New Alert Experience, how does this account for game crashes?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GhostAvatar, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. GhostAvatar

    I understand the reasoning behind this. To prevent empire jumping prior to the end of an alert. Added side effect in that it reduces the number of unfactual threads claiming they lost to population balance etc., which is always good.

    Now I don't disagree with this idea, in fact I think it is a good one. The problem is the stability of the client. Frequently I have crashed in the last 10 mins of an alert, then scrambled to get back on to get the XP. And that's ignoring the possible couple of crashes during the two hours of the alert.

    So the question to SOE, is the time spent fighting during an alert going to be logged client or server side? In other words - when the game crashes near the end of the alert, do I even need to bother logging back in?
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  2. VSDerp

    ya the last GUs made the client unstable. i crash alot more.
  3. MrHenderson

    The same way they account for losing 450 resources when you pull a tank and crash seconds later.

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  4. GhostAvatar

    But does it really? You're putting a lot of faith into the forethought of the devs here. Lets take your example for instance. Yes the game accounts for the resources spent if the client crashes, but does not account for the acquisition timer. Its also the same way that you are still able to return to a full continent without any ques, if the game crashes while you're on that continent. But you're not able to use squad deploy until the timer runs down if you crashed while squad deploying.

    So while the game has the ability to account for things like game crashes, the question still stands. Have the devs taken into account the client instability into this new Alert XP system.

  5. St0mpy

    I too would like to know how the alert tracker handles a crash, I tend to go every 3-4 hours or so (despite 16GB ram) and have a few times crashed and had to hurry back in at the end of an alert I had participated fully in, last night included (crashed in the last 5 minutes, made it back with 3 to spare)

    Not the same. Mostly your vehicle is still ingame (unless it was air in which case it may have crashed) and if you reload fast enough and go sit on/in it, it becomes your vehicle again. No loss.
  6. Tommyp2006

    It's probably the same setup as when in a squad where it saves your place for a few min if you DC.
  7. Jeslis


    A. Its tracked so you can log off, come back 20 minutes later, get back on, and still get 1hour40mins of *contribution percentage*...


    B. Its not tracked, and if you crash and come back for the last 5 minutes, you only get 5 minutes.

    We shall see.
  8. GhostAvatar

    I think we can all pretty much figure out it will be either A or B. The question is, is it A or B. I know its a long shot on these forums (probably should have posted in on any other website except the official forums), but maybe a SOE representative might actually be able to provide an answer.
  9. Tradewind

    I must be in the dark when it comes to "Client Instability", I've crashed a grand total of once since...June, and it was more to do with my CPU being dicked.

    I must be doing something special...
  10. RHINO_Mk.II

    Consider thyself lucky.
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  11. XDDante

    let alone the crashes what about non members who have to wait 1+ hour when there's general continent alert???what about if you just recently logged in and want to participate in the alert???do we have to stay all day logged in to not miss every alert???a better fix for the overpopulation and 4th factioners should be same server character lock...
  12. Tradewind

    Well I suppose, but I don't really get why some people have problems lol. I don't have anything special really...used to be an i7-2600k (which killed itself), i7-3770k now, 8gb of ram, 120gb ssd, gtx 690 (which doesn't get tested at all since surround doesn't work still). But I never crash, never get the no damage bug, and my frames are pretty much consistently high etc.

    Am I running a different Planetside 2 or something? lol I have everything on high or better if possible, 6000 render distance, the only exception is GPU Physics is off because I am not a fan of the extra clutter.
  13. Zombekas

    I assume it's something more or less like
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