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  1. 3punkt14159

    I know that it wouldt take a lot of work. But instead of rebuild indar the devs should start to build a new continent. There are so many posibilities! For example a city map or a vulcano crater map, also a bigger desert map or a nordic forest.
    I know the rebuild indar for the ant system, to bring in more open space, but with e new map it would be mutch easier and it woud bring back a lot of players who leave the game because there is not a lot of new content at the moment.

    When i see how mutch content players can creat in other games like GTA 5 oder Skyrim i bet 100 bugs that Daybreak can get a new map build by some choosen fans for free. I am pretty shoure there are enough creative people out there!
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  2. FateJH

    Next up should have been the volcano map.
    Hopefully, they rememebr that there were other parts to Searhus that were not just the volcano.
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  3. Pikachu

    Fun fact long ago SOE already made a lot of the geometry and props of Searhus. Even the reflection map and areafile (determines locations and radiuses for bases etc).

    Searhus areafile extracted by Shaql 3 years ago.

    Reflection map.

    Oh btw.
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  4. Taemien

    Every map you add means one more base you have to lock in order to unlock Indar when the late night crew locks it.

    Just remember that. Which means in that case.. break Searhus into 3 continents and release it. Just take Hossin and mirror it weirdly and replace the blocking plants with Lava.

    What can I say? I like the base layouts in Hossin. And the tears when people have to play there.
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  5. 3punkt14159

    I'd like to see the threads in your signature, but the are broken because the daybreak / SEO chang. Pleace fix it ;-).
  6. Pikachu

  7. Kwintezarius

    I wouldn't mind more continents :)
  8. 3punkt14159

    So Pikachu, do you know why did the work on that end?

    I think in comparison to a new ant system or so it would not be that mutch work.
  9. Naaahhhhh

    I like the idea. Than TR red camous would become usefull in a lava-vulcano world.
  10. McMan

    New continent? are you serious?? If anything the devs should remove Cloytr and Hossin and make the starting 3 realy good.

    The best thing would be to have only one slightly bigger continent with all 3 terrains/climates. Grass and forests everywhere, a small desert in one area and snowy mountain range in two places.
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  11. toast2250

    Well said.

    Map design/aesthetics/lighting is horrendous and it has been already stated why in detail.

    Adding new continents would decimate the game.
  12. Pikachu

    Not understand you.
  13. Pikachu

    What's so bad? :confused:
  14. Poppington

    In short:

    Hossin's design, while awesome in areas, is very flawed in others. Too much reliance on convoluted verticality, random cliff faces, irregular plants, etc. This is our only example of a new continent.

    Lighting is an issue because many people are punished for wanting to play on higher graphical settings. Sandstorms on north Indar, Fog on Esamir and Hossin, and the blinding reflections on Esamir. All of it is beautiful and awesome, but a hindrance that others turn off.

    I'm missing some stuff, but that's all I've got off the top of my head.
  15. Taemien

    I've suggested in the past that bases be redesigned to give more prevalence on vertical accesses to make the Light Assault more useful for squad play. I've NEVER seen anyone make a counter to that, I assumed people don't mind that particular idea. But you say that Hossin is hated because of this?

    Being that the Light Assault is a thing. Why is verticality a bad thing? And why shouldn't Indar, Amerish, and Esamir include more of it?
  16. Poppington

    Verticality is good. I agree, but sometimes Hossin bases are elevated for no reason, or horrendously convoluted with multiple levels and no real indication of where to go. They are all great for light assault, but certain bases just are terrible to get around unless you are a light assault - and that's a problem. Amerish has some bases where verticality is at play, but it's not a terrible experience. I'm not a big fan of shrouded skyway, for example, but it does do verticality well. LAs can dominate there, but you still have fairly obvious routes of combat and travel. Compare that with some of the Hossin bases and the issue becomes apparent. Like, why are all the construction sites elevated? I understand the spawn and the route to the main warehouse, but why the rest of the base? Why is Nason's Defiance so damn confusing?

    Like I said, Hossin has some amazing bases, but a large amount of them were designed like every player is a Light Assault, and that's a problem.
  17. toast2250

    I actually like Indar's sandstorms, they should add more wind sound and what not.

    But I do hate the blinding reflections on Esamir especially when you have this weird bright lighting on objects by the game engine. Indestructible stupid walls,..

    Fighting on Amerish's Makala's Axualiry Compund is horrendous, the rest of the bases are sort of a to much streamlined down the pipe between mountains.

    They tried to make underground bases that people wanted but are so utterly badly designed that they represent more of a dizzy maze, corridor shooter. Except for that one awesome cave in the center which I haven't been able to fight at, like since ever because god knows when people go for it.

    Hosin is depressing and dense as always,.. And being sent there by random more often than not is probably something new.
  18. Xenophon

    Hossin is dead especially since they removed Max benefit. I'd like to see Searhus replace Hossin after construction update.
  19. ChUnKiFieR

    I would like to see Hossin saved. Remove some trees, mountains and add some much larger swamps with fast moving air/battle boats. Because of the shelf life of games like these, I don't think DGC is going to make any new continents but they might be convinced to rework an existing one. Maybe.
  20. AxiomInsanity87

    I would love a massive city map with new structures that make sense in a city.

    Tech Plant - Manufacturing Plant

    Amp Station - Power/Solar/Geothermal plant

    Biolab - I don't know lol

    Highly built up and very cqc, with streets, alleys, motorways as the main roads, smaller roads etc

    Vertical bases like skyscrapers and apartment blocks etc

    Vehicle centric players (vehicles in general) would need to favour radars and other meta more and play more cautiously. The close quarter nature and break up of terrain would see infantry and vehicles fighting side-by-side more with more confrontational combat than the usual flank and gangk.

    Lore could easily be retconned as well.