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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zizoubaba, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Zizoubaba

    From the patchnotes available on this forum :

    I got to admit, I'm alittle excited, not because I have any idea of how this will work out, but because I'm at a point right now where I'm thinking that any change at all can only be better than we have now.

    On the other hand, it's only a change of how alerts are triggered, nothing more (by that I mean, no changes to how they function or what the rewards are), but it's possible that this is a first step, and if it is, then (imo) that"s awesome :)

    PS. I like the first 6 words of those patch notes hahah
  2. Ssidistik

    I always liked this system. What killed it in the past was the player made bases. You would have a team doing nothing but setting up bases and capping the continent in 20 mins. I am glad they decided to give it another chance without the player made bases giving points. 2thumbs up IMO.
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  3. Vanguard540

    I'm still not convinced, will have to see how it plays out. As Cyrious said, link to warpgate is bad for battleflow, but it might reset maps quickly (+50) if the pop is unbalanced or double teamed. I still think the focus should be put on smaller alerts, faction who won the most locks continent.

    But I'm glad they did something about alerts, as it often resulted in who gets double teammed or has outfits able to counter the double teamming or not. Will see if it fixed or not.

    As long as DBG is trying stuff out it's all good.
  4. Zizoubaba

    At the bottom of the patch notes, there is a small paragraph. I quote from that paragraph ;

    I haven't been following the test server, or doing any reading, so it might be common knowledge, but it seems there's a lot more to come? ("later in Q1")

    And I gota love the "gets players used to taking territories" haha, that is funny on so many levels (good and bad :p)
  5. Bragg

    Pessimistic view here.
    This is not going to probably much change anything. The "good fight" and "farm" mentality is embedded so deep into players that they ignore everything else. Only thing what matters is xp to get certs to unlock new stuff.
    And current XP system only enforce this activity. As long as individual killing and destroying stuff yield most XP, faction and/or teamwork is out of window.

    Alerts system come and go, fundamental base line problem has always been there.
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  6. Blam320

    I would honestly rework the cert system, not the XP system. Have it so acquiring certs encourages specializing into a given role, rather than generalizing yourself by grinding out max rank of everything. This would also encourage cooperation within outfits and squads by running a balance of different roles. This might also discourage cheesy strategies like "cockroaching."
  7. Clipped!

    Personally, I hope some of their new content includes making NC's MAX guns viable again instead of the complete downgrade and utter garbage they're now. Would also be nice to have some adjustments to the Defector bubble and the Prowler's deployment shield to make them have separate health sources rather than just increasing their hit box, and have allies be able to shoot through them with both large and small projectiles (bullets and rockets respectively) without causing damage to the barrier.

    And while at it, NC's Aegis shield could use a small extension to the bottom and side edges so their feet are covered and has a little better coverage from a 30 degree angle. Not to mention slightly less pull up/put away time to help account for latency or a bit more movement speed while active would be nice. Just some quality of life improvements is all, nothing serious.

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