New camos, where?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zakuak, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Zakuak

    I read in the patch notes that we'd get new camo:

    • Amerish Scrub Camo
    • Indar Scrub Camo
    • Amerish Grassland Camo
    • Indar Canyons v2 Camo
    • Amerish Leaf Camo
    • Esamir Snow Camo
    • Indar Savanna Camo
    I do not see them in game, did they not get into the patch or ?
  2. Gisgo

    Only for premium members, available to anyone in 2 weeks.
  3. RF404

    They are in the Premium Early Access section
  4. Deavonere

    Premium only
  5. Zakuak

    Premium, as in paid sub? I paid 3 months so I'll have to go check it out, thanks guys!
  6. Pivke

    good to know, i have been looking for the new camos too. guess i will have to wait 2 weeks to check them out :p

    any screenshots on how they look?
  7. VSDerp

    darn premium members! curse you!
  8. Gisgo

    Amerish grassland, this is the only one i bought:

  9. DJPenguin

    lol you look like a string bean
  10. Gisgo

    Would you shoot a string bean? :(
  11. Wrek

    "They will be expecting gold and blue soldiers"
  12. Zakuak

    Oooh pics, thanks Gisgo, yeah I like it...I do NOT like the blues.

    I wish the devs would just drop the second colors form the factions when you put on camo and keep the Stripe colors it would clean up the looks a bit IMO.

    Hmm I am such a lush for shinny things I'm sure I'll end up buying a few....
  13. Gisgo

    Some of them are cool but try them because the colour in the shop's icon is just... wrong.
  14. Skiptis

    So the ones available to premium members now are available in ~2 weeks to anyone and the ones that are labeled "available in Xw Yd" are available in that long to premium members and then to anyone in ~2 weeks after that?
  15. ScorpDK

    Haven't checked them myself. I hope the Snow Camo is actually...well, snow-colored and replaces a sizable chunk of my default armors' colors. So far, most camos have been little more than just for looks, as the colored parts stick out like a sore thumb on most of them.
    See, there could be business. New armor pieces that cover most of the team color sections with patches of camouflage.Or a ghillie suit that works with your selected camo to make you look like a shrub or rock in the distance...
  16. Riekopo

    And they changed the existing camo that everyone bought so it's now super bright....
  17. KM131

    I have tested three so far.

    indar-savanna, well this one has looked a way more ochre in the preview, but it has a heavy green tint ingame.

    indar-canyons, there is no huge colour contrast and the small pixle pattern does not look that great, and ingame it has an green tint, too.

    indar-scrub, it looks like british desert dpm.
  18. Gisgo

    From what i noticed this is only true on veichles camo.
    My sandy scrub camo didnt change a bit, my sundy sandy :p scrub camo became bright yellow.
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  19. Zakuak


    Yeah I noticed the small print camos really just kinda blur into one color once your few meters away from it. They should scale up the patterns I think.

    Indar scrub looks cool. Sandy scrub for me has worked best for me on indar I think.

    Yeah you know what I thought my Lib and tank looked brighter then normal yesterday with sandy scrub camo on them....didn't notice it as much on my personal camo sets
  20. Zakuak

    Ummm are the new camos for personal and weapons only? They can't be used on vehicles?

    I bought 3 of them yesterday and they look great on my characters but I am unable to apply them to my tank, sundy or aircraft.