New "Basic Class?

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  1. Flukeman62

    Anyone else want a more "basic" class?
    I know HA is meant to be to be the "bread and butter" of the empires but i feel toting an LMG and a rocket luncher makes them too heavy to fit into the basic soldier role.
    What I want is a soldier who uses assault rifles like the medic but with the healing ability replaced with something more combat oriented. Maybe an ability that allows him to block spotting over a small area or maybe just being able to carry more C-4 or maybe even a grappling hook or a lesser version of the HA shield (perhaps one that projects a shield in front of you so you and a squad can hide as you advance)?
    I think this would be a very fun class to play and it could use the skin from these guys.
  2. forkyar

    nah its all good.
  3. FireKetchup

    Have you tried light assault? Jetpack is essentially the same thing as a grappling hook.
  4. TheBloodEagle

    think it is fine as is, maybe in a year
  5. Flukeman62

    you are probably right. its just an idea I knew I would regret not posting.
  6. Flukeman62

    LA has a bad social sitgma attached to it.
  7. Pax Empyrean

    Light Assault is probably the class you're looking for.

    That is not a word.
  8. Flukeman62

    sorry but it is a word.
  9. MrMacaroli

    I'd like a pure combat-class capable of using assault rifles. Only problem is that with HA being as fast and with more firepower it would be forever overshadowed by them as the go-to cannonfodder. Not that there's anything wrong with HA as it stands now, but its current incarnation negates any possibility for other pure-combat classes that aren't built around exclusive abilities (LA, for instance).
  10. Mellotron

    It certainly is a word. But it was misused.
  11. Flukeman62

    I am sorry for my bad use of the word.
  12. }{ellKnight

    It might not fit with the usual idea that a heavy anti vehicle soldier is the main grunt unit in a faction, in other games he's specialized with suppression fire or taking out tanks while the normal soldiers are the ones that make up the bulk of the team.

    But IMO heavies being main infantry units works quite well in PS2. Medics and engineers have their determined roles as support, LA are good at attacking from unexpected locations but are squishy compared to heavies, infiltrators snipe and hack etc. Unless you somehow restrict the weapon choice of LA, meds and engs and/or give the new grunt soldier class more toys so he can be adaptable (different weapons for long/med/short, more grenades and grenade types) without doing the job of other classes better than said classes.
  13. Mellotron

    I was correcting him not you. It's obvious what you were saying.
  14. Monnor

    The class after engineer i like most is light assault , hes fast, can go where he pleases, carry explosion stuff. Hes a real mischief maker.
  15. Pax Empyrean

    The word to use here is "oriented."
  16. Flukeman62

    damn i knew it was one of the two. bloody deslexia.
  17. Flukeman62

    wording is now fixed (slightly)
  18. Pax Empyrean

    Now you know.

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  19. Flukeman62

  20. Flukeman62

    I think my best idea in this was the "shield" (i say it just after the hook) i kinda like the idea of a futureistic version of a Roman turtle formation or a medieval siege shield.