Nerfing items paid for with SC is fraud

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Twistdlester, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. Synide

    While what everyone says here has some validity... It would be 'nice' if there are changes made to in game items that were purchased with SC or Certs that the percentage change from initial release is clawed back to the end user. However, this would be largely to complex to implement in my view. As an alternative, getting some gratuity back in the form of double/triple SC/Cert promotions is satisfactory. That is of course if the end user makes use of these promotions.
    If they can't for one reason or another then it does lend more weight to the original posters 'gripe' I guess although at the end of the day it's quite within Sony's purview to change whatever they like.

    In saying that there should be a point when hot-patches, fix's etc. taper off and one could arguably claim the game is at a 'stable' functional & operational status. At this point it might be nice to have some genuine goodwill returned to the end user based on their level of patronage.

    Just a few thoughts... for my first ever post in these forums.

    Cheers, Sy.
  2. Zenith

    The WoT devs had a lot of problems with doing this to premium tanks, so much so that many were not altered for some time, and even then the alterations had to be minor. What we are seeing here are major changes to purchased weapons, which probably does give some validity to the argument.

    It wouldn't be such a hotly contested issue if they just refunded the SC or certs, and I would honestly expect this if the weapon is drastically changed beyond what it was when first bought. After all, if the weapon was still as good as being claimed, then people would just buy it back... right? :rolleyes:
  3. Astealoth

    LOL blueberry noob is mad he can't grief and farm with broken items anymore.

    deal with it, you accepted the TOS.
  4. Twistdlester

    lol , you've oviously missed the entire point of this post... nice try. BUT you did say one thing right when you said " broken items"
  5. Astealoth

    i didn't miss a thing. they are allowed to change items, its not fraudulent because you accepted the TOS by paying for items. the TOS says they can change whatever they want and paying them doesn't actually give you ownership of anything. if you don;t accept this then you shouldn't have accepted their terms of service and played a different game. MMOs are dynamic and you putting money in an MMO doesn't give you any rights to expect content to stay the same forever. if you believe it should be this way you;re an ignorant fool.
  6. Twistdlester

    So do you agree that knowingly selling an OP item for station cash ( real money ) , then changing it after people buy it and not offering a refund is ok and good business becasue we agreed to a ToS? btw not just refering to the new nc rocket launcher ...
  7. Advanced Darkness

    yeah i cant disagree with this at all. I actually felt that if you "purchased" certain items that yeah they should be immune from tampering. All i can say is that money should be given back to a player if they requests it. Its actually not what was purchased. Good post.
  8. Advanced Darkness

    Or do a form of testing before the game is fully released. Yeah i agree with your new innovative , never been done before idea also ;)
  9. doombro

    'Fraid you were beaten on page 1.

    What you bought was SC, not the said broken items.
  10. Lucidius134

    It's definatly bad business practice, that's why I don't buy SC anymore.

    Like it or not, you buying SC is rewarding that busienss practice for your own personal gain. If you don't like that business practice you should't have bought SC and you shouldn't have told SOE "good job here's more money!" by doing so.

    'Put your money where your mouth is' is where my personal stance is atm and I ain't paying another dime. I've seen the exact same thing happen back in beta and after launch so i haven't payed since then.

    Remember when the high capacity shotguns were the only shotguns in beta and then when the game launched there was magically 2 other shotguns which were never publicly tested?

    Remember battle rifles coming out and they have been out classed by shotguns with slugs and completely forgotten about, even further reduced by Pump Actions and Slugs?

    Remember full auto scout rifles being the Infiltrator's full auto CQC option and then it was out performed by an all class faction weapon?

    Remember when the 2nd set of SMG's came out shortly after the first and was more viable than the first SMG for some factions (read: straight upgrades).
  11. Twistdlester

  12. Parricidium

    Cleanse the playerbase of what?
  13. Astealoth

    if everyone jumps on a weapon that's considered OP to abuse it early then they got what they paid for. if they change things that the community is abusing then it's good for the community. whining and crying "FRAUD FRAUD!" isn't going to change the need for them to adjust values based on community demand and metrics, and it isn't going to change the fact you don't own anything you pay for in this game, you are only renting the rights to access that content for as long as it is available and whatever form it is available in. in fact, accusing SOE of fraud when there is obviously no fraud taking place, is libel and therefore illegal. i demand this thread cease and desist :p
  14. Phazaar

    Idiots, the fourth faction, just-here-for-teh-lols, people intent on making the game 'their game' because they just got it, who then leave for the next F2P in 3 days anyway...

    Was a point made in conjunction with forum accounts too...

    But whatever your opinions on those, reducing the ease and frequency of hacking would be lovely.
  15. 13lackCats

    You forget the forums are making their development decisions.
  16. Nogrim313

    the funny thing is IT IS FRAUD but they are just avoiding being sued by using the technicality of SC.

    SOE be careful your edging close to EA in my books

    weapons should not be added to the marketplace until they are in end game shape period. its just a money grab to put them up for sale before they have been play balanced every item i have bought has gone through this ******** practice of hey heres your "OP" gun, oh btw we are going to water it down to the point you would never have wasted money on it in the next patch

    the lancer has me at my last straw and i see no change in direction coming. this on top of a half finished release is just bad business

    SOE is quickly edging its way in to the category of companies i will not buy from again right next to EA.
  17. Forkyar24

  18. Nogrim313

    it's true were all ******, it doesn't make it any less despicable of a business practice, and just because they found legal loop hole to cover their ***** doesn't mean im obligated to give them another cent
  19. Frigidus

    Oh, yeah, totally, balancing weapons after release in a free to play game is completely comparable to EA's horse****.

    Seriously though, are people complaining about this just new to online gaming?
  20. Cyanide

    Read the Terms of Service.
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