New 4 man NS air vehicle Valkyrie revealed

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NinjaTurtle, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. z1967

    Let me guess, you wanted ps1 mines, ams, and spitfires. WELL TO FREAKING BAD THIS IS JUST AS COOL AS SENTRY GUNS.
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  2. Tuco

    I'm sure there are allot of things that aren't as cool as PS1 AMS/CE, but it's as essential as gravity.

    I'm sure the Valkarye is even cooler than gravity, but gravity is kinda necessary in the game.
  3. Unclematos7

    Oh and PLEASE don't let squad members squad deploy inside them. If the lockons/repair monkeys/whatevers die, they should have to go land to pick them up.
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  4. Accuser

    A vehicle with a dedicated driver and dedicated gunner?
    Nerf incoming.
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  5. z1967

  6. Fenrisk

    Finally a attack aircraft players can shoot from!

    Now we can say "Get to da Choppa!!!!"

    Getting this video in my mail today has me thinking about buying a full years subscription :)
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  7. KenDelta

    YES YES YES!!1 I wanna use my phoenix on this thing :Q____

    Heck double striker gunners :Q__

    No wait , 2 Comet maxes.

    Maybe 2 SpottingBolts Xbows users... oh the possibilities.

    Late summer , pfft...
  8. ZeroErrorz

    is it just me or i cant find this video in their offical youtube channel, i saw it have the ps2 tag on it but nothing on their video list
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  9. libbmaster

    The reason lock-ons are effective against ESF's is because directional indicators for locks are not implemented and missiles don't show up on the minimap, meaning ESF pilots have no way of locating Lock-on "scrubs" and must run or die.

    Placing your lock-ons in a highly visible air-vehicle that can be quickly located and run down by ESFs kind of defeats the point.
  10. TheBlazing

    I suggest:

    > No MAXes in rumble seats.
    > No Engineer repair in rumble seat (Someone will bring up the Harasser but don't forget that Harassers can't fly).
    > Slower reloads for passengers in rumble seats.
    > Defensive options against ESFs - possibly endurance-oriented ones (directional shields, rear flashbangs to blind pilots, speedboost, etc...). With only one gun on the front and probably lower maneuverability than fighter jets it looks like it could be an ESF's favourite prey.
    > No copypasted/reused weapons for the front gun. Make something original please.
    > Ability to remove the front gunner seat and mount 2 guns on the sides instead - Blackhawk style, just on both sides.
    > Ability to remove all weapons and rumble seats and replace them with 6 passenger seats, making the Valkyrie a kind of fast and light transport craft (although this could become its own vehicle).
    > Possibly make the Valkyrie three different Empire-Specific vehicles with empire-specific weapons. Zapper for the TR (fastest), Buzzard for the NC (most armor) and Korax for the VS (most agile). ES stuff is good and it is what makes this game unique.
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  11. Warruz

    I's Private,I think its just another small effort to give subscribers a little something by getting the early look at it before it spreads.
  12. GlueHead

    Sure I understand how it works and yes, posting a April fool's joke in Mars is indeed wrong.
    This could be a pre-joke and on the first of April they come up with a video saying "Happy April fool's day, the Valkyrie is a hoax" :)
  13. FishMcCool

    Looks nice. Can you mount a shotgun on it?
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  14. NoctD

    Let's hope they've learned the lessons of the Harasser and don't create another OP monstrosity again. But yes I do like this idea and was thinking of some sort of smaller transport/combat air hybrid, so this falls right into that niche. I'm still against allowing rumble seat repairs, because even at a reduced rate, it replaces the function that can only be gained by filling up slot options on other vehicles.

    Also if you want to carry squads of people, please go pull a Gal.
  15. ZeroErrorz

    youtube subbies or premium subbies, if it the youtube one i already did that
  16. Heretic

    I think that it needs to be increased to 4 rumble seats. I can understand that they don't want to make the gal obsolete but dropping off two people would have a limited impact and likely fragment squads. There even looks to be space for 4 people on the model.
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  17. AltF4Fun

    Im all for more rumble seat.i just hope if they raise the number that they will lock certain weapons.Just imgine 4 AA Max or HAs.Same with ground.I just hope they give it more thought and testing than the Harasser and not screw balance completely for a couple months.....
  18. Camycamera

    in other words, "teamwork OP"
  19. Tuco

    A stryker-mobile:

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  20. Tenebrae Aeterna

    It is for everyone to see, otherwise they would have placed a non-disclosure agreement on it. Do you honestly believe that they hadn't anticipated someone linking the video here on the forums? This was just their way of making these individuals feel a little more special without really limiting the information they're releasing to avoid situations like you just presented. :p

    Apparently it was released as a private video for the more dedicated amongst us. I'm not exactly sure what warrants falling upon this list, because it's not subscription based...because I got a e-mail about it and I am not a subscribed member. So, whatever qualifies you for this list, I'm on it.

    It's not based upon subscription...

    This is my only character and I've already been called out for my infrequent playing time as a means to belittle various points and opinions I've made in another thread, nor have I ever been a subscriber. Still, I got an e-mail about this with Higby's puppy dog smile.

    So, whatever it is that gets you on the's not a subscription, or just a subscription at least.
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