash in very small radius necessary to grt the one hit kill. Over distance it will no longer be viable to get a one hitt kill. 100m maybe. Fast reload but only 3rounds per "core". Access to ALL scopes

    NC Frigate-R: A shotgun SR with extreme pelet spread hipfired like 5.0 with 5 Projectiles. The cof will shrink when ADSing but slowly so it will require some patients to insure all pellets hit to get a ohk. 4rnds Tube mag style. Massive shells. Must be manually ejected(long refire time). Large recoil etc. only 6x proprietary No silencer

    Whatdys think.
  8. Dcrd

    Do you guys really lack imagination so much that the only things you can come up with are charge up **** (which can never be balanced in shooter games - it's either useless or OP), or "Shotgun BASR" (Let NC suffer (again)).

    Why can't we get a BASR that will one shot everyone in the body? For starters. Please? 1 bullet in a clip, very fast velocity, very long reload, OHK from every distance, can't use cloaking for some time after using, or something like this.

    Do far for vanu devs made the Lancer - it's charge up, it's sh?t. After that - Phaseshift - Charge up, sh?t. After that - Spiker - charge up, aaand it's sh?t. Am I the only one who sees the pattern? Maybe you should never implement a charge up in a shooter game? Just for example.
  9. MisterSlim

    I like the idea of a TR sniper rifle that trades off a bit of range for versatility.

    The VS Quark seems as though it would pale in comparison to the mid-range BASRs, or even the SASRs.

    A shotgun sniper is a very difficult thing to balance. It seems like it would be undesired, because they can do the job better with a standard BASR, or a shotgun. Not many situations where using both would work.

    Just my opinion on it anyway, keep up the creativity!
  10. Fry_Poncho

    Okay, I have been thinking about all the posts and created my own ideas, some based off other peoples, some my own. Feedback is appreciated.

    Now all of these rifles have access to all scopes. My principle is versatility.

    MSSR-1 (Multi-System-Sniper-Rifle)
    For this rifle, think of 2 normal sniper rifles bolted one atop the other, but connected to 1 bolt.
    It would have 2 fire modes. #1 is single shot. #2 is both shots fired at once. Chamber time would be short, but reload time would be long. (complex ammo feeds) Now I'm not really concerned about attatchments, but this is a defining feature. A rail attatchment that replaces the bottom barrel with a semi-auto rifle. This would change the fire modes to #1 normal bolt action and #2 a semi-auto ( think battle rifle). Both modes would have crazy recoil.

    I got the idea for this by looking at _itg's original post. This would be a semi-auto sniper rifle that would be an innately suppressed rifle due to its self propelled rounds. Again, 2 fire modes, #1 is a reverse damage dropoff. Basically, it could OHK a target if far enough away. The damage at close range (0-50? Meters) would be almost nil. Now the second fire mode is the opposite, high damage at close range and a STEEP dropoff at about 15 meters and ending at 20 meters. So this rifle is powerful in the extreme ranges but a gap in 20-50? meters.

    Now this one was the hardest to think up, but I belive I have made this acceptable.
    Another semi-auto sniper rifle that has no ammo, in a way. This gun runs on "generators". Now these generators have no ammo limit, but you have a limited amount of them (5?). Now this rifle has splash damge (from all the plasma). This is tied into the way this weapon runs on a heat system. The more the heat bar is filled, the more powerfull the round and splash damage is. A direct shot, however, will NOT produce splash damage. But, if the gun overheats, the generator explodes, giving damage to you and forcing you to load another generator. Don't fear though, by holding the reload key you can reduce the heat bar. And by holding the action key you can increase the heat bar. Now because of the plasma, this rifle cannot have a suppressor and is heard from compensator-like ranges.

    So to sum it all up, you have three sniper rifles that can OHK people, are versatile, and have weaknesses that can be exploited. The MSSR-1's is that they can't spam the bolt, lots of recoil (accuracy) and long reloads. The GD-Harbinger's is the dead zone it has. Finally the Arcturus's weakness is the time to change the heat and the inability to have sustained fire.

    I would like your thoughts on these. Yea or Nay

    P.S. I like MisterSlim's rifles too! You guys can find me on Connery as Vauguerd (VS), VauguerdTR, and VauguerdNc
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  11. MisterSlim

    This thread is for sharing the ideas for what we think might be neat. This thread is not for stomping on other people's ideas, or belittling them. Constructive criticism is welcome, but this post was far from constructive. Please don't be rude.

