New Alert system: WORST IDEA EVER

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by treeHamster, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. treeHamster

    It's bait for stupid people. The TR on Mattherson have already stopped going to them instead opting to gate the NC and VS then farm them for the following 8 hours until the next event. They realized they could get MORE certs by NOT playing it and WG'ing everyone else on Indar. If you WANTED people to play on other continents, you should have implemented Cont Locks, not this STUPID alert system.
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  2. Teegeeack

    It's pretty bad and incredibly frustrating for the underpopulated side, particularly if one of the other two factions has zergrolled most of the continent when the alert starts. But hopefully it will get better in time.
  3. MilitiaMan

    Once the Mini Hex system goes live, Alerts will be much better.
  4. khai

    another one. Think this issue has been hashed over more then enough. Some people like them some hate them. They do not work on extreme low population or extreme imbalanced population servers, but results are usually 33% for everyone on high population servers. Who knows if they will work out but for now in the majority of instances they are extremely popular and are helping to retain people in the game.

    What they probably need to do is kick everyone off the continent 5 minutes before it starts and reset the map. then let everyone scramble to get in and fight. They also need other alerts rather then take over everything.
  5. NinjaTurtle

    I agree cont locks will be a good way to go... however that can't really happen until there are more continents to play on. On Waterson with only 3 there are queues to get in sometimes and that will only be more of a problem if one is locked out completely.

    Until 1 or 2 more continents are released I don't think this will be possible unfortunately.

    This alert system is fine, I don't mind it although the reward isn't really worth it too have your entire outfit jump conts to try and help win an alert... especially when a lot of other people have the same idea and the cont gets quickly filled up and half your outfit is stuck somewhere else unable to get in
  6. treeHamster

    Alerts aren't good for ANYTHING. For 2 hours you get an extra 20% and at best an extra 20 certs once that is done. That comes out to be an extra 10 certs per hour (2500 XP). But the normal score of 9k xp/hr when playing Indar will drop to UNDER 4k/hr when you get back because you'll be gated by the faction not stupid enough to go for the sucker bait. Then you'll spend a solid hour just trying to push out of the WG. So that ENTIRE 2 hours of 20% bonus + the handful of extra certs you'll get, costs you almost DOUBLE that because you were stupid enough to take the bait.

    The ribbons were a great idea, but the Alert system is nothing but a land grab marathon which is best played doing NOTHING but back capping as much as possible. So you spend nearly 2 hours doing nothing but sitting around waiting for a territory to flip so you can move to the next one. Leave you with a collective score (if you're lucky) of 8k/hr.

    Unless the alert happens on Indar, it's a total waste of time and is nothing but time waste for suckers and noobs that don't know how the XP system works.
  7. Benton!

    But as long as it forces the fighting off Indar, its a good thing.
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  8. Tobax

    You can't earn more certs capping an empty cont than actually fighting the enemy and making kills, unless you totally suck and can't kill anyone.
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  9. Sebyos

    Well the funny thing is that they really can't get that many certs. With all these TR standing in the same small spot they must be lucky to even get an assist. Plus the infantry bonus must be really pointless with 10 resources every 5 minutes. Apart from pride TR has no good reason to go to the alert.

    Even if they wanted to play the alert they would suffer the same problem the VS has which is being completely outnumbered by the NC.

    If you ask me the Alert system is a half *** rushed pseudo meta game that barely got any thought into it.

    At least I have hope. I'm fairly sure the alert system promoting territory captures will work really well with the lattice system and hopefully they will fix the population imbalances by mitigating rewards with population advantage or giving more xp bonus for the underpop faction. I would remove 30% xp bonus from the faction with 30% more population.
  10. Frigidus

    Yeah, I'd much rather spend every single moment of my time playing on Indar.
  11. Ronin Oni

    pffft... the actions of true cowards

    "Hey, everyone is on Amerish for a fun fight with good bonus XP!"

