New C4 damage to tanks + Video

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  1. Kenny007

    Has C4 ever been a one hit kill to a tank? I could have sworn it was 2 to destroy. Given the length of time it takes to both make the approach, plant 2x C4, and detonate (ideally without killing yourself though I understand some planters don't care), I don't think there's anything 'instant' or 'one hit' about a C4 kill.

    I'm still of the mindset that only careless tankers get regularly C4'd, and there is no need for a certable defense, given you get the second seat in a MBT free. Lightnings are nimble enough that it should seldom, if ever, be an issue. That said, I wouldn't oppose a certable option, assuming you had to make a hard choice between combating C4 damage over another, more likely, damage source. That would be a far more preferable solution than just using a heavy hand to nerf C4.
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  2. Compass

    You always need 2. You need 2 AT mines on an un-mine guarded tank as well, and you can tell really quickly whether most tanks have mine guard by looking underneath.
  3. Terrex

    Looong overdue change.
  4. Luighseach

    I never said that that wasn't an option and I never said nerf C4 I only said that I thought making C4 not being able to insta-kill a tank was a great idea.

    I would support a armor that stops the insta-killing for a tank. However I would rather it be more like Sunderers(which are now less expensive than a tank). When C4 blows on a tank it should leave just a shred of health that requires immediate action and there be an armor that helps top C4.

    As I have said things I am against a lot of things that one hit in this game. Instead of getting xp for kills they should do xp for damage and kills should be secondary.
  5. llPendragon

    I understand your desire for Sunderers to be safer.
    However, we're comparing a cargo van to main battle tanks. :confused:
  6. YoloXXSwag420

    Nope, I'm too happy listening to all you kiddies cry to jump off a cliff.
  7. Crewell

    You say things shouldn't one hit kill. I agree. The thing is that C4 is not a OHK. It takes two hits. It also leaves the user exposed for nearly five seconds while he drops the two bricks, and hits the trigger. That's a lot of time to counter the attack. There are ways for the C4 user to minimize their risk, but most of them involve poor play by the tank pilot. About the only one that isn't based on poor play is LAs with drifters snd that takes a lot more skill than the average player has as well as a lot of certs.

    I look at C4 a little differently. I look at it as a counter to poor tank play. If you drive a tank out into a big fight and expose yourself to CQC you deserve to get blown up. Tanks are artillary. They are meant to kill from range. Play your tank in that role and you won't have to worry about C4 much at all ouside of seeing infantry coming towards you, which you should have time to react.

    C4 punishes bad tank play and that is why it needs to remain as is.
  8. Luighseach

    I count the Button press as a Hit. Also any type of insta-killing without a certable defense BY ONE PLAYER should not be in this game. I have no qualms with dying to multiple people.
  9. Thrustin

    So because you think its easier to bandaid fix things due to the inability of the developers, you continuily push for a unjustified nerf thus dragging the game down even more? Come on, you are better than that.
  10. HellasVagabond

    Is there really any other choice ? Since they can't "fix/buff" MBT's the only alternative is to nerf C4. That or accept that we have inferior MBTs and get farmed by Infantry carrying C4.
  11. Thrustin

    Seeing how an outcry for a C4 nerf actully pushed them to do so, why shouldn't an outcry for a MBT Buff/Reversal of previous nerfs?
  12. Van Dax

    The problem seems to stem from LA veiwing c4 as a class feature, it isn't-its an add on utility. Yes you need some more class features but you guys have to stop acting like blanket nerfs to all c4 carrying classes are made just for you because soe hates you.
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  13. KlyptoK

    The mashing of threads in this thing is making this impossible for me to read it all in a reasonable amount of time...

    I feel bad for the SOE team who does this as their job.
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  14. Vyss

    If you got your tank blown up by C4 from a non-LA... You suck a whole helluva lot and deserved it 100%. C4 gave LAs a decent armor killing capability. Now you get to choose LA with a jetpack or HA with an uber shield, AV/AA, high mag rifles, and conc nades. LA was already underplayed and this combined with the new implants will make sneaky/flanking play much less useful.
  15. Cleaver

    Oh yay SOE merged my thread with this so no one will ever read it again.. Because who thinks "page 34(?) is a great place to start"?
  16. Phrygen

    come now, they aren't going to read all of this anymore. The debate as degenerate pretty quickly. Pretty much all the decent points were made in the first 10-15 pages anyway. Now its just back and forth.
  17. Crewell

    First I am not disagreeing with you on the point that a better fix is a defense cert. The thing I have to point out is your post contradicts itself. Every automatic gun in the game qualifies potentially as a OHK under your own definition. ESF rocket pods are a OHK weapon under your definition. Under your definition C4 is actually not a OHK as it takes 3 clicks and not 1. Perhaps your arguing point needs to be reworked.
  18. Van Dax

    That's synergy, not a class feature.
  19. joshua

    Test build caught some changes that were being worked on. There are no changes to C4 planned to go live. We are going to be improving the proximity radar though, so that it's better as a defensive tool against people rushing the tank.
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  20. Kunavi

    Sorry but there's no problem with my situational awareness. If we ever happen to be in the same vehicle you can formulate any opinion you want, if you can support it with evidence. Until then trust me when I say I am VERY aware of what's going on in any situation. And C4 IS a problem.

    Delivery Method is part of it(LA), requirements is part of it(Null skills, just Suicide), limitations is part of it(None, it's dump and go), Damage is part of it(Nerfed I think?), availability is also part of it(ALL Classes except 1), no consequence but profiting is part of it(No delay in Spawn or loss of XP).

    Do you see what I see? A stack of problems with C4, the least of which is situational awareness? If not there is no point in this conversation as I said. Oh and I do not drive Prowlers, not worth it. Due to C4. I drive Sundies primarily and NEVER leave them there, I'm ALWAYS on the turrets. Guess what happens- I just explained it to you. Whatevz.

    As for how long you can keep your MBT running, I couldn't possibly know. I'll know as I said, if I ever ride in it with you. Until then try to give some more tangible evidence. Preferably not maths, it simply doesn't work that way.

    PS. So they did not lower C4 Dmg but they are improving Proxi Radar. Great. *Points at Stealth Implant* This is a CRUTCH at best. F this. :)