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  1. TheZetifate1745

    (running out ideas will add more when i get them just have base ideas)

    .08 delay shoots 3 bullets that do 500dmg up to 50m with .04 delay between each and .5 degree recoil. dmg goes to 334 at 100m. the hipfire good if your within 5m. have to wait .2 sec before can click trigger again. 21 ammo. 2.2 sec short reload 2.9 sec long. .003 ads no move accuracy and .006 when moving. laser beam that you see for .1 second. 700 velocity
    cqc ammo .04 delay. mag increased to 27. damage 334 at all ranges. 25% hipfire increase accuracy .1 delay before you can reclick trigger. reduces ads accuracy by 300%.

    shoots 4 bullets at 12 bullets a second rof. each does 290 damage up to 40m and 200 at 100m. 625 velocity. .15 delay before reshooting. 28 ammo. 2.8 sec short reload 3.5 sec long. hipfire same as VS. accuracy .005 no move ads and .009 when moving. bright red bullet.
    fire ammo. turns bullets into fireball that does 50 splash in 1m and -60 velocity (slightly larger bullets)

    shoots 2 lightning bolts at 1000 velocity. 2 bullet burst at 10 bullets a second. delay of .04.] .25 delay before refire. damage 600 before 70m and 450 at 120m. splash damage of 40 at .5m. hipfire same as VS. and accuracy slightly better.
    attachments ?
  2. Demigan

    VS: deals 1500 damage in 0.24 damage with bodyshots, that outperforms most weapons with headshots. It's basically a hyper-powered burst-variant of the basic Carbines. Oh and naturally it's super-laser accurate at any range no matter if you are running and hipfiring.

    TR: straight downgrade of the mega-melta-gun that the VS get. Still at 720 ROF and the extremely high velocity this burst-variant would again eclipse the existing Carbines especially if you go for headshots, which is saying something about your VS weapon.

    NC: 1280 damage a burst, just enough to body-shot kill a nanoweave guy with a bit to spare outside of the max damage range. Same as the others it's laser accurate. Because of the delay of 0.04 seconds this would be the ultimate gun in the game. A TTK of 0.08 seconds within 70m range with a laser-accurate rifle without being a slave to RNG like with a shotgun? Holy crap give me one! Who cares if theres "downsides" if your enemy is too dead to make use of it!

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