Network leak that leads to network congestion ?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by be.tibus, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. be.tibus

    Hi all,

    Since the very last patch, I am suffering a strange issue that I could call "network leak"...

    I start a ping before launching the game and have 35-50 ms ping.
    After 30-45 min of gaming, the game become unplayable and people sees my movement up to 20 seconds after I did them locally.

    If I look at the ping, it's up to 1800ms when this happens.

    If I start TCP View, I don't have any other process consuming bandwidth at this time.
    As soon as I quit/kill planetside2.exe, the ping goes back to 35-50ms.

    * I am playing on Mallory (EU) located in The Netherlands.
    * I am located in Belgium and have a "slow" 2Mb ADSL Connection.
    * Other Belgian mates on higher speed connection do not suffer the same issue.

    I'll open a support ticket but wanted to know if I am the only one facing this kind of issue ?


  2. DjUnicorn

    Been noticing that too since GU02 but thought it was a problem with my connection, now that I think about it it always happens when I am playing (or trying to play).
  3. Artifex78

    Router model? Firmware up to date? Network drivers up to date? QoS (on the router) activated?
    There are known issues with certain router models.
  4. LipSarvice

    I'm really glad I found this post it's happening to me too, I seem to move around around fine, the first I notice is my slots switch by themselves getting into or out or resupply from vehicle slows down until the game is just unplayable and it turns out I was killed a few minutes before it catches up
  5. LipSarvice

    Just to add no issues with router or it's settings neither the network drivers all worked fine before last patch.
  6. hostilechild

    Some routers just don't like large amounts of udp packets, especially smaller packets. Would look into updating your router firmware. Fixed a similar issue for me(qos issues). Qos can effect it if you are doing other network activities or others in your house are, as these udp type packets(planetside2) are typically pretty low priority by default on some routers.
  7. be.tibus

    Thank you all for your replies so far !

    My router is an Apple Airport Extreme tested with latest and former firmware. It could be the culprit but I doubt as I had no issue before latests fixes.

    What I will try tonight is to launch a ping from another computer and also monitor the different routers on my route to Mallory with UOTrace (good old tiny software I used when playing Ultima Online 10 years ago :) )

    I will also let TCPView open to have an idea of how many packets/Mega Bytes before the issue happens.

    I will keep you updated of my finding/results.
  8. be.tibus

  9. be.tibus

    Hi all,

    After much testing it seems that, since GU02, a 2Mb ADSL is not enough to play this game during big fights.

    I know that my connection is far from perfect (Download 1.95Mbps / Upload 0.28Mbps) but it's the first game that suffer from it ...

    I opened a tech support request but the replies were complety wrong, talking about professional software on my computer that are causing the issue ...

    So you know.
  10. the pestimist

    Wish there was an ingame ping.
  11. BenYeeHua

  12. be.tibus

    I let a ping running in the background, an uotrace and the same on another computer on my network to ensure it's not machine related.

    As soon as I join big fights, the whole internet connection is saturated and ping goes from 40ms to 500-1500ms ...

    Indeed a simple built in ping would be a good start :)
  13. the pestimist

    im using razer game booster so I cant have any background tasks lucky you.
  14. Artifex78

    Your ADSL upstream really is low. 2MBit downstream should be ok, though. Problem with ADSL is, once your upstream is saturated your downstream gets killed aswell. That's a typical ADSL thing.
    What *might* help (apart from the obvious -> getting a better broadband connection):
    - QoS might help you. Leave a few kb on the upstream so the downstream doesn't get killed. Might cause other problems with the game, though.
    - *If* you usually get good fps (let's say >60) in big fights and *if* there is a correlation between fps and network traffic (like in Quake) in this game, it might help limiting you max fps to 60.
    - No (sending) voice chat (ingame and third party programs)
    - Close all other network related programs (Steam etc) to reduce network traffic.

    Good luck to you.
  15. be.tibus

    Hello Artifex and thank you for your time :)

    You are indeed completely right about ADSL and the issue about upload saturating the line.

    I have already tried what you are suggesting and maxfps is set at 59 for vsync.

    I don't have any other option in my neighborhood to connect to the internet so I will just cross fingers that this damn Mallory/Ceres merge will not kill completely my gaming experience as I got addicted to PS2 :)
  16. BenYeeHua

    Did you try cfosspeed?
  17. be.tibus

    Thank you for mentioning this software I was not aware of ! Will definately give it a try.
  18. BenYeeHua

    Yup, remember to calibrate it, it will show you how to do that, after you install it.:)
  19. Maarvy

    I get this too , started last night ...

    First I will be told by a squad mate that my char has stopped moving , although on my scrren im moving fine . the rst of the world is locked in place/ fozen during this time I cant register hits on anything . Sometime it will lead to a dissconnect and others it will warp from where i was originaly frozen to where ever ive moved during the "event" with south of tawich to north of Crossroads bieng the farthest teleport yet .

    This is totaly new i havent changed any software at all , I have a 30 mbs cable connection which I consider very stable .
  20. be.tibus

    What you could try is to launch uotrace (old software used for Ultima Online), answer no to update server list, click trace route and then poll.

    This will continuously ping every routers between you and your PS2 server. When the game begins to lag, you can ALT-TAB and check if the ping is bad too and on which hop it begins to lag.

    If you can, also start a ping -t from another computer to be sure it's not your computer that has an issue.

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