New Conglomerate have best engineer weapons?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kimble, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Kimble

    GD7F and NCX11, short long, best weapons right? Does TR have anything close? VC?
  2. Itermerel

  3. Rhapsody

    if you consider firing 1 or 2 shots at a time 'good'.. then yea.

    Otherwise the VS and TR are better since neither has anywhere near the recoil of the NC weapons, so they can land more shots, faster, and more accurately.
  4. AnnPerkins

    The NC and vanu have a higher rof carbine than the TR? And NC has the only 200 dmg psuedo-sniper carbine?


    Does that seem right to you?
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  5. Kimble

    Yep, TR is the weakest...dead last.

    What I thought, if you want to play engineer you roll VC or NC...not TR.
  6. Rhapsody

    if your willing to spend 10$ for it.. or save up 1000 certs.. yea, but while they each get 1 single high rate of fire Carbine, both have the lowest accuracy for each side.

    TR's default weapons, and all weapons for that matter, have the highest ROF (baring that 1 single $ weapon), than the other two factions. VS come in second and have 0 bullet drop ontop of that, NC come in last.
  7. iller

    Who the **** goes engineer for the Carbines???? That's like going HeavyAssault for the Pistols.
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  8. Beartornado

    ^This guy.

    I just run between cover and vehicles and use a Piston shotgun. 98% of users seem to insist on using medium-long range automatic or semi-automatic weapons. They become otherwise useless against a shotgun at point blank, I can easily kill 1-2 players in a 10 shot clip, even a 3rd if I land my shots right before they even take down my shields.
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  9. MayorD

    Gaus comp S with HV ammo and you fell like youre Vanu with def. weapon. damn good on mid distance. high recoil makes hiting on long distance troublesome. for close fight and hipfire - GD7F... but on mid distance def. vanu guns win the fight.
  10. Takoita

    Now actually read that table and realise how much you put a foot in your mouth.
  11. DankFist

    What? No. That doesn't even make sense as each class has access to the same pistols. I understand what you meant but you used the wrong analogy.
  12. Frosty The Pyro

    no he is more or less right, if you ignore the one exception (GD-7F) then all the NC rifles have a slower fire rate than even the slowest TR. Vanu is mostly tied with TR though, except Vanu have a 577 and a 845, and TR has two 750 which gives TR the higher average fire rate.
  13. Takoita

    That one exception out-RPMs our fastest carbine though. If one was to put other weapon categories side by side, one would see that both NC and VS have more really fast-firing options in their arsenal overall.

    I want my bullet-hose, damn it! :(
  14. Kimble

    engineers fix things..drop ammo...but..they don't shoot things too? Weapons are important.
  15. Necron

    I have three words for you: "LEARN TO SHOOT". 99.99% of people who complain about NC weapons can't fricken' shoot to LITERALLY save their lives. Many NC guns have strait vertical recoil which is FAR easier to compensate for than left or right recoil that is added to many of the other faction's guns. The AC-X11 that I use kicks like a mule and hit's like a bus, and I destroy people with it. Even people with the supposedly OP Solstice and Orion, for example. Learn to hit what you are shooting at, and don't expect to get full-auto kills at 100 metres with them. That's where you need burst fire, and thankfully, most combat is "in yo face" anyway. Recoil is just an excuse bad players use to justify their bad play; in short, recoil doesn't make NC weapons worse than VS or TR ones... you do.
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  16. Rhapsody

    well lets see...


    Clips out the Rate of Fire and the other stuff that actually means something in gameplay. Now remember kiddies, the "recoil" shows the FIRST shot, not the following shots.

    So.. by looking at this, we see the following

    TR RPM's: 800rpm, 750rpm, 698rpm, 652rpm.

    VS RPM's: 845rpm, 800rpm, 698rpm, 652rpm, 577rpm.

    NC RPM's: 845rpm, 600rpm, 577rpm, 550rpm, 500rpm.

    On RPM's, VS have 1 with higher rpm's than the TR, 3 equal too, the last one lower. NC 1 higher, All the rest are lower.

    (this comes after the BUFF to VS rof that they got which put them nearly identical to the TR without alos removing their no bullet drop and 90% accuracy by default.)

    Now.. the CoF stat line + the Boom, + the Recoil:

    At first glance, the NC seem to have a slight lead on everyone else with COF. That is, if you look ONLY at the COF stat itself and not the other two. As far as Recoil goes.. nearly every TR weapon pulls the same direction, and while their 1st shot recoil is higher than NC or VS, their follow up shots are LESS than all of the NC ones, and 2 of the VS ones. And their bloom is also less than all of the NC weapons, and again, as with ROF, nearly equal to that of the VS.

    And when you look at the dps line, again NC fall the shortest on all 3 factions, except for the 1 weapon they have with the 845rpm.. but it also has the highest bloom/recoil/cof of all of the NC weapons as well.

    So yea.. as i said.
    They also have the easiest to control recoil as its nearly identical on ALL of their weapons + the lest recoil/bloom of all empires. The only thing keeping the VS in a 'tie' of sorts with the TR is their lack of bullet drop and near identical ROF.
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  17. Takoita

    "...all weapons for that matter..." - that is the part of your original post I had an objection to.

    Also "...they also have the easiest to control recoil as its nearly identical on ALL of their weapons + the lest recoil/bloom of all empires. The only thing keeping the VS in a 'tie' of sorts with the TR is their lack of bullet drop and near identical ROF..."

    These blanket statements are wrong. Go try out the guns yourself if you want to check the facts - really try it and not 'shoot at a wall in the warpgate '.
  18. icesail

    What I find interesting is that the "best NC carbine" is a TR gun for all purposes.... For a Faction that has its defining characteristic High damage Low ROF, our best gun has Low Damage High ROF.... Heck its high damage and low damage are exactly the same as the TR guns at 143/112....

    Just pointing that out...
  19. ThundaHawkPS

    TR carbines get 33% more shots per mag. 10 shots is a huge deal.
  20. EvilKoala

    If you miss a lot, sure.. Or if you're godlike and can take on 5v1 and miss only 5 shots in a mag while staying alive. Honestly, I almost never mag dump.