New Dahaka Amp Station Screenshots (On PTS) (LONG POST)

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  1. lyravega

    Here is a discussion about the new Dahaka Amp Station on PTS forums:

    SCU Shield Generator & Spawn Room Exit

    View from behind Spawn Shield

    Spawn room, tunnel enterance & back exit

    Another view of spawn room, side exits

    One of the sides

    The other side

    SCU building, Tunnel Exit

    View inside SCU building (old Spawn Room)

    SCU itself, upper floor

    The above enterance

    The drop from above enterance, which can be seen above, looking at the point

    Another view from inside

    Looking at one of the sides

    Wall "cracks", with bridge above

    Another view from the side

    More protection on the walls (but towers are still wide open)

    View from the bridge over the wall "crack"

    Another view at the crack-enterance
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  2. Phazaar

    Lawl if I'm understanding that shield generator right... This will be ****ing terrible... Everything the 'I MUST BE ABLE TO DEFEND A BASE SINGLEHANDEDLY WITH MY EYES SHUT AGAINST 200 OPPONENTS' crew have been asking.
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  3. lyravega

    Don't forget this is why it is on the PTS. I'm pretty sure that, it is highly subjected to change. Some stuff they can do:
    -SCU Shield Generator can be moved where it will be more accessible to attackers, with some cover and more than one entry point
    -Spawn Room shield can be moved down to spawn-level, leaving the stairs exposed, and also cutting the light of sight to the SCU Shield generator
  4. treeHamster

    That's the idea. All the bases are easily steamrolled right now. The Crown was THE best base on PS2. You might think they were "meat grinder" fights but what do you think the Invasion of Normandy was? You don't think they just stormed those beaches and laughed really hard at those pill boxes, do you?
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  5. treeHamster

    I applaud the devs for this. I wish the various main facilities were each more unique instead of just copy and pasted from one section of the continent to another.

    I like the idea of each place being different and a new fight to take each time I'm there.
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  6. Alarox

    So if I understand this correctly, in order to capture the base you must either:

    1.) Hold A when the defenders respawn underneath it while you respawn outside of the base
    2.) Take down and defend the SCU Shield Generator (which the defenders respawn across the hall from) while simultaneously blowing up the SCU itself (which the defenders have a tunnel from their spawn room to)

    Not sure how I feel about this. I want to see an actual 50/50 battle first hand to see how it plays out. It seems like it will either be a well designed base where the defenders have the correct amount of advantages, or one where it is simply too defensible.
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  7. Kristan

    Spawnroom... inside the main base building... finally.
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  8. stalkish

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  9. Unclematos7

    A problem I always had with the old Amp Station design is that you have to kill both shield generators to be able to access the A point whereas in Tech Plants and Biolabs you don't have to interact with a single generator to cap them. It also got worse when they doubled the overload time.

    Freyr was a step forward, but Dahaka is a step backward.

    In my opinion, destroying generators should just make the attacker's lives easier, not be a requirement for capturing bases.
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  10. Ghosty11

    Let's take a look at the SCU Gen in detail:
    It has a clear sight from the spawn room shields. A pretty bad idea, but if you think about it, if your side controls 'A' point this area will probably be fill with vehicles and people camping around the barriers. Once someone lights up the shield for destruction there will be little the defenders can do to stop it. A single blast barrier in front of the entrance would solve all the problems.

    Now here are a few more questions to ask that the image can't answer:
    • Is that shield a one way shield that allows fire through from the defenders but not the attackers?
    • Will the SCU shield go down once the attacking side flips the capture bar to their side like Amps do on live? If so, does that make this whole conversation of the placement of the SCU gen moot?
  11. lyravega

    I'd say the opposite. But then again, your point is destroying shield generators for capturing a base. I wish they added 2-3 additional capture points.

    Yeah, we need a live action to see what is what. But attackers have to change their mentality, if they ignore the V-H shield generators (shield generators for the station itself), they'll get repaired and defenders will simply sweep the area. This design forces attackers to not swarm just one point, and then just camp the spawn room & SCU tunnel exits, but instead protect outside shield generators aswell as the point itself.

    The spawn room exits are still campable, but the recovery for defenders is much, MUCH easier and POSSIBLE with this design, as opposed to the previous design.

