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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by CaptCran, May 9, 2018.

  1. CaptCran

    Since when are explosive bullets a trait of TR??? And you can't give us more bullets because framerate prevents us from having the trait of high rounds per minute.... What's left?
  2. Sazukata

    Fact: single-faction players cannot be pleased.
  3. Gustavo M

    I've got to admit that the explosive rounds is placebo at best (25 splash damage? That's almost "nothing".) Still... it's better than nothing.
  4. VhynSeven

    I saw someone saying it's 75 splash damage, for an equal reduction of direct damage. I'd say it could be used for assists exp when firing in a crowd, like a sort of long-range crowd-control, kinda. It all depends of the radius.
    Gotta admit, explosive ammo isn't very TR-ish, but I would dare to say that it is better than the piercing round from the NC battle rifle. Going for headshots with piercing rounds would need the second target to be right behind the first one, slighty to the left or right and the piercing effect is gone. At least with explosive rounds, you will have more chances to hit more targets at once.
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  5. Liewec123

    it is pretty terrible, 1.5m is nothing in this game
    even in VR testing i thought the ammo was bugged and not working because i was shooting the ground right next
    to the target and not getting any hits, turns out i still wasn't shooting close enough!

    imho VS are the clear winners this round,
    no bullet drop combined with pinpoint accuracy, zero scopesway on a 6x scope and
    rapidly cooling heat mechanic (endless ammo and no reloading for all but the most trigger happy)
    and also an addon that turns it into a sudo-SMG while hipfiring (when the full auto is fixed) for closer engagements.
    easy winner and i'd say perhaps the greatest long range weapon in the game! :eek:

    i am also looking forward to spamming the NC one into enemy zergs at chokepoints,
    not even going for headshots since 3 body shots kills at mid range,
    with the addon that gives it unlimited pierces it could be HILARIOUS in bases with long narrow tunnels forcing enemies into lines.

    i do think TR got the short straw here but that is the thing about adding 3 weapons that each have unique flavour,
    someone will always get the best, someone will always get the worst.
    still i'd much rather this than carbon copies! i'm so glad that we're getting faction stuff and not more NS junk! :D
  6. frozen north

    I wish it was an equal reduction.

    Normal ammo does 334 at all ranges ( cause reasons), making it a 3 shot kill against any target without nanoweave, or the personal shield boost.

    The explosive ammo does grant up to 75 splash damage, but it reduces impact down to 250. So direct hits only deal 325, which means its a 4 shot kill on any one except for infiltrators.
  7. frozen north

    I mean, the short straw assumes someone got a good pick out of this ( which I guess technically, the VS did get). In all seriousness though, the NC got the best one if your going to run it without attachments, but then again, all of the attachment options are kind of crap for it.

    Ok technically, the sabot ammo has potential, but -15% firerate on one of the lowest firecap infantry weapons is a bit of a heavy price.

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