New continent: Battle Island Rytlok- Koltyr for post BR15

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  1. Ziggurat8

    It's a fairly simple concept.

    Make a replica Koltyr for characters BR 15 and up.

    I like Koltyr. I like the unique base layouts, the compactness of the continent with only a few facilities in close proximity to the WG. I've also always wanted to have a tank battle on Koltyr.

    It could be a smaller max pop continent. Maybe open during off peak hours or as overflow for que locked factions. Maybe a special event only available Mondays or Tuesdays or what ever. Subscription only or no cert/directive advancement. I honestly don't care what the criteria or restrictions are (though no xp might hamstring it too much) aside from available to >BR15 characters a Koltyr we can fight on with over ranked/over directive score characters.

    Anyone else want to fight on Koltyr without having to make a new account?
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  2. DarkStarAnubis


    I like the idea. Small continent = more concentrated fights.
  3. DeadlyOmen

    There is a place for 15+. It's called main population.

    There are lots of neat closed map games out there. Please don't make PS2 that way.
  4. Campagne

    Could be fun, but I don't think I'd ever go there much if I didn't get rewarded for all that I'd done.

    No certs, no directives, and/or no EXP really puts a downer on the whole idea, in my opinion.
  5. Kcalehc

    They should have put a bunch of these in in between the continents, as part of the intercontinental lattice, that never materialized. Each warpgate would have been linked to a corresponding one on another continent, via one of these, your faction could then capture a warpgate on a continent, and push through the 'battle isle' to the warpgate on another. (I believe PS1 was set up in a similar manner.) Having all the warpgates linked to another continent in such a way that it was essentially a big loop.

    You could then have a Faction Safe Harbour on one of these things that can attach to any of the Koltyr like islands, and can be moved around periodically to avoid things getting static. Say for example, one week NC gets to be between Indar N gate and Esamir SW gate, the next week their Safe Harbor is moved to between Amerish S gate and Hossin NE gate. Each faction would then have to push out from their starting location and cover as much of the continents as they could.

    With 3 factions and 4 continents, you'd have a fair few starting locations. Hitting the VP cap would not lock a continent, only capping 100% of the territory would do that, but it would unlock both enemy factions warpgates for you to attack on that continent. Which, yes, would mean that everyone could hit 20VP's and have all three warpgates vulnerable at once...
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  6. Ziggurat8

    When the total server population <100 (play at 6-7am on a Monday) the current full size continents are ghost towns. B ut that's beside the point.

    Koltyr already exists so it's not like adding tiny instanced maps to the game. It's just adding a way to play on Koltyr after BR15. Koltyr has some pretty cool bases that aren't duplicated anywhere else in the game and I'd like to fight over them. Especially since 2500 hours into PS2 Koltyr (and Hossin, but Hossin might as well be 6am Monday all the time...ghost cap exclusively) is the only thing still somewhat fresh in PS2.

    I really don't think making Rytlok a thing would change the main focus of the game or detract from the main continents enough to say it would ruin the game.
  7. DeadlyOmen

    Monday at 6-7am ... people are going to work, and is thus a terrible time to get any meaningful measure of server activity. *Unless* one plays on Connery; the server is rocking pretty much 24/7.

    Removing people from the main population will not add to the main population.

    There are plenty of cool closed-map games out there. PS2 isn't one of them.
  8. Ziggurat8

    If by main population you really just mean "current main continent" faction queues and secondary/tertiary continents already remove players from the main population.

    Giving players more options will never detract from the main population if you mean the overall server population. Especially huge battles on a continent that's capable of housing 300-500 players.

    I'm really not understanding your "closed map" analogy. Koltyr is easily 10x larger than the typical 64 player closed maps you're trying to label it as. It's a feeble comparison. It's not as large as the other 4 continents but to say it's a closed map is naive.

    I get it. You don't want to fight on Koltyr. So noted.
  9. DeadlyOmen


    This is an open world game, not a closed map game. If a person is hankering for a closed map experience, they should go to a game that offers that game-play out of the box.
  10. Ziggurat8

    Uh huh. You've said that. 3x in fact.

    Koltyr isn't anything even remotely close to a "closed map". A closed map would be a single PS2 facility or at most maybe 2 of the smaller outposts on a single map.

    Koktyr has 6 facilities hundreds of meters apart each capable of supporting 96+ fights. Show me a closed map game with 500 players fighting in the same vicinity and I will show you the death of Planetside2.

    Nothing else to add then?
  11. Niv

    Koltyr is like the small map on "Oshur" from ps 1, its still pretty big for planetside 2 map feeling but instead of lot of smaller fight of 1-12 players fight on most of the map u get steady 40+ on most parts of the map due to her size.
    i think many here still missing the promised Nexus map, and Koltyr is well build and should be intreduced as new added ingame map to attract more old players into the game.
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  12. DeadlyOmen

    Why play Planetside in a closed map?

    There are many very good closed-map games. Planetside isn't one of them.
  13. DeadlyOmen

    Why play Planetside in a closed map?

    There are many very good closed-map games. Planetside isn't one of them.
  14. ALTRego

    agree... /signed
  15. Niv

    Hehe not sure why the double post but i think u mistake the defintion of a small map with a closed map since the size of Koltyr is bigger then 1/4 of other maps so instead of traveling long distance to reach smaller fight u get the feeling of Planetside war zone all over the map due to her size.
    When u talking about closed map u mean the Nexus map that was designed for 48v48 fight and is 1/4 of other maps, and that probably the reason they never realsed it.
    I stand by my point adding new playable map as update will attract old players into the game.
    I will add this link with information about desgining the map in planetside 2:
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  16. Ziggurat8

    Why continue to respond with nothing else to say?
  17. Ziggurat8

    That is some cool info about Koltyr and a lot of the design elements he illustrates are exactly why I would like to fight there again. Ground based bio lab with a giant garage in front of the the tower bases with a sprawling building layout and multiple capture points connected by bridge's and tunnels and the only spawn teleporter that brings you to the opposite side of the facility in the entire game!

    Don't bother with DeadlyOmen he's a fortune cookie poster. Nothing but 1 liners trying to sound meaningful but with no real substance. His 1100+ posts add up to 25 posts by normal forum posters. Add "in bed" to anything DeadlyOmen says and chuckle or put him on ignore, you won't miss much.
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  18. DeadlyOmen

    I don't understand.

    One of PS2's draws is the expansive play area. There are much better closed-map games. Why not play those games instead of asking PS2 to provide something it wasn't designed to provide?
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  19. DeadlyOmen

    Because it hasn't been answered.
  20. UberNoob1337101

    So I and a few players are free to suck it if I play on the US server from Europe and see little pop spread out with virtually no fights?

    Are you saying that a game shouldn't be alive at certain periods of time? Every single game with a healthy population rocks 24/7, PS2 is only really alive during 2-3 hours before prime-time and during said prime-time. If continent population is low enough, then I see no reason why people shouldn't have an option to be densely packed on a pretty big island that has fresh base design and is great for open field fights.

    If you look at a size comparison, it's, what, 1/3 of the size and without filler bases? It's fairly big and well crafted.

    I don't know by what definition is a expansive world, since Koltyr is fairly big in it's own right and has pretty good design. It's not like a smaller map than a massive 6-7km map really changes the scale of the game or cramps people too much when population is low.
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