New 4 man NS air vehicle Valkyrie revealed

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NinjaTurtle, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. Tuco

    Flight of the Valkyries, get it? Flight of the Valkyries? Get it?
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  2. SenEvason

    Looks interesting. I wonder how it will perform as a low-altitude squad support aircraft. I am also curious what the firing angle will be on the front gun.

    I also wish that those rumble seats were turned into side turrets (you would still be able to shoot the gunners) and then add two more rumble seats so that it can fly around with half a squad.
  3. Cirevam

    Please say it isn't so :( I want to see Enforcers, Marauders, and Threshers in the game. And what I don't get is that we've seen those heavy buggy concept arts for months with no hint that they'll ever be in the game. But we get an idea for rumble seat Liberators and suddenly we have a new vehicle revealed less than two months later? I don't get it. And of course it's NS because we're scared of empire-specific balancing. By we I mean the community. We'll just whine about nerfs because we all suck at dealing with it.
  4. sustainedfire

    I like it.

    It has an appeal, and its going to take a group of people to maintain it and make it effective. Though the choice for 4 man operation is a bit strange.

    As others have noted, if its intent is to be a light fast attack dropship, having 2 people onboard to drop is not going to make much of an impact on a battle anywhere. 6 passengers in total would be a more sound number of passengers, as at least a 4 man drop team can cover each other from NESW when they hit the ground. Maybe squad mates can spawn into the Valkyrie, so you could coordinate on voice, drop the 2 current passengers, 2 more spawn in and drop, etc.

    I imagine that the number of passengers is tentatively set at 4 as a way of balancing the vehicle. Engineers can likely repair on the fly, and Heavies can probably shoot rockets from the rumble seats - and that makes it an interesting vehicle. Though I think they could reduce onboard repair effectiveness (ala the harasser), and rockets are difficult to aim in a moving platform, and im going to guess that each rumble seat faces only in one outward direction.

    Being an open air ship, I imagine the passengers are going to make juicy targets as well. Snipers get to have fun trying to play Duck Hunt and skeet shoot these nice moving air targets. (This really calls for a laughing dog decal!) And im sure flak, and rocket hits are going to be able to destroy the passengers as well. And I would bet the ship itself is a bit fragile, falling in the HP range of an ESF and a Liberator. All those factors make having 4 rumble seat passengers feel like it would balance out.
  5. kadney

    I guess there is a reason why the video wasn't revealed for public yet, you know.. And you post it in the forum...:rolleyes:
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  6. Baracuda

    My body is ready for this aircraft.
  7. doombro

    With the seats positioned on the sides of the vehicle? Absolutely. With all the turning and rolling that aircraft do, your aim is going to get thrown around like a rubber ball.
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  8. Tuco

    4 gunners

    this is why I joined TR in the first place. :(
  9. WyrdHarper

    It's kind of a cool concept, but I'm not sure what role it will occupy until we get more details. Might be good as a fast transport, but I'm not sure it'll be more efficient than galaxies.
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  10. NinjaTurtle

    There is no way in hell this video was going to remain private more than 24 hours

    Neither should it, this sort of thing should be revealed to everyone that plays the game at the same time so we can start communication about how we want to see it work and what our concerns are regarding it's inclusion. This is not a small bit of content, it could drastically change the way the game is played

    Effective communication can't happen effectively if it is hidden from a large part of the community and SOE always say they value community feedback.

    Can you imagine c4 or tank mine runs as they are dropped on passing over tank columns or a dual lock ons on a transport ship... if this thing can carry MAX units having aerial bursters

    I can hear the calls for nerfs already
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  11. LT_Latency

    I can already see the tears about C4 as squads of these fly over tank columns dropping C4 everywhere.

    Just making runs to reload back and forth to a sundy

    This vehicle is not going to work
  12. Matixzun

    I actually consider the current planned seating makes perfect sense, It's designed for the 4 players fire teams which are planned to be added in the squad/platoon improvements update.
  13. FishMcCool


    2 phoenix users at the back and that thing goes from Blackhawk to Apache... I WANT IT ALREADY!
  14. ZeroErrorz

    add the option to convert it into a gunship version with a fury,kobalt,and basilisk as an option but no passanger seat.
    Really asking for fun (rumble seat everything) gonna make it got nerfed bad, we've all seen it happen to the harrasher, and i dont want this thing to be nerfed since i like picking up my buddies from the hot zone with muh lib like an extraction vehicle,really if this is one good thing they want to do for air after all of the crappy update and nerf ,i want it to be balanced and doesnt end up with nerf.
  15. ZeroErrorz

    instead how about a proper camera missile for it, adding rocket launcher to the rumble seat or any kind of tool slot equipment to it is a bad idea which will result NERF
  16. Tenebrae Aeterna


    While I'm not a pilot, I just feel that these rumble seats are what will set it apart from the other aircraft and give it a truly unique presence. Furthermore, in regards to your fears, this might actually be designed off Wrel's idea of an aircraft for new players to lean how to it's probably already got some downsides in terms of maneuverability. I can't remember everything that Wrel suggested, but he basically proposed something easier to fly but less maneuverable...but tanky.

    With the rumble seats and the possibility of Engineers, this might actually fit the description. Your empire specific fighter pilots may be able to assault this thing through more tactical engagements...taking out both individuals in the rumble seats and then just annihilating the aircraft itself.

    Not sure...but I truly think that it's the rumble seats that make this thing interesting to begin with, so to lose them...again I'm left wondering what the point is.

    Granted, as I said, I'm not even a pilot so take my words with a few grains of salt.


    ...on a side note, if this is following Wrel's concept and not as maneuverable, it may be possible for us Infiltrators to snipe the passengers out of the Valkyrie...which would be extremely cool.
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  17. MasonSTL

    My body is ready.
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  18. Pikachu

    Gonna be lots of rides of the valkyries.
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  19. GrandpaFlipfox

    Fire team hype!
  20. KnightCole

    Cool, I cant say I feel one bit sorry for Air players.....

    The Valk will be the ultimate Libby target though.....dalton, dalton, dead hahaha.

    Ofc this is just one more nightmare in the skies of Auraxis....lets just hope its not Liberator stupid..