New 4 man NS air vehicle Valkyrie revealed

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NinjaTurtle, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. Sulsa

    I hope they add the ability to cloak, like that Liberator/Wraith bug from last year.

    Then you would have a real special ops vehicle :D
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  2. Fenrisk

    The harasser wasn't over powered. People just cried nerf because they don't know how to adapt to a new type of vehicle that required outfit buddys or friends to be effective in combat. You had a bunch of solo tank pilots and solo infantry players coming here moaning till it got nerfed to the point its a useless waste of resources.

    2 or 3 rockets to kill it really? when it costs 300+ resources and requires a gunner to do anything useful? It required 2 or 3 players and a few thousand certs to be a effective vehical unless you just wanted to use it for quick transport.

    You rarely see harassers anymore as a direct result of that unwarranted nerf. I see lightenings and magriders everywhere but not one buggy. Isn' t that funny? When the harasser first came out it was fine and there was just as many lightenings/faction tanks/aircraft being deployed. The harraser was just a nice addiction to the bunch. No one was flocking to the harasser as some over powered vehicle as you have seen when other vehicles or classes. A prime example was the ZOE. It was over powered and as a result over half the vanu infantry were ZOE maxes.

    The Valkyrie will get crys of nerf it as soon as it hits the test server as having 2 players in rumble seats up in a aircraft is highly effective for outfit play. Outfits and squads will use it for hit and runs, droping c4 / mines on tanks and other inventive ideas that will see these forums drown in a flood of tears from players who want this game to be dull boring pew pew infantry fest or a solo tank game. The harrsser should never have been nerfed and i KNOW the Valkyrie will suffer the same fate as this game is dominated by players who hate anything that requires friends or people they can trust.

    Just look at all the nerf max/lib threads!. Anything that requires a team or 2+ other players to be effective gets threads dedicated to getting it nerfed. Why? i think its zergerlings coming here who mostly play solo or in disorganised outfits.
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  3. Tenebrae Aeterna

    To those of you who are advocating four rumble seats...

    While I understand the appeal, it's far easier to balance out two than it will be four when you consider those lock-on capabilities. Furthermore, restricting it down to two allows the possibility of letting Engineers repair...which four is very unlikely to acomplish without increased difficulty towards balancing the mechanic out.

    Either way, we can work all that out when it's on the test server! :)
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  4. ZeroErrorz

  5. Fenrisk

    The Valkyrie will end up like the Harasser. Too easy to destroy even with max certed armour and defences to be worth the resources. Zerglings and Solo players can't handle one fast vehicle with 1 rumble seat and gunner. Nevermind trying to fit in another with 2 rumble seats. If they ever introduced a troop transport with 4 or 6 rumble seats the same players would demand it dies if you look in its general direction.
  6. huller

    Should be more of a 6 or even 7 man vehicle (1 pilot + pasangers)

    I wonder if it is going to be pure transport only or if they are going to add some weapons to it apart from those in the rumble seats
  7. Pikachu

    Could be nice for lancer and maybe phoenix but nobody is going make use of that. :rolleyes:
  8. ZeroErrorz

    then remove it, restrict the use of tool slot of any kind when flying, but keep primary,secondary weapon,etc viable, problem fixed and we have a proper 4 man rumble seat spec-ops chopa
  9. Cirevam

    This please. There are a ton of unused assets in the game already. Please alter some of these to be used on the Valkyrie instead of adding more stuff to the game that will do nothing but sit on my hard drive.
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  10. Ikissyourface

    This new air vehicle is the death of ESFs

    1. dedicated pilot and nose gunner = pilot can focus on flying without having to worry about firing any weapons, and with a dedicated nose gunner means more efficient nose gun that can choose targets on its own without having the target being on the front line of sight
    2. two passengers that has the potential of 2 lock-on weapons aboard

    So we have an air vehicle with a more efficient nose gun and 2 lock-on weapons...GOODBYE ESF YOU ARE NOW OBSOLETE.
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  11. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Then you still have the problem of balancing out four rocket epic as it might be to see one of these flying by and four tanks getting railed from a single source, or four aircraft for that matter.
  12. doombro

    Using lockons from a rumble seat is actually quite difficult. Especially if the vehicle is moving.
  13. ZeroErrorz

    a suggestion to this, make the gun cam look like a proper hud instead of a outside cam with crosshair.
  14. ZeroErrorz

    rocket launcher falls in tools slot.
  15. Fenrisk

    1. Libs & Galaxys have more dedicated gunners in them
    2. Lock ons are next to useless ATM and whats to stop a ESF killing the rumble seat crew?
  16. Rogueghost

    Doubt it, the front gun is likely going to be a something like a drake in power, useful only for taking down bad ESFs. And the amount of blind spots on this thing is insane, the entire back section of the aircraft is completely open to attack. While the passengers will at best only be armed with 7 rockets each, and completely vulnerable.

    With max rank flares and a rotary I can see ESFs blowing these things out of the sky in under 30 seconds.
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  17. Tenebrae Aeterna

    OH, my apologies...I must have completely spaced out while reading that.

    Wouldn't that take away half of the fun though, restricting the ability repair and lock on launchers; why not just convert it into two extra guns at this point? I think that half of the appeal comes from these possibilities...
  18. Kunavi

    Did Higgs say "New Weapons" to fill in gaps?.. That's good, I mean if I heard right, but will they be NS or ES? NS Shotties coming in? :p

    Speaking of Faction flavour! Valkyrie, NS.. Colossus, NS.. The only ES thing I saw was that new land vehicle probably filling a role like Harassers, search on Google and you'll what I mean. It's been posted here on the Forums too. Although I'm certain those were scrapped in favour of Harassers' body kits in Player Studio; Since some will be common but some will be ES just like helmets. In any case the point is, we need more ES, less NS and defined ES traits and design.

    Agreed with 4 seats, happy with pilot not having weapons(As should be in most cases in PS2). Could we also punish 1/X seat switching? In other FPS like BF ever since BF2 I think it has been viewed as low and cheap. And fun, as such things are, it seems.

    Also can we get more solid info on the Medic stuff?

    EDIT : I'd trade you giving us the Valkyrie for a couple of PUs more, seriously.
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  19. lothbrook

    Should be 1 pilot, 1 gunner, 6 passengers, no need for the rumble seat, and a 100m drop ceiling so it definitely has that helicopter feel.

    Making an airborne harasser is such a stupid idea.
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  20. Kite Carling

    You think using a lock-on from an airborne rumble seat would be difficult? Yes, they can be annoying from a harasser bumping along at full speed, but from an aircraft? I'm not buying that until I try it on the PTS.