New 4 man NS air vehicle Valkyrie revealed

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  1. Phyr

    It would be cooler if they would make them faction specific cosmetically.
  2. KnightCole

    I think SoE figures its to much work to make ES stuff.,...would make the game a hellva lot cooler, but guess SoE cant do it.
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  3. Stigma

    As a concept I like it - perhaps even add 2 more passenger seats and it would essentially be a faster more manouverable "galaxy-lite" for small squads. 4 seems a touch too small for an effective squad, and that basically turns it into a "buddies" vehicle not well suited for doing much constructive.

    That said, dear god - do we really want to have more lockon spam? 2xAA lockons in a vehicle fast enough to not quickly outrange? Nightmare! I generally like the idea of rumble-seats for the opportunity for emergent gameplay and being able to use lots of different weapon options and such, but they need to consider this very carefully or it will be exploited really hard.

    - Lockon launcher missile platform anti ground AND air extraordinaire?
    - 2x engineer repair unkillable vehicle?
    - Ghetto bomber with 4x engineers (swapping seats) dropping a total of 20 AT mines down pr run on unsuspecting tanks?

    I mean, some of this stuff may just be exactly the sort of fun emergent gameplay that we want to have happen, but this badly needs to be betatested so you can regulate and rebalance this sort of stuff. I hope they don't pull an SOE and just release it untested into the wild with the mentality of "meh - we will just balance out any problems with it as we go".

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  4. Alarox

    I really like this idea and I think it is something this game needs.

    In terms of performance I think it ought to have a faster cruise speed than an ESF, twice as tanky, but not nearly as maneuverable. More jet-like.
  5. Flashtirade

    I'm not exactly sure what they're expecting the rumble seats to accomplish, because it sure isn't going to let any passengers have any semblance of accuracy while on the move. Maybe they want a futuristic Huey, but if so it's got to be at least a 6-seater.

    1 Pilot
    1 Turret gunner
    2 Rumble seat passengers
    2 Regular passengers
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  6. GaBeRock

    I'm fine with this as long as rumble seats can only face one side. Lockons are still a threat, but if this is truly an air-harrasser the ESF should still be able to out dps and kill it.
  7. KuramaBingyi

    Here's my "brainstorming" for this vehicle.

    The NS Valkyrie -- Four-Man Fast-Attack Aircraft
    "Unique" Utility Slot:
    -- Adds two more seat positions in the back for easier Squad-based transport.
    -- Sacrifices forward weapons and A2A capbilities for two passenger-controlled gun batteries for the No. 3 and No. 4 passenger seats.
    -- Allows squad members to spawn directly onto the vehicle.
    -- Will not seat MAX units.
    Close Air Support
    -- Forward weapons sacrifice a minimal amount damage for faster firing and reload.
    -- Vehicle will automatically hover when there is no thrust.
    -- Does not apply bonuses to A2A weapons.
    Air Superiority
    -- Sacrifices damage for CAS Weapons to boost A2A firing and reload speeds.
    -- Flares
  8. Vodski

    Hopefully the infantry aboard will take full damage from the flak explosions. Currently, flak does hardly any damage to infantry, because it doesnt explode, except for when near aircraft.
  9. Cirevam

    It's too bad they can't get the community to help out. After all, where are we going to find talented artists who will be able to provide 3D models and textures for SOE to use? Players don't get their own art studio. What a shame.
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  10. -Synapse-

    I want to jump out the side while hanging onto a rope and spraying bullets everywhere.
  11. Morti

    Rumble seats on an aircraft is exciting

    Hopefully we don't get a harasser rerun and have the thing flying around killing stuff with impunity.
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  12. KnightCole

    Same should go for the Liberator and Gal...more tanky but not nearly as manueverable......Cswic whips his Skywhale around faster then I can jump and turn my HA...

    Those big *** jets should have pretty poor accel, fairly poor turning and horrific roll rates. I see those things up there dogfighting multiple ESF, having little issue keeping the guns on target.

    Im sure this Valk will be the same thing
  13. GoyoElGringo

    Holy crap. I can't imagine the devastation these things will bring about if people are able to use lock-on weapons from the rumble seats. If they add A2A capable guns to it, these things could rule the sky.
  14. Livefire

    I think it should have 4 passenger's in the rumble seats, in addition to the nose gun the dedicated gunner should also have laser guided missiles off the wings.
    Basically this
  15. OneRedBlock

    Wow. I suggested something like this (but not NS) a while back, and even called the NC one the Valkyrie. Better get out the tinfoil hat.
  16. Fenrisk

    For everyone asking for another troop transport. We don't need one! The galaxy already does that Job and rarely if ever fails even when noobs like myself are flying a uncerted one. All a galaxy has to do is fly high enough that it can't be shot by anything but high flying aircraft till it gets above the base.

    We don't need 6 man transports but we do need CHOPPA style aircraft with exposed troops who use their own weapons or mounted machine guns to tackle the enemy. Why? Because its bloody fun! A bit like the harasser was fun till the zerglings/solo tank players got it nerfed into uselessness and now no one ever pulls one.
  17. Stigma

    The problem with G2A launchers from an air vehicle would be primarily the range and very high consistent damage output. G2A launchers are balanced around G2A use as one would expect and as such they have very long range to be able to have time to lock on and fire on fast moving airunits from a fairly stationary position. If this was on a mobile air platform you would be destroying ESFs before they even came into range to do major damage - and if they try to flee you just chase and kill. It takes 2 lockons to put an ESF on fire, and you could roll and fire off both very quick and keep that pace up for quite a while. I have to say it is concerning and I hope they keep stuff like this in mind while designing the vehicle.

    Even worse would be if the rumbleseat allowed MAXes. Can you imagine 2xflakMAX on a relatively fast mobile air platform? Now that would just ruin airplay completely. Other potentially very OP combos would include engineers to continually repair while in combat, and with the right combination of heavies to just swap seats with as required you could be effective at engaging basically anything at very far ranges. I do fear the potential of seing something along the lines of the littlebird 2xengineer/stinger. Guess we have to see what they come up with before we speculate too much though.

  18. Fenrisk

    Trying to use a striker or grounder from a rumble seat is a exercise in futility. Your lock will constantly break unless the enemy aircraft is hovering in place and your telling your pilot to maintane a certain position. That's hard to do without enemy flak or ESF's targetting you nevermind with anything coming at you.

    Flak Maxes would be the only real threat to other ESF's and to be honest I highly doubt they will let maxes join aircraft rumble seats. It would look silly and as you posted be hard to balance.

    2 engys repairing a aircraft mid flight could be a issue but if VALK is taking fire from a ESF a smart ESF player will take out the engys first and the engys will have nothing tyo prevenmt that happening. None of their weapons can do much or any damage to aircraft.
  19. p10k56

    Really hope that players will be able to use only primary and secondary weapons on rumble seat.
    Also hope it will be +-resistant as ESF or it will be new flying nightmare.
    But I like concept a lot but I am frightened of total imbalance and also how long it will take to repair damage it could cause.
  20. Ronin Oni

    4 door gunners would be OP


    Maybe it could hold 2 more passengers without "rumble seat"