    What I would suggest is, when both amp-station shield generators, thus the shields are down, both should be repaired in order for shield to reform. Repairing one to get the shield back-up may not work with this design. Also, move the old gigantic SCU shield downstairs, so that defenders cannot overwatch the SCU behind their spawn shields.
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  12. Phazaar

    Rofl. All but a couple of bases are easily defended by an equal force, or even a smaller force with more organisation than the larger force. Balancing according to the '7:1 storm the gates' rule is NOT something that's going to be fun for anyone. It will leave everyone either defending or miserable and attacking.

    Infantry have demonstrated since launch that they are incapable of accepting that they're expendable; the idea of throwing themselves at the guns of their opponents with no recourse will not entertain players at all... Especially when they could be soloing a whole platoon from the spawn room if they only went to defend instead.

    And both of those points come long before pointing out that this will force all large battles to occur outside of bases. Why? Because if you can defend a base against a platoon with 'a few good men', defending against a platoon with a whole platoon will be ridiculously easy, to the point that fights will immediately be pushed outside of bases as the 'defenders' become attackers, right up until they get to their target base... Then what happens? Single guy can defend, but whole platoon is there... Instantly repel attackers... Ping pong back the other way. I'm an ESF pilot, this is fine with me, but I can already see the demands rolling in for shielded walkways between bases and such.

    Given the amount of design that goes into creating interesting battle environments within bases, I can't really see a reason for making this the least relevant/tactical part of a battle...
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  13. lyravega

    -The shield is a one-way one, it is a typical spawn room shield.
    -I'm not sure about 2nd point, but seeing that there is a SCU shield generator, it is probably like in the biolabs; SCU is no longer exposed when point has flipped - been captured half-way through.

    As I've been saying, they can move that shield downstairs, so that defenders won'T have a clear-line-of-sight. They can change the shield type. They can make it more accessible to attackers, by shaving walls near it, and putting some cover between the shields and the generator. Etc... Etc...

    I almost forgot. Infiltrators will be exceptionally good in overloading that generator, even in this layout. But same goes both ways, defender infiltrators can abort the overload easily. This is why the suggestions above are needed (move the shields or change its type, and shave some walls around the SCU shield gen & put some cover around the generator itself).
  14. Ghosty11

    I personally have found Freyr to be a horrible base to defend. 2 of the 3 cap points are easily taken by the attacker and provide them with a spawn inside the base. Once they have both it becomes much easier to cap the third point.

    I'm the opposite. I like the requirement of destroying both the horizontal and vertical generator to gain access to the control point unless you use a gate diffuser equipped vehicle. The capture and defense of the base takes more strategy and tactics. Not every base needs to support zerg tactics. Having to keep people at the gens to keep them down during a capture is a good thing not a bad thing. You don't need to be able to roll up to the control point of every base without any effort, large bases should be harder to take when defended.
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  15. lyravega

    Thinking about this, AI sunderers (with double bulldogs/furies maybe) with gate-shield diffuser will easily be able to lock down the spawn exit in the station itself, granted it has some engineers repairing it up.
  16. treeHamster

    Yeah the new strategy is to roll a convoy of GSD Sundy's outfitted with well certed Basilisks or Furies through the shields and dump 50-60 infantry inside the AMP stations, circumventing the shield gens entirely.
  17. lyravega

    To use above entrances, you have to take the tunnel to the SCU, then use the jump-pad, and drop down on the point, which takes more time. Difference vs before and after is, instead of watching 4 big shields, sunderers inside now have to watch one (I am aware that side exits still allow defenders from using the VH shields, but as it is a longer route, many will funnel to the shield inside. Also, they're still exposed outside, even before or after).

    I can see this working, might aswell try to gather some people on the PTS and try to test stuff out, see what works, how good/bad something is, what are the new possible tactics, etc...
  18. treeHamster

    Just remember, the old Crown was the model that ALL bases should be designed from. Bases should be HARD to capture, and it take a day to get from one side of the continent to the other (much less capture the entire continent).

    These days in an Alert, you can easily just watch a single faction go from 30% land ownership to 75 by the end of an alert without too much effort. That's just SILLY.

    Back in during the glorious Indar War, it took the NC and TR over a MONTH to take the entire continent from the VS.

    In the early days of the game, you would see one faction hold out the Crown for over a week with NO OTHER territories on Indar. These days you could put an ENTIRE faction on one territory and it could get lost to a force of 50 opposing. Just roll up some tanks and steamroll the base.
  19. treeHamster

    I noticed that too. Glory be to the defenders of the AMP Station!
  20. Luighseach

    I disagree. I love taking objectives like shield gens. The only reason AMP stations were difficult was because their was just one point allowing for the enemy to attack the link while the fight was raging because no one could get on A with out a GSD.
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