Networking and the May 5th maintenance

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by RevAngel, May 5, 2021.

  1. RevAngel

    So. Since your maintenance on May 5th my connection with your servers went from a 40+ ping to a 80+ ping. From Germany near Nuremberg, that is.

    So I was curious about what was causing this.

    Well, lets just say, in general, a +100% ping response time is not good for a first person shooter game, especially on the scale PS2 is supposed to work on. You already cost reduced the PS2 EU servers a while ago, but at least kept them in the EU.

    But tunnelling a game service from Amsterdam/Rotterdam to the US (San Diego)? Are you serious?

    But hey, I have to consider you are cutting the costs, since less and less people are interested in playing. And with that ping on a MMOFPS game, I see a lot more leaving very soon.

    I think that shows one or more of the following issues:

    Either you are not interested in keeping your Europe player base.
    Or you do not care enough for that base not to cost-reduce hosting service.
    Or you let some money-juggling intern make the decisions.
    Or some manager thought he/she has a clue about networking and found a plan that works fine AND reduce costs.
    Or your network team is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over-enthusiastic.
    Or apes took over daybreak.

    But at least, not counting in the previous, somewhat humorous reasons, it shows me one fact (and I think you should let players know).
    You are not planning to keep this game alive and running. And you are doing the same thing that SOE did to its players with PS1. Just milking the dead cow until you get bonemeal for your plants.

    Well, unneeded to say, I am not OK with that.

    For tech people interested, check the UDP connections (LiveTcpUdpWatch helps here) PS2 casts and pick the one with the higher traffic. Traceroute it or do a geolocation (suggested at - registrar date is may 1st - request is answered with two geolocations - a tunnel) and check the number of hops from your ISP upwards. You have to set the limit higher than the default hops - what is imo the reason for the bad ping time.
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  2. Jx9000

    Been having similar issues, lag spikes going from 20ms to over 200ms every few min, this been going on for several weeks now, had my isp check the line and seems all ok, did several ping tests to diferent servers and no issues, so its defenetly on the EU PS2 servers. if its really budget cuts from them, then R.I.P planetside
  3. Jx9000

    So i recorded a few min of just standing in a spawn room. Ping jumps from normal to over 100ms several times. This is NOT my ISP, i extensively tested latency to several servers around EU including Netherlands where the PS2 servers are and i found no issues. I have a 250/50Mb DSL line from Deutsche Telekom in Berlin.
    If anybody else is having these issues pls keep this thread going and upvote. Thx.

  4. RevAngel

    Very inconsistent server ping times seem to be the new "normal" now. But I have to admit, I am getting mor 60 to 80 with a more constant 60+ than 80 nowadays.
  5. Jx9000

    Still no fix... for over 2 month the game has not really been enjoyable... weird that so many are not having any issues though...
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  6. JustGotSuspended

    Yeah I'm still experiencing this issue as well (on emerald), and it doesn't seem to be from my end.

    Just mainly latency spikes, sometimes also part of the game (terrain, characters) just don't load at all.
  7. Adel

    I have same issue, just to keep connected I have to use open VPN connected to Amsterdam.
  8. Jx9000

    The Lag spikes been getting worse, and hit reg is rediculus, dumped a full smg mag into an LA head at point blank and no hit markers and then get get killed in 1 shot with full health and shield... also seeing ppl teleport 2m to the side, or getting kills 2 Sec after i shoot them... same issues happen over VPN
  9. Jx9000

  10. Huggyos

    You are lucky with those values! From Hungary most of the time I have 45ms network and 85ms server pings with fiber optic connection...! The difference comes from the tunneling that they do to US? Seriously that is how their EU server workes???
    I blame that for the exceptional bad game experience I suffer that means most of the time I feel myself as a free frag only for the enemies. When I see an enemy, I insta die without any chance in a row....
    I'm playing on Cobalt EU server.
  11. Jx9000