Nerfing items paid for with SC is fraud

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Twistdlester, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. pnkdth

    That would make sense, but it is only what is good for the game/consumers and not SOE's wallets thus it will not happend.
  2. Goretzu

    It's not fraud, but you do have a point, certainly when you are directly paying cash for a weapon you do tend to expect it to stay as it is much more than getting a weapon with in-game play.

    I do think they should probably have a SC refund system in place for such issues.
  3. NinjaTurtle

    I don't think so. It is no different to any other patch released for any other game whereby things are changed to make them work (supposedly) better.
  4. LordMondando

    Go internet lawyers,

    I suggest you go read the documents and conditions you agree to when you buy these things. Multinational's legal department is probably smarter than you.


  5. Garzin

    Just stop buying weapons with SC. It wasn't worth it in the first place.
  6. Phazaar

    Which tweet?
  7. Phazaar

    As I said, regardless of terms, there is a reasonability to interpreting contract law (at least for us lucky folk in the UK) and certain things would not pass it (launching the game only to close servers the following day, for example). Source: what feels like a lifetime in the legal sector, and with a family background in commercial+property, and thanks to my newly qualified sister - big props! - family law.

    That said, 'money grabs' with temporarily good releases etc, unless you could absolutely prove it was an unethical business practice and an intended part of the business model, would not get much more than a 'then stop working with that company.'
  8. JonnyAFKay

    No it isn't.

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  9. Tasogie

    lol talking about Suing SOE, you would get crushed in an hour flat with SOE's lawyers, besides the point that it isn't fraud, this is all just hot air, there isn't a damn thing you can do about it, an you all know it :).
    Fact is, its their content, they have the right to change anything at anytime for any reason, you have no say in the matter.
  10. Sebyos

    People should be more worried about how SoE clearly releases OP weapons to boost the sells and waits too long before nerfing them despite them being clearly OP.

    Those are the guys who waited months before nerfing the obviously OP, Libs, rocket pods and HE rounds for example.

    Want to know what to do if you don't trust them ? Become f2p and give them the middle finger.
  11. Ironside

    no one wanted pump action shotguns, soe's greed forced them in and now they have to nerf them and from the looks of it nerf the original shotguns as well, there was nothing wrong with the originals, maybe a lesson to all you that paid for pump actions to stop buying weapons until soe actually know what they're doing
  12. queue

    Vote with your money, not words. They couldn't care less about words.

    It is a F2P game. This is how it is done. In order to cash in on new weapons, they HAVE to make them stand out. Otherwise, if new gun "D" has similar stats as old gun "B", then everyone will just use the "B" they already have.

    Buying weapons sort of works like a subscription. There are a lot of players that are willing to pay $7 for an advantage each month. Then, after the nerfbat attacks, they spend another $7. It is nothing more than a stats/damage "boost." They are paying for extra damage.

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  13. Xasapis

    If mmos had to refund due to balance changes, they'd be all out of business.
  14. Fivetide

    Welcome to the wonderful world of "free" to play games. Its how this business model works.

    Also when you buy obviously overpowered weapons you have to expect a nerf sometime later on.
  15. Taiji

    If the devs are going to change things I want into things I don't want then it would be nice to get the SC refunded.

    Can someone give me a good reason why they should not do this?
  16. FieldMarshall

    In MMO games things get buffed nerfed tweaked or changed constantly. You knew this before you bought the item.
    Especially if you get something that is OP, which is what people would usually spend money on.

    They could add a little "We plan on nerfing/buffing/tweaking/changing this item in the future" warning in the description to items they know will be changed, but thats pretty much it.
  17. Xasapis

    What did you buy with your money?
  18. Taiji

    I meant it in broad terms, but why do you ask?
  19. VexTheRaven

    No, it's not. Stop buying guns because they're OP, and you won't have this problem. Derp. Da derp. Derp derp, da derp.
  20. Xasapis

    Just curious really. In any case, the items that are freshly introduced are bound to have balance problems, so some adjustments are to be expected. Some may cause unforeseen issues. Then again, even old items may become obsolete due to updates and changes, so ...

    One of the few weapons I bought was a battle rifle. At the beginning battle rifles were truly awful, now they are just bad. They keep improving them though. On the other hand, I wouldn't buy a pump action with SC, that thing was obviously broken from the start.
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