    And I'll disagree here, I love the Lancer. It is a bit role-restricted, but within that role, it is supreme.
  12. Fry_Poncho

    I know that this is a reply but my character is VauguerdNC not vauguerdNc
  13. Tykune

    I have an awesome idea for a TR sniper rifle. Give us another bolt action rifle that is actually a rifle. Not some low damage machine gun with 3 different automatic settings and slap a sniper rifle name on it.

    We're talking about the TRAP, btw... cause it really is a Trap. And the biggest disappointment to all snipers at the time.
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  14. Neo3602

    Interesting ideas as well, I would like the MSSR-1 a lot for the TR, if only because it would give TR snipers something different for long range sniping
  15. Cookie5000

    Greek Gods? Dafuq? <.<
  16. MisterSlim

    They are only placeholder names. I went with Zeus for the electricity based rifle, Medusa for the multi-barreled rifle (snake hair), and Poseidon for the liquid cooled rifle. Just loosely associated terms, nothing I would lose sleep over if they were changed xD
  17. Fry_Poncho

    Ok, been pondering at new snipers again and feel that my idea for the NC was kind of UP. With a weakness easily exploited with a range finder. But, I need a replacement, so here we go.

    GD-Harbinger Mk.2
    This rifle would fall more in line with the NC's philosophy- Hit em Hard - Rifle functionality would be a long range, sure hit, quick damage giver. Ammunition would be a tracker round, kind of like the A2A guided missiles on ESFs.Rounds always give a headshot. To compensate, a 2 round clip is provided. How would this be used, you ask. Well here is a scenario.

    On a ridge 250 m. away there are 2 heavy assaults pouring rockets on some friendly armor. As a sniper it is your job to take them out efficiently. With a normal sniper, you would have to line up your shots and adjust to get a headshot. (trying to avoid hitting HA sheild and them running away) Now with the GD-Harbinger Mk.2, you can line up your shots and let the tracking system take over. Once the lock is established, just pull the trigger. Enemy down.

    For the attatchments:
    Optics: 6x, 7x, 8x, 10x, 12x
    With easch site comes with longer lock on range- 6x out to 100 meters, 7x out to 125 m, 8x out to 150m, 10x out to 200 m, and 12x out to 250 m.

    Rail: Range Finder - increases lock on range by 10%
    Lock on time decrease- normal lock on time is 1.5 seconds, this reduces it by .5 sec.

    Ammo: Advanced targeting systems- allows 2 lockons at the same time.
    AP rounds - this would also apply to my other 2 sniper rifles - MSSR-1 and the Arcturus. The round will bow do damage to armor. the damage would be about 250 before 10 m and falls off to 167 after 60 m. (m-20 basilisk for flash damage) As a downside, the muzzle velocity would be reduced by 10%.

    Do you guys prefer this rifle or the old one.

    Vauguerd, VauguerdNC, VauguerdTR
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  18. Plague Rat

    I’ll take a crack at this concept thing (feel the wrath of my boredom!) though I’m not going go outside the box. Rather I’m going to dig through it like a pile of LEGOs and see what I can do with the mechanics and systems we’re already familiar with, rather than coming up with something new, because that’s just more fun for me.

    For NC I want our next ESSR to be a semi-auto. We got our BASR last time, and like I said in my post way earlier in the thread, I don’t really feel like there’s anywhere significant to go with a new one.

    Mini-jack? Rail-Jill? (Sounds dirty)
    Semi-Auto Sniper
    Damage range: 450 to 375
    ROF: 170
    Velocity: 700 m/s.
    8 round magazine.
    Reload: 2.75 short / 3.5 long.
    Railjack Style Firing Delay Mechanic
    Noticeable Tracer (miniature Higby riding a glowing shotgun a la Slim Pickins and the nuke)
    6-12x scopes.

    Side-grade to the Gauss SPR. Magazine size and fire rate are traded for velocity and a small damage boost. The extra damage serves as a slight nano-weave/overshield offset, but as with the railjack the selling point is the velocity. The firing delay keeps the lead and long range pinking to death from being too easy while the lower RoF the smaller mag puts a greater emphasis on accurate shot placement than rapid shot spamming, which I generally consider to be ‘not doing it right’ where scoped semi-auto’s are concerned anyway. I'd even take a 6 round magazine but I think I'd probably be the only one.