    "Screw that, lets go ghost cap... hurrrrrrrrr"

    All 3 facts should be able to field 600 soldiers to 1 continent for the fight
  12. Mythicrose12

    It'd be nice if the Alerts reverted all territory to neutral. Granted the first few minutes would be tedious ghost capping, but at least everyone starts from the same relative territory power. Like you said, it can be frustrating to start an event already warp gated.
  13. treeHamster

    This would be the conventional logic until you THINK about the OVERALL game. The TR (TE and AOD probably) realized they could get a higher SPM overall by NOT going to these stupid events and rather locking down Indar. If this WASN'T true, the following population stats (current for the event right now on Mattherson) wouldn't be the way they are:




    As you can see, the TR have the lowest population and are just opting out of the stupid event because ONCE it is over, everyone goes RIGHT back to fighting on Indar. Of course if they lock down the cont in that time, they can farm all the want at the WG's and will get scores between 15k and 20k per hour, which will last for at LEAST an hour, probably more like two or three hours. Considering it's a LOT easier to hold a WG than to take one, they don't need the majority population to lock down Indar because everyone goes to the stupid events, they take it, and will be able to defend a 2:1 ratio with ease (for several hours anyway) even if they're under populated.
  14. B0bzor

    Strange. There was an Esamir alert the other night, and the NC and TR left Indar. A few remaining NC and myself decided to stay and defend the crown... It took a combined arms force from the VS who outnumbered us 6:1 almost 40 minutes to oust us.

    So much fun, and I was on the "wrong" side of the alert.

    I guess that as a decent player, I don't care how outnumbered I am. It only serves to make me a better player.
  15. treeHamster

    What server were you on?
  16. khai

    If this is the case then the players on Mattherson cannot fight their way out of a paper bag since at equal numbers it is easy to push out of your own warpgate and as for being able to warpgate 2:1 population disadvantage your insane or against as stated above the worst fighting force in history, the areas around the warp gates and the defenses and shields benefit the home team not the attackers, if nothing else the tanks can sit inside the shield and simply bombard you with impunity. Furthermore the other factions are killing as much as TR but also had the alert and its bonus while TR was earning barely more then base captures which is what 2k/hour. And your original estimate of 8k in the alert was way off usually more like 12-15k depending on how much fighting you are doing and since the continent is usually full there tends to be alot of fighting.
  17. FleshIcon

    I was for Alerts until recently. I'm now finding them more annoying. Population control is needed (in some form or another) and until that happens, we're going to see a lot of warp gate capping.

    VS on Briggs got smashed the other night (on Indar. Alert was on Amerish). Didn't mind it too much but air maxes and lock on missiles suck the fun out of it a tad.

    Also find the non-Indar maps boring. Sometimes I wish I never worked in 3D. You can tell the game maps wasn't designed very well.:rolleyes:
  18. treeHamster

    You're completely and utterly WRONG. The TR's WG favors the home team. The north gate requires vehicles to get to the other camps and those will get ***** by any HA platoon worth it's salt.

    The SW gate has hills around it which protect it from tank fire. Then you just use burster squads to hold off the aircraft and a handful of HA's to clean up any ground vehicles. If you think the WG's favor the home team, you're HIGHLY mistaken because the ONLY one that does is the SE gate with it's back road up to the cliffs which nobody can protect because you can't get armor there without transporting it from Regent Rock.
  19. Beartornado

    Don't really care. As long as TR are humping their Indar cap its a free 15k exp for me when NC stomps Amerish or Esamir 30 minutes in. Systems intended to concentrate fighting and raise cert gain are perfectly fine, but I was hoping that we wouldn't just have back-to-back continent cap alerts. Maybe we'd have several alerts at once for capturing and holding various bases (for example, an alert to capture all tech plants on all 3 continents), something forcing players to spread out of a single continent but still be concentrated at specific locations.
  20. B0bzor