[Suggestion] New dev suggestion strip the code from recursion put it in the game

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by cawsking555, May 27, 2024.

  1. cawsking555

    As this has been years since the official League approval of adding in recursion I think it's time to strip whatever code that you is in recursion and put it into the game. Then band those people that have the current recursion stat tracker.
  2. sofiaflorence

    lol why? Recursion does nothing but add a crosshair overlay and some achievement sounds and banners. Ban people for something that is allowed?
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  3. Somentine

    This is like the 5th thread this dude has made in regards to this, they space it out like every 5-6 months or so. https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?members/cawsking555.164739/

    I honestly can't tell if they're trolling or actually believe the bs they spew.
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  4. sofiaflorence

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  5. Somentine

    It gets even worse... look at their post history on Reddit, specifically under posts they've created.

    And that other account, shoguncawwil, is an alt account (or real/main account) of his. It's actually just sad.
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  6. shoguncawwill

    It sounds like recursion software is 100% a cult that doesn't want their fun being banned under terms of service rule 7
  7. karlooo

    If it only adds crosshair overlay, then what's the big fuss about? It should just get removed... Who cares. Why are people on the defensive to protect a tool that supposedly adds a simple customizable crosshair, and nothing else?

    Basically whatever this Recursion is, whether it's a simple crosshair, whether it tracks user inputs to form the bots we have in game, whether it allows access for cheating (something that could be useful for content creators, though we have none).... It is a complete failure from every conceivable angle and should get erased.
  8. sofiaflorence

    People like to customize their crosshair and have the ability to see their stats in real-time. It's a stat tracker. Also the customizable achievement sounds are satisfying. It doesn't give any advantage or 'allow access for cheating'.

    It's approved by the devs.
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  9. sofiaflorence

    Yeah I figured it is an alt account lol.. Same lack of proper punctuation.

    I saw his post history on Reddit. Yikes! I wish I hadn't looked
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  10. Somentine

    You didn't even know it existed, or what it does, but it's a "complete failure from every conceivable angle"?

    I swear, you forumside players really need to spend less time on here posting your moronic takes and more time not being trash at the game.
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  11. karlooo

    Ok, well then share what it does.
    Make a bulleted list of all its features.
    - this
    - that

    Lets see what is this Recursion all about.
  12. SquirtAttack

    Why don't you just look it up yourself... Geeez... People these days are so lazy:

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  13. Herminator

    its easy to search up, its litteraly a changeable killstreak narrator in its basis. I have a voicemod with halo callouts for when i get a headshot or triple kill. Every time i boot my game up it plays halo music and it says "Master chief defend this station" "I need a weapon"

    its so badass and you can even make own voice packs. It doesnt give you any unfair advantages it only amplifies your visual and sound experince of the game. Its just a crosshair change, stat tracker and a voice narrator of your choice that tells your performance with "headshot" etc. Like cod kill streaks
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  14. Somentine

    What am I, google?

    You insert yourself into a thread with no knowledge of the topic, spout some ignorant takes, ignore sofiaflorence, who told you what Recursion is, and then try to put any of the onus on me to explain it to you like you're a child. The absolute audacity lol.
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  15. Erendil

    It makes no changes whatsoever to the game. Its crosshair sits on top of the game much like Nvidia's stats overlay does.

    It doesn't violate the TOS in any way, and it has been officially, publicly whitelisted and endorsed by SOE/DBG.

    Source: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps...-experience-this-weekend.194197/#post-2818164
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  16. shoguncawwill

    If anybody infers payment via PayPal or something like that it all might becomes a cheat in the United States due to the court case of Bungie v aimjunkies
  17. Ps2pIayer

    no thanks, i prefer my skill medium rare not overcooked.

    people who use third party crosshairs/apps in this game are just trash with makeup on.
  18. TRspy007

    honestly recursion should be built into the game, with an option to turn it on or off for people who don't like it. I don't understand the comments accusing it of being a cheat when you can literally download it for free and test it out yourself. All this fuss over a stat tracker with crosshair overlay that's been a part of the community for years, has been endorsed and even built by devs.

    There's videos on youtube, you can even ask for help here if you don't know how to install it...calling it a cheat or pretending it gives you an advantage in any sort of way is just insane to me. This game's been around more than a decade I think people know how to keep their crosshairs in the center screen even without the overlay. Besides it's something you can easily add in the settings or physically on your screen if you think that's such a massive advantage to have. ...or you could download the free recursion tracker and test it out. Try a week with it on, a week with it off and compare. Doubt you'll find any difference. Only thing it does is make the game look/sound better.
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