New bundle on the store

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Amundsenkalmah, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Amundsenkalmah

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  2. MasonSTL

    Damn good deal!
  3. Amundsenkalmah

    For me its only worth because of the boost.
    Its just cheapper, but 1 day only
  4. Oraculum

    Wow that's a nice deal, tough to resist that one.
  5. DJPenguin

    damnit. now i need to find a new camo pattern.
  6. Ribero

    Think it's a nifty idea putting the NS SMG in a "starter" bundle. It being an SMG should help new players at least get used to a weapon, whilst letting them try all classes.

    Nice move SOE.
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  7. Riku

    Wow thanks for bringing this to my attention. I had 200 SC leftover since half a year, and didnt have the camo yet. And ofc the boost is nice too and I dont have that smg yet :D
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  8. Amundsenkalmah

    Enjoy your new stuff :D
  9. Liquid23

    a very nice deal...but the whole "designed specifically to give new recruits everything they need to succeed." is kind of pushing it... lol
  10. L1ttlebear

    My situation exactly. I bought $60 last year at Christmas for the X3 SC sale (and will aagainif they have it) and was left with a 250 SC balance... not much you can buy with that :p. I have neither the SMG nor the camo :)
  11. Trebb

    That camo, is it just infantry? Armor ? Weapon? I can never tell.
  12. f0d

    just purchased it and its infantry

    weapon is account wide (all your characters get it)
    camo is account wide
    boost is only for one character
  13. Sen7rygun

    Sweet price to pick up the PDW. The rest is meh. Good deal though.
  14. faykid

    nice starter pack, way to go SOE!
  15. Amundsenkalmah

    I really wish more variety on the bundles.
    I've heard sometime bundles were different every week+- ?
    This one is actually a great deal and perfect for new players or people who dont own the NS-7
  16. Lazaruz

    Nice catch! Insta buy for NS SMG.
  17. wolfva

    I just wanna know where on Indar is there GREY terrain?
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  18. Tommyp2006

    Welp, time to buy a $2 NS SMG! Glad I didn't buy it yet!
  19. Lazaruz

    In before "This bundle was only meant to be a special offer for new accounts, and got mistakenly put in the general depot".
    Since it seems to good to be true. But in any case I got it! :)
  20. Liquid23

    it's right by that spot where there are all those giraffe and blue/purple/red striped zebra
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