New Conglomerate have best engineer weapons?

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  1. QuantumMechanic

    TR carbines are pretty much ****e. When I play Engie I always use either the battle rifle or semi-auto shotgun.
  2. Ozrik

    TR weapons are insanely easy to use compared to NC weapons and with higher mags they are beast.
  3. Kimble

    Does TR have an answer to the NCX11?
  4. NoctD

    The Serpent > GD-7F. You should already know, Vanu always has the best easy mode stuff in this game.

    The TR's version of the AC-X11 is the T5 AMC.
  5. NoctD

    The Lynx is the closest we can field, but whatever happened to the TR ROF advantage? SOE is terribly stupid here. :mad:
  6. QuantumMechanic

    I actually bought the Lynx... and still never use it. Other folks might like it, but it was a pure waste of station cash for me ;(
  7. R-A-B

    That graph should include the battle rifles for all engineers. For some reason you can get/see it through the "Get more" button for weapons but it is available directly through certs.
    For TR its the AMR-66
    Vanu the Eidolon
    NC the Warden

    They are semi-auto but considering the power and accuracy on them I absolutely love my AMR-66. Best weapon on the engi by far for me so would be interesting to compare those.
  8. Kimble

    gd7f=lynx, t5 amc=acx11?
  9. Rhapsody

    First your telling me to back up what i said with the graph. I did that.

    Now your saying to go play the game and try it. Ive also done that.

    Ingame experiances are different for everyone. Which is why i went with the grap as you wanted me to back up what i said.

    Vs are easy mode with no bullet drop and nearly identical rof as tr. Tr are medium mode with low cof bloom. Highest rof on most guns, and little recoil. Nc are hard mode with slowest firering and highest recoil/bloom.
  10. TheUprising

    The ACX11 is bar none the best sniping carbine, there's no contest as the NC specializes in hard hitting long ranged weapons, and thus there is no opponent to the ACX.

    The GD-7F I feel is a weaker serpent, sadly, that still makes it one of the NC's best carbines. The default carbine, the Merc, is probably the best starting carbine on the plus side.
  11. Takoita

    "...all weapons for that matter..." - if you meant carbines only, then you shouldn't say "all weapons".

    "...they also have the easiest to control recoil as its nearly identical on ALL of their weapons + the least recoil/bloom of all empires. The only thing keeping the VS in a 'tie' of sorts with the TR is their lack of bullet drop and near identical ROF..." - not identical, not the least and is certainly not easier to use than VS ones.

    I may be nitpicking, but such blanket statements irk me.
  12. Siilk

    A mighty fine comparison. Is there any more like that, for other weapon types?
  13. Rhapsody

  14. Siilk

    Thanks, but that's not exactly what I meant, sorry if I wasn't clear enough. I already know about that google doc page but it's not as ease to use as the posted image, the composition and readability is way better. I was asking specificly about the similarly composed images.
  15. Itermerel

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  16. Crywalker

    The Jaguar I think is the best performer or at least competitive and underrated. Its DPS isn't the absolute best but the high ADS movement and low hip fire COF give it versatility. Low hip fire COF also often means higher DPS in CQC just due to more shots landing. People are also ignoring the 40 mag + 200 ammo pool TR gets. For engi, not as big a deal, but playing LA is much better on TR for me. A 40 clip carbine occasionally gets you kills where pulling out a pistol might not with the other faction(though TR also has a great pistol).You're not quite a HA with a jet pack, but the clip size and higher ammo pool makes a huge difference. Granted the reload is painful, but you have to reload in combat less frequently.
  17. Siilk

  18. Dixa

    when i play my nc char i love my ac-x11. it's a freaking battle rifle, but full auto and kills faster at range for me than an actual battle rifle

    kinda sucks up close though, but i rarely find myself in situations where i'm rounding a corner and OMGBADGUY than i am seeing people at medium and long range in this game.
  19. Dixa

    neither vs nor tr have an answer to that weapon. it's the best medium/long range engineer weapon in the game. the battle rifles nor shotgun+slugs have nothing on it
  20. AnnPerkins

    that is just messed up