New Bio design

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Psychophonic-RNX, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Psychophonic-RNX

    The new design is very weird especially with the spawnroom leading to the vbay first before taking you into the base.
    Also the new spawn room is very campable so this leads to 2 things
    • Using shield breakers and camping the 1st spawnteleporter
    • Using the stone and the tree to get on high ground and camp the spawnroom entrance inside the actual base
    I also don´t understand the sense of the forcefield between the double brigdes.

    Tbh i don´t think the biodome needs a redesign.
    Actually you devs said in the past that you like the design and don´t want to change it.
    If any station is in urgent need of a redesign then it is the ampstation.
  2. MasonSTL

    I didn't know about the tree near the spawn to be camped but that is a good point to make.

    As for the spawn room, the only problem I see is the ES teleporter out. You can't get out if the base is flipped when in side of it.

    One note I will make for the community (to anyone that blames SOE for this) THIS IS WHAT YOU ASKED FOR, AND YES THE DEVS LISTEN!