New Camo's Unavailable

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DoomMaze, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. DoomMaze

    Why are all the new camo's unavailable?...yesterday half of them showed as 'coming soon 1d 3hrs'...the rest showed as unavailable. I log in tonight and find all are unavailable....what gives?
  2. Moh819

    Depot has constant problems, permanent reccuring weekly problems, please get used to it, its been 3 months + now, its very very sad really, there are several posts about the DEPOT multiple problems found in the "account and billing" section of the PS2 forum go have a look.
  3. Marked4Death

    They are probably for members (subs) only. The shop doesn't make it very clear, but lots of new content is members only for a week or 2
  4. Shahz

    I am a member, and it said available 2 minutes ago, once i purchased some station cash it now says unavailable.
  5. Marked4Death

    There can be other reasons for the things to be unavailable. Another case is that they start the daily by server (everyone sees the deal at the same time) but the count down on the deal is based on your PC's time. In Australia we get the daily deals for about 3hrs or so then they go unavailable. Change your PC back a day and the deal is available again.
    Just SOE being small minded, should be an easy fix too.
  6. Shahz

    Marked4death is correct, i had to wait a few more hours, because i am on the east coast.
  7. Baleur

    Me too, i wanted to check out the Esamir Ice camo (or rather, waste money only to find out it's not reflective, and only grey as the thumbnail, worst case scenario lol).