New AMD CPU for Planet Side 2 - FX 8350?!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Liscor89, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Liscor89

    Hey guys
    first of all my current system specs:
    AMD II X4 Phenom Black Edition 965 - 3.8 Ghz (Cant overclock any further :/)
    AMD Radeon HD 6870 Saphire
    8Gb Ram DDR3

    Im usually getting around 30-40 fps on my optimized settings. In very big battles the fps is dropping to 20-25 which is too low for me. Using ALT+F i saw that in 90% the CPU seems to be the bottle neck in that case.
    Im thinking of getting the new AMD FX 8350 to improve the fps in big battles.
    I made a little search on various sites and discovered that the Intel Cpu`s are better in almost all cases but that the FX 8350 isnt that bad if you only have like 200$ to spend. Would this switch make a significant improvement to the overall game performances?

    regards Miot/Mo
  2. DonnyD.

    That depends on your north bridge chipset if it is not a 9xx series you will not have much, if at all better, performance then your Phenom 2. The socket also matters, an am3+ chip will fit an am3 socket but it will perform noticeably slower then in a am3+ socket. That being said the last I checked the phenom 2's were still killing the fx series in gaming. My advice, read sig if you think I am a fan boy, save another $200 and go intel.
  3. Latex

    I have

    AMD 8350
    Asus crosshair formula V
    Evga nvidia680 gtx
    16gb corsair 2400 mhz ram

    Runs great on full settings drops to 35-40 fps on high in big battles
    I don't run in full tho, mostly high texts. Lighting set an 0. No flora. Or shadows. And that gets me 60- 110 range varying.
  4. areX

    I´m pretty sure you feel no difference. The Engine in PS2 is not realy optimized yet. It´s not using the whole "CPU-Power".
  5. Liscor89

    I have a Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 with a AM+3 socket. This thing should be ready for the new CPU
  6. Cedj

    You should be getting a slightly higher fps than that with that rig, but it's "normal" for it in this game to be around 30-35 in a big battle.
    About the ALT+F thing, even the 1000 i7s always display "CPU" there in big battles. The game simply isn't GPU intensive.
    The problem is it doesn't seem to know how to utilize the CPU power yet, making it drop fps when there are a lot of units present, Hopefully the long promised performance patch will be coming soon.

    I very much doubt you will notice any considerable benefit from a new CPU, I've seen people with CPUs much more expensive than 200$ stuck at 35 fps:p
  7. mindbomb

    for ps2, i think the newer amd processor would be at best, marginally better, but it could even be slightly worse than your current phenom.
  8. SyCoKiLL3r

    I just built my computer from ground up specifically for this game.
    AMD FX-6300. Stock fan, no overclock.
    HiS ATI 7850 1GB 256-bit.
    16GB DDR3 1436mhz

    Even in bit battles, with hundreds and hundreds of people around, 50 tanks, and everything blowing the hell up, the game never skips, lags, stutters, or anything. And that's with everything on high. I never look at the FPS because it's constantly smooth.

    Hope this helps. FX-8350 might be a little overkill, but if you got the extra money to spend, why not.
  9. NyaR

    Even with 8350 oc to 5ghz you will drop to 30 in big battles.
  10. visherix

    how would this cope?

    fx 8350
    asus sabertooth 990fx
    gtx 460 768mb
    8gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz
  11. Mordarao

    I used to have

    Asus rampage II Extreme ( mobo )
    Intel i7 920
    Zotak 560 ti
    6gig Cors 1600 dominator ram

    60 - 90 in warpgate ,,, and around 30 - 40 in huge battles

    Just upgraded my PC

    Gigabyte 990 FXA UD3 AM3+
    AMD FX 8350 Black ed ( 16mb cache )
    Gainward 770 4gb
    8gig Cors 1866 dominator

    40-50 in warpgate ,, and around 15-30 in huge battles


    So far this update hasnt done me anything LOL
  12. Irathi

    Until the PS4 / xbox version is released(they use 8-core amd), the AMD CPU's are most likely not going to perform well in this game.

    My 8320 at 4.5Ghz is barely enough to hold 30fps in the largets fights. Sometimes showing as low as 25 (extremely rare). In most fights however I get 40fps+.

    The game is heavily CPU bottlenecked and the intel cpu looks better because of the high single core performance. If you can afford it get a i5-3570K for this game. Or a cheaper i5-3450 (is it 3450?).

    If you are content with AMD for every other game and don't mind waiting for the "Optimized" version, then get an AMD FX-8320. Do not buy the 8350 as this is exactly the same chip, just lower clock rates. I easily reach 4.6GHz stable at 1.4250v with AMD overdrive. That is standard volt settings for 4.0Ghz!

    I am very satisfied with my FX-8320 and never feel CPU bottlenecked in other games like BF3. PS2 is the only game I bother OC'ing for.