Nerfing Nanoweave?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OneShadowWarrior, Aug 28, 2021.

  1. BoomBoom4You

    I'm a little slow. What is the proposed change, exactly?
  2. LodeTria

    -10% move speed and doesn't effect HA overshield.
  3. Ssymm

    It would be a good change as long as they refund certs after this change goes live.

    To be fair Nanoweave armor is mandatory for every classes except a long range Infiltrator. This suit slot enhancement is too powerful and it makes all the other suit slots useless.

    The only way to get rid of it is to use Symbiote implant and it's nowhere near as good as nanoweave armor.

    When something is OP, it should get nerfed. I'm fine with this change, stop crying about it. It will make the game better.
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  4. LodeTria

    I doubt they will refund certs. The most important resistance type on nanoweave, small arms, was unlocked at level 1 which only costs 1 cert. All the other resitances are not very useful and generally considered a waste of certs. It's not like flak armour where a very commmon explosive, c4, is locked away at the last rank.
  5. Somentine


    Are you thinking of Flak Armour?
  6. Botji

    Yep but NW also has it now, looks slightly different but works the same.
  7. SikVvVidiT

    Forget nerfing it, remove it from the freaking game period. I makes taking anything else useless.
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  8. Clone117

    Honestly. id rather get a new item that negates the headshot multiplier to compete with nanoweave.
  9. Mechwolf

    Tbch, someone complaining that nanoweave is the only option makes it apparent that it needs a nerf... and yes it is the most used slot by a large margin.

    Personally I like the shield capacitor because I like to re-engage with 500 health back.
  10. InexoraVC

    Same for me. I use advanced shield capacitor + symbiote + regeneration.

    And I think Nerfing nanoweave IS a bad idea especially from newbies perspective. As an experienced (not elite) HA I have ~42% of session headshot ratio with some LMGs (T32 Bull for example). So I don't use NAR and will not suffer from its nerf but also NAR doesn't help my opponents to survive because it doesn't reduce headshot damage.
    With NAR nerf the only effect we will see is the less TTK a new players - they "can't headshots", but veteran players do.
  11. OneShadowWarrior

    You know that symbiote implant is having it’s nanoweave abilities removed with the nanoweave nerf right folks?
  12. OneShadowWarrior

    Let me recap the nerfs nanoweave will face.

    -10% movement speed reduction
    No longer provides resistances to heavy assault shield

    Symbiote implant will no longer provide small arms resistance
  13. DeadlyOmen

    The culture of nerf completes the circle on a regular basis.

    If you had chosen to accept the game's challenges instead of lobbying for an easier time of it, none of this would have happened.
  14. Demigan

    If there was a Carbine that fired tank HE shells you would still call it nerf culture and "a challenge". Its just your constant excuse to keep the game in a horrible state.

    As much as I dislike the way they are handling it, they are at least trying to handle a problem in the game. Nanoweave removes challenges as it reduces the choice of a more varied loadout set.
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  15. InexoraVC

    Ок, this is sad and this is a direct impact on a new player time-to-live parameter.
    If a vet player has ~18..20% accuracy and ~35..40% headshot ratio (e.g. IvI score 630...800) and a new player has ~15% accuracy and 20% headshot ratio (e.g. ~300...500 IvI score) who will suffer more of nerfing defence abilities ? The answer is obvious.
  16. Demigan

    Yes, the veterans. They get the most damage out of their headshots which ignores nanoweave anyway. The newbie deals more torso damage so they effectively get more damage out of this than vets.

    Also something interesting: headshot ratio seems based on the last shot being a headshot kill. So theoretically you could have a weapon with 99% headshots but get rated as 0 headshots if the last shot is always a torso shot.
    You can test this out with MAX's. There are opportunities where you can get loads of headshots on them without "farming" a headshot ratio.
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  17. LordAnnihilator

    Wrel ended up posting a comment on a Youtube video. Apparently the nerf ended up added to PS4s latest patch, and they haven't put together a patch notes yet AFAIK. Dunno where it is, but I'll paraphrase here.

    Basically, the idea behind the nerf was to reduce its viability at the high levels of play, while maintaining its usefulness to low level players. High levels players rely heavily on movement, peeking, that sort of thing, things new players don't know. So this way, Nanoweave remains useful to the newer player who won't be too bothered by the speed nerf, and it becomes less useful to the headshot warrior ducking and weaving away from bullets.

    I at least dig that they seem to have an explanation. Not sure how well it will blow over, but overall so long as the NPE additions genuinely help new players, I'm willing to let it happen.
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  18. Novgdea

    Maybe i'm stupid, but i understand like that :

    - A vet/skilled player target the head of average or below average player without nanoweave : still a victory (even if he received more damage on the chest).

    - A vet/skilled player target the head of average or below average player with new nanoweave : victory (and if their target move, it move SLOWER, so more easy to headshot).

    I believe it need something more, like some peoples said : NWM on your head. After all, why did it protect nearly all my body (even MY TOES), but not my head ?
  19. Piska

    What do you mean the culture of nerf? By changing Nanoweave i see buffs. Now you can ask me - what buffs? what are you talking about? As you can see (devs and youtubers won't see this), by reducing bullet resistance for all classes, we are giving a huge advantage for classes, that are attacking from unsuspected angles.

    Thanks to this, light assaults will kill opponents faster and in the same wasting less ammo.

    And ofc. don't forget Wrels favorite, well """"balanced"""" class, the Infiltrators. Thanks to Nanowave nerf, SMG Cloakers will have even easier time to kill unexpected player. As SMG Cloaker why would you even need Nanowave if your opponent won't have any time to shoot back. I mean, you was already aiming at him while invisible, so what he can do LOL. Decloak time is almost instant and I'm not even mention client side.
    Thanks to Nanowave change, the time for the Player who was attacked by SMG Cloaker was reduced from "BARELY ANY TIME TO REACT" to "GIT GUT, DONT STAND STILL AND BUY 4K MONITOR"

    In nutshell, LA and Infiltrators gto buffed, AGAIN!

    Remember, all of this if for New Player Experience™
  20. Ssymm

    Infiltrator is my main infantry class by far. I prefer using all kind of rifles. But I also often play SMG because I'm forced to.

    Your opinion about SMG infiltrators is one-sided. They are not THAT good. SMGs are the ****tiest weapons in the game. You are forced to CQC. And cloak doesn't work well in CQC if you are not outside at night in a dark place. At daytime most players will see you. Even if you manage to use Deep Operative implant optimally, you need a huge gamesens, a lot of game knowledge and god like awareness to make it work really well.
    Because you are supposed to be alone in the enemy territory with a class which will loose every 1v1 situation if you haven't the opening.


    Now that it's said, let's take a look at the most played classes : Emerald, now (close to prime time)

    Let's add kills + deaths for all classes and factions. Then convert it into a percentage :


    Yes it's not the true playtime but it gives an idea of the most played classes in the game.

    And it won't surprise anyone that the big winner is... Heavy Assault ! Unbelievable. I was sure it would be "SMG cloakers".

    Heavy assault is by far the best infantry class. And it benefits a lot from Nanoweave armor. Combine its shield ability + Nanoweave armor + LMGs which are the best and the most versatile overall weapons for close and mid range fight and you have the absolute OP infantry class which will easy win every 1v1 situation.

    Nanoweave nerf is first a nerf for OP HA class. With this, all the other classes may stand a better chance against HA.
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