    This one is something of a personal fantasy, I’ve been waiting over two years now for a higher velocity semi-sniper, and I feel like I’d want it to look something like this, and now that I’ve grown to tolerate it, I think the Railjack’s fire delay mechanic might be just the workaround for some of the balance concerns.


    TR traits kind of fly in the face of the counter-balances on a OHK rifle. It can be done but it's probably going to mean focusing on one trait at the expense of the other.

    SLBR-8008132 (TR like numbers in their weapon names, right?)
    Bolt Action
    Damage values to put OHK range at 150m
    Chamber time: .75 (80 RPM)
    Velocity: 450 m/s
    3 round magazine (Yeah… bear with me on that one)
    Reload: 2.25 short / 3 long
    Distinct Audio Signature (R. Lee Ermey making gun noises with his mouth!)
    1-4x scopes

    A side-grade to the TSAR-42, this is a close range sniper rifle that’s built to allow for fast successive shots at the expense of having it’s engagement range drawn in and it’s magazine limited. That might be controversial for TR sensibilities, but when you speed up a OHK rifle it presents balance issue, and a 3-round capacity limits the potential for shenanigans to 3 quick OHK shots or a single body-shot-kill for emergencies. However, while reloads are more frequent, because they’re swiftly executed it ultimately results in a faster sustained shot output than the TSAR-42.

    While we’re at it those frequent reloads might be a bit cooler if it loads with a stripper clip (charger clip?) for a more throwback feel to something like the Lee-Enfield or Mosin-Nagant, and get some traditional military mojo to go with those fine commissar hats.


    For the VS rifle I’m avoiding charge up mechanics. I don’t have anything against them, but really if anyone wants to use a charge up OHK rifle we already have one of those since the Phaseshift is already a thing, and really there are other VS mechanics that can make for an interesting rifle that plays into VS versatility.

    Purple Rifle Powered by Sunshine and Unicorn Farts (sooo bad at names)
    Heat-based Bolt Action Equivalent
    Damage values for 250m OHK range.
    Cooldown time between shots: 1.7
    Velocity: 550 m/s
    No magazine, utilizes heat mechanic.
    No reload due to lack of magazine.
    No bullet drop
    Noticeable tracer
    All standard 1x-12x scopes

    This feels more like a jack of all trades than a side-grade to a specific rifle. It trades fire rate and velocity for heat mechanics, no-drop projectiles, and access to any standard scope option, making it functional in any situation but not specialized for one either. With heat mechanics, every shot fills the bar and it must cool before the next can be fired. This replaces both chambering animations (innate straight-pull) and the need to reload or worry about ammo consumption, but the time between shots is on the longer side as a trade-off. Meanwhile the lack of bullet drop simplifies a whole dimension of shot making, and so as a result its velocity is fairly standard, on par with the XM98 or Phaseshift, and since no charge-up is required before firing the no-drop projectile, the shot has a unique tracer/plasma trail.

    (As an added ‘feature’ this rifle will play a non-stop loop of “Wooly Bully”. Barely audible at first, it increasing in volume with each kill until your streak breaks or you go deaf.)
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  19. Gemenai

    Would rather see it with a higher velocity.
    We already have XM98, Phaseshift ( in most situations even worse to T1 BASR thanks to low velocity and kinda "meh" semi-auto mode, though i auraxiumed it) and definetly no need for another rifle on that level.
    I would also like to trade the no bullet drop for 300m OHK range (maybe because i´m pissed, that the so called "long range" directive BASR can´t kill OHK tagets up to 300m)

    The heat mechanic and variety of scopes? Give it to me now D: !

    The remarkable tracer thing? Don´t really know. The only rifle with this up to now is the Railjack and as a sniper i can say that it makes it sometimes to easy to counter snipe; escpecially if the terrain doesn´t offer a big enough variety of sniping spots. But i´m not totally against it.
  20. McToast


    I still regret getting the Failjack, biggest waste of certs for me so far. Luckily I don't have to worry about certs at this point anymore. ES stuff is great, but I don't think we need new ES sniper rifles.